King Banana

So now it is time for the final of the TW-Champ world 90!
Since it is the finals, and easter, I have decided to extend how long the voting will be open, so everyone that wants can get their votes in. The final round will be closed at 23:59:59 at the 16.04.

Hey guys,
I wanted to bring a competition we do on the Norwegian servers.

Please do not discuss in this post, then it will only be used for voting. It is created a separate thread for debating.

So the point of this is to vote the player you think deserves to go to the next round.
There will be head to head matches, which is drawn randomly.
There will be 5 rounds (top 32 players) to decide who will stand as the TW-Champion on world 90 so far.
Everyone should put aside what tribe they are in, and vote based on players achievement. By experience this competition is not fun when people are only voting on their own tribe members, but when people put their feelings aside, it gets exciting!

- When there is 8 players (quarter finals) left, votes without comment for your choice of vote will not count.
- Voting will be closed exactly 4 days after the round is announced.
- No forum account created after 01.01.2017 will count.
- Only 1 vote per player.
- If a person is caught cheating the person will loose his voting power for the entire competition.
------ If the person caught cheating is a part of the competition he will be disqualified.

If you suspect someone of cheating please contact me per mail.

How to vote:
player 1 vs player 2

You use bold text on the player you wish to have your vote.

Here is the fifth and final round:
Trex vs Majestee

Picture of the tournament tree:

Good luck to both accounts, let the judging begin!


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Trex vs Majestee - To me this is a no brainer , I would have voted Banana over Majestee . Majestee hasn't showed me enough except basically the same banana showed me .


Majeste Since Trex is fighting with İnternals I will vote for real fighter.


Trex vs Majestee I think Trex would easily get the "real" fighter at 1v1. I would vote Banana against Majestee aswell. I do not think most people that were in tournament could 1v1 Trex

Good luck to both


Trex vs Majestee - i don't really think that Trex should even have won his semi finals round, but here he is! Majestee has been a much stronger and better fighter than Trex on w90. No doubt. Remember guys this is TW-champ w90, not what they have acomplished earlier.


Trex, cause i think Tea should get something out of w90. Bip may not have the best player in the tribe, but what does that matter when we have something better? *Teamwork*

I also like Jake's idea about "Snipes solves everything" Cause, it is solving alot of problems for Tea in the war. :)


TREX vs Majestee
Lets do some maths :)

38 - PW Caps
145 - TEA Caps
85 - Tudadar Caps
16 - Barb Caps
19 - I.I. Caps when he gave the acc to TEA

Idk maybe i missed some more internals
Total internals: 303
Total villages: 483
Internals: 62.73%
BiP - TEA War 66caps 79losses, so -13

212 - Barb caps
84 - BiP caps

Total internals: 296
Total villages: 545
Internals: 54.31%
BiP - TEA War 95caps 31losses, so +64

1v1 situation
Majestee has 26caps against TREX, while TREX has 14.

I think Majestee wins this fight :)



TreX vs Majestee

Carrying on from my comments in the discussion thread, and basing this purely on w90 (I don't know either players rep from previous worlds), TreX wins for me. Yes, he is down cap-wise compared to Majestee and has a slightly higher internal percentage, however that is only two of the factors that must be taken into consideration.

Firstly, we can talk about their individual situations - this affects this vote massively as it is what allows each player to showcase what they can do. So far we can see that offensively, both players are very good. Both have excellent timing, both are not afraid to throw 200+ nukes about, both have plenty of war caps. Defensively however, and this is in no way majestee's fault - from what we have seen on w90 TreX is by far the better defender. He has been put under massive pressure from BiP, and come through it. His sniping skills are insane, he has an excellent defensive mind. Majestee on the other hand has not really felt anything from TEA thus far, so we have not had a chance yet to see his defensive skillset.

I know BiP will mention the Op where you took 40odd villages from TreX - and it DOES count against him in my vote, however I do feel it should be known that when you Opped him he wasn't actually here. We were bouncing his sit around between us, and we kinda let him down a bit (sorry bro!). So just an FYI that had it been Jake, probably would have been a slightly different story.

Moving forward, tribal contribution. Jake gives 100% to TEA all the time - if there is a sit needs taking and he is online, he will take it. There has been times he has had multiple sits, all under fire, and he has sat them without complaint and done a smashing job. I don't know about Majestee's contribution to BiP in this way, but when I look at the amount Jake does for TEA it would take alot to top that.

As the complete package, from what I have seen on W90, TreX would beat Majestee 1v1. He is proven as an excellent attacker and defender, whilst Majestee is only proven as an attacker.


Not sure how trex even made it to the final, has shown nothing this world of real note simply lived of free villages and barbs mostly
Whereas Majestee has fought well so Majestee gets my vote


will give my vote to Trex due to the fact that he is so important to tea. BiP is a working community, Tea is a place for mostly solo plays and wasted OPs on Lost one


Indeed you have, I didn't say otherwise though did I...

Mmmmhmmm, guarantee they're doing a better job than your boy Stark right now though. Upsets me when he scouts an almost empty village and then proceeds to send a train from 16 hours away :oops: like I can't put a 500k stack in there in that time lol


meh thats just because u havent met the correct Stark yet ;)


I hope the 'correct' one is better than this one, this ones awful lol


Trex vs Majestee

Its not even a match at this point, im quite disappointed that King Banana is not in the final instead of Trex. The only thing Trex has been doing is eating internals. Skillwise Majestee is way better, Roger's activity surpasses any human. They win on every front besides the trashtalking part. Majestee is the logical winner since Banana already is out of this tournament. A quick look on the stats indicates that Majestee is better than Trex straight up.


To say all he has done is eat internals is just wrong! In fact, he has taken 110 vills from BiP and Infamy, compared to the 95 Majestee has taken from TEA/P-W.

Granted, TreX has lost more villages to his current enemies than Majestee. However, analysis of that follows (data from ingame war stats):
TreX has lost 94 vills to BiP/Infamy, gaining 63mill ODD in the process, averaging a 670k ODD rise per village lost.
Majestee on the other hand has lost 31 vills to TEA, gaining 4.1mill ODD in the process. That averages at 132k ODD rise per village lost.

Looking at that, that tells me that its alot harder to take a village from TreX than Majestee. 5 times harder in fact - he gained 5 times the ODD per village lost than Majestee.


To all the salty Trex fanboys.

"Please do not discuss in this post, then it will only be used for voting. It is created a separate thread for debating."


Trex vs Majestee

Im going with Trex on this one even based on war stats alone it shows Trex has been the far more active account.

The account has been fighting on two large fronts (solo for the majority of that) and has capped 109 villas lost 94, Gained 16mil ODA along with 63mil ODD.

Majestee has been fighting on one large front for 95 caps lost 31, gained 23mil ODA along with 4mil OD.

The ratio of OD per villa lost/gained shows Trex has been a little smarter using less on capping per villa (168k ODA vs 240k ODA) and a lot harder to be capped off per villa (670K ODD vs 130kODD).


To all the salty Trex fanboys.

"Please do not discuss in this post, then it will only be used for voting. It is created a separate thread for debating."
There have been two players off topic the first one being a BiP player Semtex. No need for your sarcastic comments. That said I will not vote on my own match but wish Majestee the best of luck


Personally I think this is a pretty fair final. Based on popularity and skill. Actually, I think Dread Doctors has the most skill out of any of the competitors but seeing as we are supposed to be basing this off w90, I can see why they're not in the final.

This being said, I rate both finalists, have played with and against both and can say without doubt that they're good players. However I think currently, Majestee would win a theoretical 1v1 and therefore gets my vote. I don't think I need to explain why as it's already been done for me