Top tribes review

deja vu3

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It was too early for a review. Don't exactly know why it was posted.

Someone should do it 1-2 weeks in or when nobles are out.

If nobody does, then I might give it a try :p

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Personal bounty on "Russia" (That's his in game name) He made fun of my dead dog. Whoever nobles him will get my full respect & will be a long term friend. He's in K55 but close to K54. Message me in game if you're interested. If no-one will wipe him out i will make sure he will never join another good tribe in this world - then rim him when i'm near him.

She died of cancer 2 days ago.

No matter who wiped him out - I will owe you a few favours.


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He's a sick bastard

This was 20 seconds or so before getting put down.

Then he said "hey man whys your dog ate your pizza" after i didn't let him in my tribe.
Genuinely curious as to how old you are and how long you have been on the Internet.

First rule of trolls is if you reply then they win. Second rule is if you post pictures of your RL then you lose twice over