*Unofficial* Half Price Nobles Poll

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wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo half price nobles :)

brit doesnt want them because he knows he will be nobled faster :p


The people saying no here do it just to piss the rest of, I'm pretty sure about that! : D


How could I say no to this - half price nobles sounds like a good plan!

YES! :icon_twisted:


Changing the rules "half way" in a game, is not a good action.
Biased action to keep remaining players happy...
No matter what action the mods take to keep this world alive will be in vain.

The plan is simple and to quote:

Future there is two choices CHAOS v FOE or make one tribe of good agressive players and take out the rest ... that day is coming soon as we are now about 800 players and I know there is a lot of dead out there to go grey .. (FAIL style to hammer player enough so they quit and save nukes for the next player) so the number will drop more and Christmas is coming where more players drop out of the game ...

So what is left when we are around the 500 mark will be looked at seriously for the end game... as only 100 players can win the game which I only learned at the begining of this year hence trying to keep 100 actives and taking merges to keep the numbers up :)

The FOE - CHAOS war will not occur and the two will form 1 tribe of trusted members and consume the remaining players to the point that there will be less than 100 actives left.

So people, it's a race to join the tribe that Drew and Met will form... Concern for some? Who cares? It's a dead world anyway.

Let the race begin for those who are not aware... but others are far ahead in this race already!

Deleted User - 832139

YESSS ... Just like they have done in all the world that have come under the 1K players mark (not a rule change Dou standard practice if you care to look at older worlds .. we are just late in getting as it was requested months back)

And as for 100 player thing ... well there is more than one way to end a world .. shame you will not be around for it :)


To back Dou up abit there Drew - I never saw any post or rule in January 2008 stating that in world 14 - at the mods will they can change the format of integral parts of the game or from pressure from other members of the world. At no point in the rules of this world (and I'm happy to be proven wrong) does it state that this element can be brought into force.

It is - in any view moving the goal posts. All players have a right due to the length of play the individual has vested in the world to decide this change - and there are at least 6 players who object to this change - surely the view of the collective and not the majority should decide this???

As Dou has stated - this will only ensure the strong get stronger and the weak get weaker - which surely goes against the principals of TW with elements of the game such as the moral factor when attacking a smaller or weaker player!???

I can make 160+ nobles - why would I want half price nobles & what benefit would it be to others who have lost significant amount villages???

It would be made on a purely financial setting to ensure players like yourself keep logging on and paying premium opposed to quitting due to boredom - but who's to say that these type of players should ultimately win the game if they cannot pace out the noblings - you couldn't noble 20 villages in a day when you first started because of your size and you can't noble 20 villages in a day now because of your size - whats the difference?


Not only half priced nobles but 2x unit speed would be good too


as Dou pointed out and I pointed out before changing the rules because someone doesn't like them is giving in to the herd (or is it sheep on this world).

How many villages do some of you have. Then start getting inventive with your markets instead of making excuses for your boredom. Your boredom is really down to one simple factor.

Your BLOODY lazy. You want it handing to you on a plate.

When you conform to all the three precidents then you can have half price nobles.

Until then stop bleating AND start farming more. Thats what most of you seem good at.