W105 ~ Tribalwars Podcast 9AM ST 18/12/2018


Hey all, I'll be doing a podcast about W105, live streamed to twitch at the above time. Questions are welcome.

Basically 4-5 people talking about TW live, I'm gonna need 2-3 prominent leaders or I will accept any noteworthy forum members.

If anyone is up for this, message me on Skype. I was on episode 2 and enjoyed it, I hope I can make h0lly proud with this follow up.

Yours sincerely ToPaT <3


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Damn, won't get to watch it live, but I'm looking forward to listening to it later.


This is being rescheduled for 22/12/2018, this is to allow for more guests a suitable time for everyone involved and as it's a Saturday, more viewers and viewer interaction, and more time to prep the questions. Exact time will be discussed between all parties involved to try and get an amicable time that suits us all.

Sorry for anyone looking forward to this. It's probably the best move all around.

P.S. In hindsight, you kinda need more then a day to prepare for this kinda thing. :p