Typical RAM player Annihilation

Discussion in 'World 30' started by r2d3, Nov 7, 2011.

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  1. noobaxes

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    Hilarious, I had my chance to read the forums of that VLR tribe and it was quite funny. Cshipley was right to say that RAM was such in trouble that they could not engage in fighting VLR and that as long as you guys were sticking together, it wouldn't happen.

    RAM is such a desperate tribe, they would take anyone in to help. It's quite funny that he left you out for lunch while he went back to RAM to save himself. Lack of commitment? Lack of courage or probably has to mow the lawn too much.

    After all, he is kind of a big deal and you were not. Cshipley is in it for himself, everybody else are brainless peons he can manipulate at will.

    As far as the duke debate, Cshipley lost all its influence when I created RAM.

    He got some influence back when I left RAM. He got it back after out of desperation by RAM, simply.
  2. smurks

    smurks Guest

    i know and after they nuked me and nobled me to death they denied me back into coming back to RAM. LoEN or L-A offered me an account but i wasnt ready to leave hulk
    but i just lost the will to keep on defending what i could with poor troop counts. SFC went missing so i gave my account up to someone else and no longer can come back to this world unless someone needs me to take over an account. im always willing to help anyone fighting RAM. they betrayed me and left me for dead. cshipley on the other hand. hes not a big deal hes a rat and should have never been let back into RAM, but those rammites didnt see his lies and betrayal to all that VLR was.

    i think my last big thing i ever did on this world was envoke a change in RAM with cshipley's and my coup. they where to blind to take hold of it and now the tides have turned and Paj and co. with BH will kill RAM and LoEN
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  3. t33chr

    t33chr Guest

    Really? You openly admit to be a part of planning a coup to destroy RAMs leadership yet you still truly believe tht you are the victim.

    The only person you were betrayed by was shipley mate. And it has been pointed out, he is not one of the dukes.

    I find it amusing that people are enjoying coming on here to do the whole 'told you so' when there are very few people left that had anything to do with decisions made back then. Perhaps you need to get their email addresses so they actually get to read what you have to say.
  4. smurks

    smurks Guest

    after cshipley planted the idea i was for it. RAM betrayed me and the rest of us by letting that rat back in and leaving us broken in the dust.

    your dukes decisions betrayed us all.
  5. t33chr

    t33chr Guest

    I dont know if yu realise this mate but your little coup worked... Do you see any of the following original players still around? Karmax, vult, mberns, bonheur?

    I dont....

    Just because results werent the way you wanted it to be (dont know what promises that ship gave you about your position in a 'new tribe') dont come sulking on here.

    The current council had to pick up the pieces of what was left after your little escapade. Your own accou t was well and truly gone by that stage i might add. It wasnt until a while later that shipley was allowed back.

    Michael wittman has taken responsibility for poor choices. Now is your turn champ....
  6. noobaxes

    noobaxes Guest

    No matter how many rammites end up teaming up in Phoenx. It will always be poor management decisions that sunk RAM, nothing else.

    I am curious, how did Wittman actually take responsibility for anything? He never did.
  7. Cy-Pres

    Cy-Pres Guest

    Posted by Shipley on July 19, 2011 at 11:10, speaking to R2D3:


    Side 1:
    Players: r2d3
    Side 2:
    Players: cshipley

    Timeframe: 19/07/2011 11:10:00 to 19/11/2011 04:23:10

    Total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 69
    Side 2: 32
    Difference: 37


    Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 628,670
    Side 2: 293,967
    Difference: 334,703



    Does taking 69 villas count? :)
  8. t33chr

    t33chr Guest

    Admitting a mistake is taking responsibility is it not?
  9. noobaxes

    noobaxes Guest

    Nope, not in my book.
  10. t33chr

    t33chr Guest

    Then what would your book define it as?
  11. noobaxes

    noobaxes Guest

    It is one think to say the tribe did mistakes. It is one thing to admit what they were, which I still haven't heard and what should have happened instead...

    The rest is always on what you will do to fix the mistakes you made. That is being responsible.

    Shall I refresh some people memories?

    RAM and Decide used to be allied when one day someone had a genius idea to recruit everything around that same ally to block their way (to form a "future" front with BH). It was done with no consultation and most people agreed that it was stupid. However, those leader with great vision decided to save the face of that person (who screwed up) instead of putting the tribe's interest first.

    At that time, RAM couldn't do much against Phoenx (that remains the best pound for pound tribe this world had so far), so it was clearly stupid as stated by Wittman himself in a lame public attempt.

    RAM and Decide were good allies because of the work a certain invidual had put in it. Good alliances work with respect on either side.

    It is quite normal to have issues between tribes but there is always a reasonable way to deal with them. There is a way that basic respect can go between two tribes, we are all gamers that put time into it, in the end.

    After many many more than reasonable offers by Cececole, RAM was disrespectful by not even answering offers to be able to stack the frontine. You talk about selfishness and lack of respect to people that were considered allies, not long before. This is certainly disgusting and I certainly couldn't be associated with this in any way. Not only was that decision deadly dumb, but it was also disrespectful and done in a bullying manner. I certainly could not accept to be associated to such a disgrace.

    Now that RAM is agonizing, it would bring me quite a laughing time to see Chamicha,Inflrc and other Decide members fighting alongside with those same RAM members, who screwed their tribe and all the effort they had put in it. All the hard long fights such an honourable tribe did through time, through good and bad times, only to be screwed because they trusted a certain individual named Noobaxes, an individual that did not live up to their expectations, even though he tried as hard as he could.

    This is history as blunt as it is. Now where exactly did he take any responsibility in all of that?

    Decide may no longer exists but its spirit is still alive (and doing much better than RAM is doing). In the end, it's Justice at its best.
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  12. t33chr

    t33chr Guest


    I've highlighted my point as best I could...
  13. inflrc

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    May 16, 2008
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    Certainly DECIDE is alive in spirit and its former members continue all as united as before. We didn't separate because of RAM or any other tribe. We decided that the best for DECIDE, as we were small and very selective, was to work together with other friendly tribes because top tribes outnumbered us more times than what we could handle to the end of this world. Choices were searched, merges and other alternatives, as joining to other tribe, discussed and finally we decided to let each member vote for what the future of DECIDE will be. Some chose to join BH, some chose to stay and even one joined MF. We respected each other decision and then we continued our paths, but every time one needs from another or every time we cross against the same enemy, we know we can count with each other. While respecting our own new homes, we keep DECIDE alive in our hearts.

    Now, about RAM, well... what I can say? They screwed up the day they decided to be against DECIDE. Not because we were already fighting the top 2 tribes, THE and BD, while we were having skirmishes with MF and having war with GREEN and all their descendant tribes plus that they outnumbered us more than twice, we would be an easy target. We weren't and we aren't wherever we are now. Not always numbers is all in this game. Lesson learned for RAM.

    At the end, where are the refugees they recruited? Our players still remain until now as the players who more RAM villages have eaten in W30 and we continue eating them, more than RAM players eat themselves :icon_biggrin:
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  14. noobaxes

    noobaxes Guest

    Not very strong since you probably have no idea of the timeline I am talking about anyway, the lame post saying it was stupid to war the whole north was prior to much of the mess breaking up, an attempt to get Decide to accept to be bullied and forced to accept a pure idiocy. I cannot be seen in any way as taking responsibility for his actions.

    Now, who is it Wittman will save from certain death? Those who screwed an ally and followed blindly ill advised decisions or those who suffered from its collateral damage?

    Is it those who doomed their own tribe that will make it to the end of this world?
  15. rethae

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    Mar 28, 2009
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    Let me say that I would not want to think of a war against RAM that included Decide. I love having them on my side but would not want to go against them. Those who I have under my leadership get my utmost respect along with those that we fight along side that are in Pnx now. They are fierce and strong fighters. I have seen them stand up to attacks that did not end for months and not give up. They are my hero's. They are my backbone on the eastern RAM front. I am not sure just who ensured that we would become their friends/tribe mates and not their enemies but I do want to thank you, because without them this would have been a very different war.
  16. t33chr

    t33chr Guest

    2011,October 16th, 16:04
    2011,October 16th, 16:15
    The above posts are a lot later than the events you were referring to...

    Sure, maybe a wishy/washy way of talking about a mistake. Perhaps I was wrong and he wasn't even admitting a mistake. So that I don't keep the loop going, I will go on about it no more. If you aren't satisfied and want a better admittance, go mail him ig. Perhaps if RAM loses the world or admits defeat to either BH or Phoenx then you will be satisfied with his response free to move on from this ordeal that has obviously spent so much of your emotional energy.

    The above does not change my opinion of my original argument that RAM was not at fault for Smurks' poor choices in following Shipley to VLR as much as he would like to twist it around.

    What on Earth are you talking about?
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  17. noobaxes

    noobaxes Guest

    I am a random poster, that doesn't make any sense or does it? Though to say. :icon_biggrin:
  18. H.U.L.K

    H.U.L.K Guest

    Um, Mberns, Vult, Bon.

    They were some of your best players...
    (I may not like the Guy but Mberns was a good player back in the day.:icon_cool:)

    If I were you I'd be keeping that information a secret.
    But RAM's arrogance and bigotry will be their downfall, like always. :icon_rolleyes:

    Essentially this:
    Why does RAM never attempt to change their ways?
    Instead of repeating the same old mistakes over and over.

    Personally I think there is a curse on RAM and whoever is running it at the time is forever cursed to be a tyrant.
    Sort of like the T-Virus from Resident Evil.


    No wait, wait I got it...
    Every month when the moon is full, RAM's duke(s) turn into a Werewolf(s).
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  19. t33chr

    t33chr Guest

    Not original account owners... - not same council since your so called coup

    Who is currently being arrogant for you to be complaining about this?

    What current mistakes are we making that you would you be referring to?

    Our current dukes do not act like tyrants. They give warning after warning. Yes they get frustrated with those who do not participate but that would be perfectly acceptable wouldn't you say?

    EDIT: Not saying that I felt that my past dukes have acted like tyrants I might add...
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  20. H.U.L.K

    H.U.L.K Guest

    It doesn't matter who is playing them they were still powerful accounts in RAM.
    Powerful accounts that could have been saved if they didn't fall victim to the lunacy that is RAM leadership.

    RAM are arrogant to spew vital information all over these forums.
    They know who they are.

    Selling out your players maybe?
    To name one of many, Aubree, just quit, another powerful account gone.

    Maybe RAM have the wrong idea of how to run a tribe, no matter who the duke is?
    Why has RAM had so many dukes when the likes of THE and Phoenx had the same dukes throughout their entire history?

    If I were the new RAM leadership, I'd be thinking hard on that.