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Discussion in 'W27 General discussion:' started by Yahiko Myojin, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. I was thinking about a month ago about being a PnP poster for hire (for free of course), but with the lack of wars and/or activity, as well as the fact that with so few tribes with good PnP skills, it would be a pretty boring job, I decided against putting my idea up.

    However, I realized that others do do the same thing (at least on .co.uk), and so I have decided to put together a PnP mercenary team for W27, or any other world in general if interested.

    As a PnP mercenary team, we will be for hire, with no payment necessary. I will explain how to hire us momentarily, but first I would like to explain what the members of this team will do.

    • We will construct PnP for those who either are too lazy to do so or have little to no skill at it, regardless of tribal affiliation. Even if we disagree with the tribe we are supporting, we will do so as best we can as that is part of our job.
    • We will not quibble or resort to infighting. We are a team and will act like one. We will all support the same tribe/side in a war.
    • We will hopefully be made up of the best posters or flamers W27, or any other world, has to offer. I would prefer it if W27 past members would join, but we will also accept current members or members of other worlds.
    • We will not only be made up of flamers. That is not all we are hired for, we also will put together and post declarations, PnP, etc. We are multi-tasking.

    If you wish to join, please contact me on skype. I am there as Dartship and Yahiko Myojin. I will see if you are a good fit. There are a few that I am already hoping to recruit, but I will see about if they want to join.

    If you want our help:

    1. You have to have a good reason to want it and a reason for us to accept. We’re not going to give it for small wars that no one cares about, nor for those that don’t put any effort in. If you think we are going to make fools out of ourselves whilst helping you, think again.
    2. We expect our members to put their tribes first, so will take preference to any tribes they are a part of, though may not (as a group) take part in the propaganda for the war at all if there are divisions of loyalty.
    3. Participation on W27 comes first. We are not here to help out other worlds, but will do so if requested (better be good)
    4. We are doing this not only because we like propaganda and flaming, but to get practice and experience at it. We are doing it voluntarily, do not harass us with requests or points to make.
    5. Send me or another leader a PM through the forums or a skype message requesting our services. Explain why you need our help, and how we will benefit, and include a link to your tribe’s/faction’s TW stats page for review.
    6. If we determine your case is relevant for our interests, we will ask for some messages/reports/stats that could be used for the purposes of PnP. We will not distribute these, you have our word. Any member who uses these to his/her own advantage and betrays the customer(s) will no longer take part in the mercenary team, but please bring proof of this betrayal; we don’t want to have to lose a member unnecessarily. You have to trust us, and we have to trust you.
    7. We may turn down your request and/or side with your enemy. However, the information you give us will be deleted if we decide not to help you. Keep in mind that we need some (but not all) of the info you would give us before we join you, just to make sure we will have a shot in the endeavor.

    I am really only hoping for 5-7 or so members right now; not too much, but enough to cause damage. We will be highly selective in recruiting, but will give advise to even those who do not make the cut if they want it (we want a challenge, you know? And not all tribes/players can provide such).:icon_wink:


    Yahiko Myojin Leader/Founder

    Kenshin Himoura

    Super Fast (once he is unbanned that is :lol:)
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  2. I already know 2 of them you already want
  3. Yup, but that is it. Everyone else has to really apply :lol:
  4. pallysrange

    pallysrange Guest

    when will we be free from you other world players who believe it is their place to come here and try to flame people or further their own agenda. nobody cares about your services, make a name for yourself where it means something.
  5. errr, I don't play .net any more:lol:

    And I did make a name for myself on W27. I want to make another one:lol:
  6. pallysrange

    pallysrange Guest

    so you don't have a 51 point account on world 41?

    your name isn't a world name anymore, your welcome to join again and try but until then keep yourself to world 41.
  7. are you kidding me? It's still there?

    I only made an account for this name:lol:

    I never logged in:lol:

    and I never played this world as Yahiko Myojin.:icon_wink:
  8. pallysrange

    pallysrange Guest

    all the more reason for you to quietly leave it.
  9. Why should I leave? I helped these forums more than you ever did. I was here longer than you, as well:icon_wink:
  10. pallysrange

    pallysrange Guest

    regardless what you did before it doesn't matter now. you decided to move on to different worlds and thats where you and your Mecenary Team should stay.
  11. No I didn't.

    I stuck with the forums of W27, and brought life into the forums, unlike you.
  12. pallysrange

    pallysrange Guest

    when i joined this world the forums where already dead, and they have stayed that way since. you sound like tacops under an alias when you say you single-handedlybrought life into these forums when i have yet to see any person do that.

    im not going to be baited into this pointless discussion, go somewhere else. nobody cares what your team of mercenaries says or thinks.
  13. sorry to inform you but these are public forums, he may post in here until a forum moderator bans him, if there is a rule where it says you cannot post in a world you do not play then please show it to me
  14. Tacops?:icon_neutral:

    I haven't spoken to him for a while:lol:
  15. Saint Luke

    Saint Luke Guest

    Yahiko, you created your account for the fourms 15 days ago. So you couldn't have brought life single handedly to this forum. And single handedly is impossible, it would just eb some noob posting loads of random topics with no one to reply. Contradictory much?

    And if you were under an alias, then please go back under that alias so you can get flamed for the second time and eventually feel to humiliated to return to these parts.
  16. His previous forum account is Dartship, read more of the forums
  17. oh come on. no one could tell this was dart? i knew it straight away by his lust of PnP

    and you are?
  18. none of your bussiness, im to scared to reveal my rl accounts :icon_biggrin:
  19. rewritable

    rewritable Guest

    I only wonder why did you felt the need to make the 5th alias? (or more, it's only 4 other that I know of ;))
  20. shhh rewritable