W21 Golden Globe Awards


Thanks for posting your nominations everyone. It's been fun to read. :icon_biggrin: I'm a little slow in posting my own...

Best duke/duchess: Backie is awesome; if I owned a rl business, I'd hire Backie to run it. Dulcy is sweet; can't beat them as a combo.
Best sniper: Stec, he rocks!
Best statistician: Busa, I've always loved his maps and stats.
Best original account owner: Backie
Best 2nd (or later) account owner: COLT, I'm bias because of his roots.
Most willing to support: Backie has saved me more than once. SFP has also been very generous.
Most likely to be #1 at world’s end: Backie, it's gonna be tight with Prof and Busa always raising the bar.
Least likely to barb munch: Jaaz
Most mathematical player: Busa, it seems to me he thinks about all the small configurations that make a difference in the end.
Most consistent player: AlexWong, consistently nobling and consistently being naughty.
Best tribe forum personality: Swimzgal, <3 ya.
Best world forum personality: Midnight, he's infamous and nobody makes me laugh more.
Tribe cheerleader/encourager: Swimzgal
Chatty-est skyper: UGH those Panda, ooops, I mean, (change those letters around) HUG those cuddly Pandas.
Most frequent mailer: The majority of my mail has come from Backie.
Most creative player: I liked the Top 20 Tribes Review Alex did a long time ago, he talked about princesses and kingdoms. I thought it was very creative and different from all other reviews. I also think EasyRider was creative with vill names. Taking his vills was the first time I had a desire not to change the names and I did keep several of his names.
Most humorous player: Jaaz is pretty funny.
Tribe sweetheart (male): COLT is sweet to everyone in the tribe.
Tribe sweetheart (female): I think Dulcy has the longest history of being our tribe's sweetheart.
Sexiest player: Orginal Bwah, he left some pix in the forums that no female could ignore.:icon_redface: