Tribal Wars NET Annual Awards 2021


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Nominated player: @kpap
Award: Skilled Soldier
Reason for nomination: I would like to nominate my boy kpap (also known as kfap, for obvious reasons ofc) for the Skilled Soldier Award. Well I've had the opportunity to meet this autistic kid back in .gr. Making a name for himself in .gr, this virgin came to dominate in .net as well. Without being able to afford the pp points that some people waste over here (mainly because he is Greek but also because he spends all of his money in hiring people to pretend to be his friends), kpap has to rely upon his skills and activity in order to keep up with the "best", Everyone that played in w115 and w120 has heard of him. Although he comes as a bit of a dick sometimes, (if you were as sexually inactive as he is, you would probably behave the same way), i can assure you that he's one of the most decent guys around. People that played with him more than i did, have surely made way better cases about the reasons why this kid deserves the award.
Skilled Soldier @kpap

The madlad cancelled his holiday and defended for 18 hours straight because he 'didn't trust a sitter not to lose villages' and his US Carry fatticus matticus was away at the time.
Lets be real here, you can clearly see that this dude needs it.

Nominated player: @RedKebabScam
Award: Tribe Mate of the Year
Reason for nomination: Well, since I'm new to .net i havent had the opportunity to meet many great players, personality wise. I really enjoyed all of the messages i read about this award even if i have no idea who those players are. At the end of the day, that's what the game is really about. That @Timothy Mus sounds like a cool kid i guess. I choose to vote for one of the coolest guys i've met so far. Even though we weren't able to achieve greatness like these guys in w120 had, I had the opportunity to play with my arab friend (probably a low-key taliban) in the previous classic. I can't recall a time that this man hasn't been cheerful and friendly to his tribemates, thus maintaining a positive atmosphere among the tribe. He's a great lad and a little gehgh.

Nominated player: @Giannis Antetokounmpo
Award: NBA MVP AWARD 2021-2022
Reason for nomination: I mean....come on you guys.
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heck and while I'm logged onto the forums:

Nominated player: @kpap
Award: Skilled Soldier
Reason for nomination:
He made my job as council on 115 super easy through pure pressure on the enemy. There were not any players on the enemy side that didn't wilt once we turned our little hulk onto them.
He also made my job playing 120 super easy by absorbing all of the enemy pressure - so much so that I was rarely required to log <3 . So shout out to kpap for that.


Tribe Mate of the Year 2019
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I am here now

Nominated player: @kpap
Award: Skilled Soldier
Reason for nomination:
Played against him on 106 and he was won of the biggest thorn in the side of our tribe there was. Even after we were close to winning to world he kept breaking through front after front. No matter how much defense I sent up there or nukes at him he always found a way. That is his greatest strength he finds the weakspots on a front. Then joining him on W120 I saw he could take a beating as well. There were some sketchy times, but even after being constantly catted for months he stood tall. He definitely deserves to be a skilled soldier.

Nominated player: @Mintyfresh
Award: Master Commander
Reason for nomination:
Again the same thing, I played against him on 106 and with him on 120. On 106 Minty took over a dying tribe and there was not much he could do to save it. Even with a near unwinnable situation he made our lives very difficult. Once I heard Minty was taking over the enemy leadership I definitely got a little worried. Being on a direct front with him boy did he make me sweat a lot. Then finally getting to play under Minty on W120 I finally got to see all the hype. The way he expertly organized a consolidation of the whole southern half of the map in the mid game was very impressive. Then once the end game war really got going it felt like he was 3 steps ahead of the enemy the whole time. He knew right where to hit and right where to defend. He knew the win conditions and played to them. He deserves this for sure.

Nominated player: @PorkSword
Forum Personality
Reason for nomination:
This hands down has to be the easiest decision for sure. If he does not win this award it will be a steal. The fact that he has not won this award yet is kind of insane. This man can make content out of anything. A true content harvester. No matter the situation he always manages to make you laugh so hard. Whether he is making memes about you or with you, you are guaranteed to have a laugh. He has to have some of the most famous TW meme videos on this game. He deserves to have an award to go along with them. Always actively making content and giving his take on situations is his strength. He is one of the funniest people on TW and everyone has to admit they love his content. He is unmatched when it comes to memes and you will never one up him when it comes to meme videos. Give this man the award.

Nominated player: @Timothy Mus
Award: Tribemate of the year
Reason for nomination:
It is about time the prince joined in the king in the halls of the tribemate of the year. Mesut 100% deserves this award. I have played with him a few times but seeing was he did on W120 for sure should get him this award. Whether it was his sometimes mind blowing attention to the map, or him staying up for 12+ hours minting for two accounts other than his own. Mesut is the tribemate who will let you know there is a 200k point rim tribe you need to worry about nobling barbs in the backline. He is always pointing out small details you might not see. On W120 he was constantly sending fakes, fangs, nukes to enemies and res, support, and account sits for tribemates. The pooga prince needs this award to bring him to family. Love him or hate him you can not deny is dedication to his tribe. No matter the tribe he is in, he will do whatever he is capable of to help that tribe win, for that he should get this award. Also no one is any match for pooga family so he should be rewarded, the prince needs his award.


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Nominated player:

"Community Personality of the Year"

Reason for nomination:
In this case I don’t think it needs much of explanation. He is. He spams. He memes. He rants. If you can only name a handful of people from tw community besides your own squad I am positive Kraidi will be one of them and therefore he already owns this award.



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Nominated player: @PorkSword
Award: Forum Personality
Reason for nomination:
I'm going to vote for PorkSword because he simply has put in the highest quality/high effort memes. The LOTR meme for W120 is a simple but self-explanatory example of his creativity to find ways to entertain, inform, and joke around with the situation with multiple moving parts, players, tribes, and continents in a way that's understandable to people not playing the world, while still engaging for those most heavily involved in said world. He's made plenty of other great content, but he stands head and shoulders above the fray in terms of his contributions in this regard relative to what I've seen on the forums this past year. Give this man the credit for the time, ingenuity, and motivational content he is responsible for.

Timothy Mus

Tribe Mate of the Year 2021
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I want to post something before it will be closed. Idk where to start but feeling honored to have people have picked me up for anything its really. I am thankful for that and want to say you guys are amazing! I always have played for the tribe does not matter never put myself above anyone tribe first. I will start to talk about family crew or call what you want.

The people that have been nominated well deserved for the hardwork.
Want thanks everyone for see me that i "deserved" be mentioned for something. @Flexo since first time we meet each other before i played 106 i knew this person was going to be a good friend with. But i never thought that you was going to be partner in crime, ride or die. You are really one of the best tribemates i had during the years. Could actually not ask for a better friend than you Evan. You always been there for me brother not just tw outside too. You are actually my first real net friend that also become my brother for life. When people say that nobody is perfect, they are wrong they never meet you my brother your heart is only with good things. I always will be on your side remember that when ever you need me you can always talk with me about anything aslong i am breathing.

@PorkSword I am glad that we meet on 106 first time even it was never good start its alright. Time is flying fast my brother. What can i say you are same as evan, only cares about the people around you. You are not just decent tribemate and player. You are also funny person. So many nights on VC we talked during OP and how many times you told me trust the process. You have the best memes, smart person and everything good. Idc if i am only mention the good part, this is what a family does picking there brothers up to the sky. TRUST THE PROCESS

@I-AM-GROOT the last member of pooga account bro we have similar attitude when we get angry. But listen what people that dont know about you is deep inside you are humble player and what you are showing is just a show. You dont care about stats and stuff like that like some other people. You only playing for your own tribe and what the best for them. I would call you a brother not a friend. You always ask your people around how they are without wanting anything back or use them.

@Mintyfresh - You are the second person i hated after you joined sebbey account on 106 because you was fatan that time and was painful enemie.
I see what jon mean when he said how good you are. I never thought you could be this decent duke, but you proved me wrong only because i never played with you before so could not judge only hear from people and man what it made me happy i could play with same side as you on 120.

@kpap - malaka you are the best greek player i ever have seen and are one of the best in .net aswell. Still waiting for my invite for greece show the good foods pooga is coming.

@Arcward - We have trolled each other for so long time but you are great person. pooga family always been proud of you even you can be betrayer sometimes you always a part of family. I feel lucky to have the chance to play know a brother like you.

I also want to thanks for my other brothers like cam, ramon, jacob and many who have nominated for me. As i said in the beginning its really mean alot.
and special creed for people like @TILY97 @Nuclear Grade Calpol really good tribemates and always care about to help people.

And i want to thank each of you all in Washed you guys welcomed me even some of us have been enemies other worlds. thanks trex, babin and a new person never talked with before @Britney Spears you are wolfing me somtimes but deep inside ik you care about me. And everyone else that i have not mentioned but you guys know well.

Want also say congrats for other people that have been nominated well deserved for the work you guys have put. Ik it was alot of positive things i just have typed here, but not always can i be negative sometimes i need say good stuff too when its the right time like now.

Will post one real good quote. " if you want to be great you want to be baddest mother motherf*cker ever at what you do you're gonna be missunderstod by everybody because you're gonna be so fucking upset obsessed and so driven to get there that's what it takes, takes every second on your f*cking life anybody said about 'balance' yeah balance is important for alot of f*cking people it is But if you gonna go to the edge people do not like you don't understand you and question everything you f*cking do you've arrived. "

time to post some good things.






Over and out - Mesut/Timothy Mus

- Prince of Pooga
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Alot of you seems to have misread, Its Community Personality and not Forum Personality, atleast if you gonna nominate someone, make sure to read what you actually nominating for and not something that doesn't exist. And Community goes beyond Forum nowadays, just saying. :rolleyes:
Like OH MY GOSH! why didn't I see that!!! You are so clever, and your personality is amazing! Why aren't you nominated for the award yourself sister? You would be perfect for it :):):):rolleyes:


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I'm only here to nominate kraidy for community personality of the year. His memes are top notch, and just generally an awesome dude. He can't afford to bribe me so this is a legit nomination and not one of rogers alts.

Any smart person would choose kraidi, otherwise you'd be named porksword.

Anyways vote for my boy or *insert yo momma joke*.


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I vote for @PorkSword for personality of the year

He has spent several hours making funny memes and other content. Not only his friends like it but also the enemies have had a good laugh about it. Porksword has made memes that even people who do not run the world can keep up with what is happening.
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Community Personality of the Year
Nominated Player: @kraidy

Reason for nomination: Well, hes definitely not getting my nomination for soldier, tribemate or leader. But he makes solid memes and even made me a few Walrus emojis to use in discord. This man keeps the tw discord and forums alive and definitely deserves the award.

everyone put your arms in the air and give a portion of your nomination energy to @kraidy