W64 auto self-updating map


We need a new updater to contact nickjer, but that can wait till the maps are fixed.


yeah, i have no clue how to contact nickjer to be honest, in his webpage i dont see any mail or anything.. :(


Give him time guys, see below, taken from his site.

Jan 11, 2013 - 16:54:20 EST

Maps not updating
I have switched servers the maps are updating on. Unfortunately the new server doesn't have the proper libraries to run my map making code. It will take awhile until I can sort this issue out. In the meantime you need to be patient :) Thanks.


They are working again. I have emailed him and will see if he remembers me from w12. :p Oh and I applied to take over as well.


Will update the changes I made here so people are aware. :)

Family tribes update to include:

Ex F. (Ex and CTT)
~@~ F. (~@~ and ~@2~)
GODS F. (GODS and ~RDS~)

Map Zoom extended to 10x10 as to show every continent.

Conquers on the Top Noblers changed to show 1 day instead of 3.

Minimums for K domination maps lifted to 300k per K for a tribe and individual players lifted to 100k.

And you're welcome.


This Zoom sucks. There is like no need at all to see the rim continents here.


This Zoom sucks. There is like no need at all to see the rim continents here.

I agree. Anything currently on the Rim is rather...I'm not sure how to put it. Disregarded? No real action in the outlying K's yet.


Thank you haseo, but the outer K's aren't really necessary yet.

Deleted User - 4669627

From the last 7 days
RankTribeConquered Villages

igouge was going to take rank #2 regardless of yu bi

mw took #2 because of 2 factors...

1. picking up former rawr and onfire
2. where collapsing

our position was inflated and temporary
who was the true #2 was yet to be determined
Ex or Igouge?

i was not too shocked to see where? collapse and their mates be split
where? was a powerful tribe, but constantly suffering leadership issues
fallen and conspik seemingly offered the hope of active and stable leadership
but not everybody wants to merge and where? was not without mates who were capable of leading

haseo was one such mate, capable and willing
the rest is history

history is where ~mw~ is rich
the rank 1 and 2 tribes were each formed in the past month and a half
the rank 1 and 2 tribes' leaderships each formed in the past month and a half

respect to igouge on rank #1 in nobles
respect to hotrex the rank #1 tribe (and the best ally we could hope for)
i expect both tribes to continue to do well

the idea of the east having both the rank #1 and rank #2 tribes :icon_eek:
that could only have been the case if the west were in complete disarray, as it obviously was
now, some order seems to be restoring to the west
it is only natural that the rank #2 tribe be a western tribe
the idea of the east having both the rank #1 and rank #2 tribes :icon_eek:
that was destined to be a temporary phenomenon

the #1 rank and #3 rank both being eastern tribes is reality
as is the reality of those tribes moving into the west


Igouge has the home turf advantage
Hotrex has top rank status
~MW~ has had mad respect since before w64 even started

earlier i said "the rest is history"
while the rest is history, The West is yet to be written
i expect Igouge will keep rank #2, but rank #3 will remain a contender

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Could we update the maps to show that stunts and Tre are a family tribe please?


Haseo would be appreciated if TRE and stunts are marked as family tribes


Until one of them comes and says they are actually a family, can't do. I think they are as well but I have been told otherwise as well.

Soooo yeah not happening until theres official confirmation.


Are historical maps stored anywhere?

Would be cool to see tribe dominance map gif'ed at 1 week discrets from start of the world...