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Discussion in 'W27 General discussion:' started by Yahiko Myojin, Aug 2, 2009.

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  1. I don't get how barely anyone could tell it was me:lol:

    I thought it was rather obvious. Even Zarin, who I am friends with and chat with constantly, didn't know it was me.:icon_neutral:
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  2. rewritable

    rewritable Guest

    I recognized you at instant by your sig (former one though, this one is off your past style at last).
    Not that there is a lot of people on w27 forums to pick from.
  3. even my new one has the same font :lol:
  4. rewritable

    rewritable Guest

    Oh, true, even reflection is there.
    No gradients with yellow, though.
  5. Zarin

    Zarin Guest

    Erm Dart, it was the same as your skype name; trust me, I got there. And we don't chat constantly, just from time to time.
  6. [8/2/2009 7:27:24 PM] Zarin: Oh, that was you flaming me?!

    Err, I am not sure :lol:
  7. everyone has their own style. I just modified mine to look a lot better:lol:
  8. Zarin

    Zarin Guest

    Like you said, you don't get sarcasm. I understood that it was you and that you were flaming me, but I was humouring the idea of that being an act of flaming by trying to inject incredulity and thus show my disregard for your attempt.
  9. well, I don't get poor [your] sarcasm:icon_cry:

    I get pretty good sarcasm if I know what the topic is about :lol:
  10. me and you havent had a debate in a long time on skype :icon_sad:
  11. I'm guessing no one else wants in? :lol:

    if no one else posts here in 48 hours or so (I'll give them time), I'll just mail Sebco and ask him to close this thread :icon_smile:
  12. stampcoin

    stampcoin Guest

    What in the world?
  13. I was bored, okay?:lol:

    and it does sound like a good idea. I mean, neither side at the time had the a good PnP poster (you were on vacation, Zarin wasn't posting, Ephette wasn't either) and the Coalition barely has any propaganda strength.

    Still doing it though:icon_wink:
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  17. Dartship

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    you really need to spam with lolcats, don't you guys? :lol:
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    [spoil][spoil][spoil][spoil][spoil]that is because lolcats are liek ownage:icon_wink:[/spoil][/spoil][/spoil][/spoil][/spoil]
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