w27 PnP war

Discussion in 'W27 General discussion:' started by TribalHugBrat, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. Dartship

    Dartship Guest

    Awww, boo-hoo. You're going to go cry yourself to victory? You stand no chance:icon_twisted:
  2. You know, you are nothing more than a cowardly flamer who would rather bully and hurt people's feelings than post valid comments or arguements.

    You should just leave people who actually want to enjoy the forums alone and not bully us to death.

    You're nothing but a big meany and your "Hand of God" tactics won't work. People will realize what you really are soon: a monster of the forums.
  3. Lol, then if you dont know what PnP is you must be a noob. Look go play world 40

    And er stop with the alias, its so obvious, why come to w27? You never even posted with this account on world 40, points havent changed 54 before and 54 now. The account was made on the 10th a few days ago


    Now then, i know for sure you are not stampcoin, his not that dumb. Cant be blaze. He wont make a mistake like that.
  4. Dartship

    Dartship Guest

    THB, you have this in the bag. Finish it off :lol:
  5. Thanks, you made this easier


    Edit: You see now. Dartship didnt flame you but you flamed him first, you started this upon yourself. You are the worse forum flamer i have ever come across
  6. Darty, this war is far from finished. You don't have a ghost of a chance, not with your pathetic attempts at flaming :D
  7. Dartship

    Dartship Guest

    so, when do you start to have a clue as to what you are doing?
  8. lol look at post above, nevermind i copy-pasted it into spoiler under

    [spoil]Thanks, you made this easier


    Edit: You see now. Dartship didnt flame you but you flamed him first, you started this upon yourself. You are the worse forum flamer i have ever come across[/spoil]
  9. stampcoin

    stampcoin Guest

    I refuse to flame those that ignore me
  10. lol, i never added you. you are to precious. I added the others. thats 100% but i did that so you wont put someone who is on my ignore list as a quote
  11. liverpooljk

    liverpooljk Guest

    well to be honest.. this thread has had its desired effect:icon_rolleyes:
  12. what effect might that be?
  13. stampcoin

    stampcoin Guest

    We've discovered there are currently two people not on your ignore list
  14. yep, you and me
  15. Dartship

    Dartship Guest

    no, three. you, liver, and Stamp :lol:
  16. rockerdish

    rockerdish Contributing Poster

    Feb 8, 2009
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    And me!:icon_rolleyes:
  17. Because, as I mentioned before, we are working with them to take out a different tribe in our K.
    And what do you suggest? Find a tribe ten Ks away? :icon_rolleyes:

    No, God is supposed to be cool or something. I went to this Jesus convention thingy once, and they sang a song.. It was like "God is cool, God is great, God is...everything" or something similar.
    But I remember they had really good cake. Mmm, I love cake. Don't you?

    Mock God? :icon_confused: I didn't think I did. But I guess you interpret things differently.
  18. I don't think that is humanly possible for a 7 year old to not sleep for a week :icon_confused:

    Hmm, that's the record, but that person was mid 30s :icon_confused:

    I wonder...
  19. Couldnt sleep for a week properly, anyways i found out who Golden Thread is and i thank her/him for what (s)he has done :icon_wink:

    If (s)he wants to appeal her/himself itss up to her/him
  20. I have partial insomnia:icon_cry:

    @THB, I told you who I am on skype, so you know who I am:icon_wink:

    It's just fun to watch everyone else guess:lol:
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