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Discussion in 'World 64' started by Malreaux, Aug 1, 2012.

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    Hey Guys, I'm Malreaux, also known as Steve and Noobs On Ice on W64, an old player who recently came back to the game after a long break.

    If you ever want anything from me, add my skype: Steven_jackson2

    I've decided to start a new thread, due to various reasons-wanting to get more involved in the forum, the fact that bloggers are going downhill in some respects recently, and most importantly the fact that everyone i've spoken to loved the idea.
    This'll be a marathon read, so i've made the format easy to find what you want to see quickly

    How this works, is I will post interviews, comments and general information about the top 20 players in the world, the top 10 tribes {first instalment omits rank 6-10 as i believe anyone could be there right now with a bit of mass recruitment}, and also any notable premades or players that have come to my attention.
    This is a trial run, i am counting on, and would be grateful for, and feedback or constructive criticism you could offer.

    I intend to post a full update Every two weeks, but will be active on the thread most days.

    Apologies if I miss anyone who deserves to be here, i'm by no means perfect and would appreciate any suggestions.
    The format this will be in is the full talk, copied and pasted (obviously leaving out anything i have been specifically asked to). If you would like a different format, please tell me.

    Not every person i have contacted has been completely willing to participate in full disclosure, but as time goes on i hope that will change.


    Firstly: Top 20 players interviews, along with my general comments

    Second: Top 10 {5} Tribe duke interviews and comments

    Third: Notable/upcoming premade duke interviews and comments

    Fourth: Notable Player interviews and comments

    Top 20 players
    {these are constantly changing so these are just the people i selected at the time, in the order they were at that point} ​

    1) Toggles.
    Tyler's a great guy and he's doing brilliantly. He always tells people that he isn't as good as some other players, that he'll fall down the rankings soon due to not having a coplayer, but his area was immensely good and he capitalised perfectly. I sat him and saw a strong troop count and great farming rates. First player to a million, wish him good luck in the future {Forum name tewg}

    [spoil]So you're currently killing it at rank one, how're you feeling about 64?
    [16:37:11] Tyler Hall: Pretty good, I got extremely lucky with my starting area giving me an early lead but I don't expect to hold it for to long with-out a co. No I'm not looking for a co.
    [16:37:33] Steve: not looking for people to mail you about coing i guess ;)
    [16:37:43] Steve: what about flags, what're your first impressions?
    [16:39:08 | Edited 16:39:13] Tyler Hall: I like them on this world they are fun and interesting but really hate the idea of them carrying over. The bonuses they give is a nice little extra something but not as unbalanced as paladin weapons.
    [16:40:25] Steve: yeah getting an early bonfire sets you up for life. What about tribes, are you happy where you are?
    [16:42:12] Tyler Hall: I'm feeling pretty good about how Jelly? is looking at the moment. A good amount of experience and though it's a little early to tell the leadership seems strong aswell.
    [16:42:27] Steve: who do you thnk will be the main competition?
    [16:44:08] Tyler Hall: In my K Kraken is looking pretty good after picking up LA, I don't know many of the old players but I hear he and his cos are beast. ;)
    [16:44:47] Steve: now youve said many times that you dont expect to hold rank one for long, why is that?
    [16:46:46 | Edited 16:47:43] Tyler Hall: Partly because I'm solo a good amount of the time, I had some good early sits in the world which helped me keep it this long. I also believe the people nipping at my heels right now are hands down better players and only are not first themselves is because my area is so ripe.
    [16:47:40] Steve: well your area does look tasty, do you have any specific plans for it and your account in the near future?
    [16:48:59] Tyler Hall: Outside of domination and looking for the decent growers nothing to specal. ;)
    [16:49:47] Steve: All right, great
    [16:49:49] Steve: thanks a lot
    [16:50:10] Tyler Hall: Anytime.
    [17:29:10] Steve: hey tyler what names/accounts should i refer to you as
    [17:29:13] Steve: tewg?
    [17:29:32] Tyler Hall: Tewg would be best.
    [17:30:06] Tyler Hall: Not that there's any achievements of note on that account but it's my main account.
    [17:30:28] Steve: ok, what past experience?
    [17:31:18] Tyler Hall: Played for a short ime during highschool on w29 then quit until w63.[/spoil]

    2) Wai u shao ting. Nick and Julia are both really strong players (and close friends, so i'll try to be impartial). These two started with a mediocre area and managed to make the most of it, now coming in a strong rank 2. Both very experienced and know what they're doing as well as any other. I expect them to take rank 1 at some point during startup, and the only thing that would let them down is if they put in less effort. Great players, great account so far, look forward to them destroying the competition.

    w6 idk, w57 djwright15, w60 e.sports-united, w61 wai u shao ting, w62 queenb86, uk classic rustykuntz.

    [spoil][16:06:09] Steve: So, what're you thinking of the world and its settings so far?
    [16:07:18] Nick/Scorp: Well from what I've seen so far farming has been pretty difficult for everyone, which displays activity at least. The settings themselves are quite nice, not too slow nor too fast. Not a fan of packages however.
    [16:07:41] Steve: and what about flags? first impressions on .net?
    [16:09:18] Nick/Scorp: Personally I dislike them whilst they are a new creative idea, I think they unbalance the game slightly. The main problem as I see it, is that they can be transfered to different worlds which will give people an unfair advantage at the start.
    [16:09:41] Steve: definitely, being rank 1 awards will be a coveted thing methinks ;)
    [16:10:19 | Edited 16:10:26] Nick/Scorp: yes slightly immoral thing though just to join a world to get rank 1 awards for the next one.
    [16:11:06] Steve: So who do you think will be the tribes and players to watch out for most?
    [16:12:35] Nick/Scorp: I believe Jelly have potential as do Where?, Party? I don't think will last, they are just players seacrhing for a tribe in my opinion. Munch have also caught my eye so be interesting to see what they do. I do believe that most of the best players seem to be congregated in the se so should make for an exciting area.
    [16:15:07] Steve: yeah, plenty of action going on here, with The Plan starting soon too
    [16:15:30] Steve: So do you think the player rankings will stay as they are? does toggles have the stuffing to stay on top?
    [16:17:42] Nick/Scorp: Well at first I believed Toggles to merely be there by his area however from what I've seen he knows what he is doing as well. Personally I think that he will be caught eventually, as for the rest of the top 10, I think about half of them will stay there for a while. When w65 opens though I expect the rankings to change quite a bit.
    [16:19:44] Steve: Could you name any names as to who will rise up from lower down?
    [16:19:48] Steve: (say me)
    [16:19:50] Steve: :p
    [16:21:37] Nick/Scorp: LastApparatus I expect will be there soon, Alessoninpointwhoring/ravela depending on if they stay or not. And whatever acc Mania is now on. Perhaps others can't be too sure yet.
    [16:22:27] Steve: He means Kwoosh Boosh everyone, those were all typos[/spoil]

    Fantus/Julia/TW Rosa Luxemburg {she told me to say this is her first world, and don't be harsh, she's shy}:

    [spoil]So what d you thinks gonna happen in the world?
    [06:37:53] fantus: With what?
    [06:38:14] Steve: anything :p
    [06:38:24] fantus: oO
    [06:38:31] fantus: I don't really know :p
    [06:38:43] Steve: :D
    [06:38:47] Steve: what do you think of your area?
    [06:40:37] fantus: Dunt reallly like it anymore :p
    [06:40:59] Steve: why not?
    [06:41:19] fantus: Not getting many full hauls :(
    [06:41:24] fantus: And everything is low mines.
    [06:41:53] Steve: that sucks :(
    [06:42:07] Steve: youre noble rushing soon right?
    [06:42:26] fantus: Don't think so.
    [06:43:03] Steve: give me something to work with here ;)
    [06:45:16] fantus: Nicks the boss here oO
    [06:45:24] fantus: I just build what he says to build.
    [06:45:29] fantus: Unless i disagree.
    [06:45:34] fantus: Which i build what i want then
    [06:45:37] fantus: (angel)
    [06:45:38] Steve: in which case there's a bitch fight :D
    [06:45:46] Steve: what do you think of the sttings?
    [06:45:58] fantus: They're alright.
    [06:46:03] fantus: Don't like packets though.
    [06:46:30] Steve: neither :/
    [06:46:40] Steve: who do you think will be the main tribe to beat?
    [06:47:33] fantus: Well
    [06:47:37] fantus: I though
    [06:47:40] fantus: It was what?
    [06:47:41] fantus: Now
    [06:47:46] fantus: Possibly Party
    [06:47:48] fantus: Other than that
    [06:47:55] fantus: I don't see much else.
    [06:48:13] Steve: yeah theyre near us
    [06:48:17] Steve: not the plan then?
    [06:48:31] fantus: What's not the plan?
    [06:48:47] Steve: the tribe
    [06:48:48] Steve: the plan
    [06:48:52] Steve: you dont fancy them?
    [06:49:41] fantus: Uhm
    [06:49:46] fantus: Why?
    [06:49:51] Steve: (facepalm)
    [06:50:02] Steve: this is called an interview
    [06:50:08] Steve: i ask questions
    [06:50:12] Steve: you answer them :p
    [06:50:28] fantus: Sounds like you up to something to me :p
    [06:50:43] Steve: i always am ;)
    [06:50:46] Steve: you wanna play along?
    [06:51:10] fantus: oO
    [06:52:02] fantus: Whatcha up to?
    [06:52:16] Steve: interviewing ya
    [06:52:27] fantus: What for? oO
    [06:52:43] Steve: funzies :)
    [06:52:50] Steve: dw nothing bad will happen
    [06:53:20] fantus: uhm
    [06:53:49] fantus: owait
    [06:53:56] fantus: Is this for externals? oO
    [06:54:07] Steve: its for reading
    [06:54:15] Steve: you can read it in multiple places
    [06:54:37] fantus: Okay
    [06:54:41] fantus: (think)
    [06:56:52] fantus: Continue then :p
    [06:56:57] Steve: :D
    [06:57:07] Steve: so what're you thinking of your tribe?
    [06:57:51] fantus: Uhm
    [06:57:56] fantus: Oh gosh
    [06:58:10] fantus: I should have thought of an answer before saying continue (facepalm)
    [06:58:18] fantus: They're alright? :p
    [06:58:26] fantus: Can't think of much ><
    [06:58:36] Steve: you're good at this ;)
    [06:58:45] fantus: I know oO
    [06:58:53] Steve: so
    [06:59:04] Steve: lets start. when you logon, what do you do first?
    [06:59:14] fantus: I read mails.
    [06:59:26] Steve: what do they usually consist of?
    [06:59:50] fantus: Nick telling on me for various stuff i say.
    [07:00:03] fantus: Or Nick ignoring recruitment/diplomacy requests.
    [07:00:32] Steve: haha, you get many of them?
    [07:00:41] fantus: Loads.
    [07:01:11 | Edited 07:01:15] Steve: all noobs?
    [07:01:43] fantus: Mostly.
    [07:01:51] Steve: then what do you do?
    [07:02:05] fantus: Then
    [07:02:18] fantus: I see if theirs any LC in the village.
    [07:02:23] fantus: And contemplate quitting.
    [07:02:40] fantus: I suck at this btw :p
    [07:02:57] fantus: As you can prolly see ><
    [07:03:31] Steve: nah youre doing great
    [07:03:37] fantus: oO
    [07:03:51] Steve: So when youve done everything
    [07:04:01 | Edited 07:04:07] Steve: and you have free time to ponder and speculate
    [07:04:03] Steve: what then?
    [07:04:23] fantus: Read externals/chat in skype.
    [07:04:31] fantus: Is this just in TW, right?
    [07:05:18] Steve: (nod)
    [07:05:26] fantus: Okay ^^
    [07:05:43] Steve: so you don't have many plans or speculations about the world quite yet?
    [07:06:15] fantus: Personally, i don't.
    [07:06:27] fantus: But for the tribe.
    [07:06:29] fantus: There is.
    [07:07:10] fantus: (think)
    [07:07:20] Steve: care to elaborate?
    [07:07:34] fantus: Not really :x
    [07:08:44] fantus: It's all very undecided atm :p
    [07:09:03] Steve: Haha, ok i get it, the strong silent tyoe ;)
    [07:09:06] Steve: thanks a lot :)
    [07:09:11] Steve: interview over

    3. Carlabear: a strong, serious and secretive player. In an average area with plenty of active players managed to come out on top and outfarm them all.-currently looking at what tribes will do well, so maybe one to get to know ;)
    Interested to see the direction this account heads, very interesting to watch.


    4. Mr Chump. 4 Experienced players playing the account, all know what they're doing, all nice guys to know. Some internal disputes, rule breaking accusations and tribe confusion, but none of it can slow them down.
    Note: I believe the botting allegations have been resolved, and there was no offence committed

    Ian-acc owner, mr chump:

    [spoil][15:29:05] Steve: hows it going?
    [15:29:35] Ian - Mr. Chump: good thanks mate
    [15:30:09] Steve: so what do you think of W64 so far?
    [15:31:19] Ian - Mr. Chump: honestly
    [15:31:23] Ian - Mr. Chump: pretty boring
    [15:31:32] Steve: really?
    [15:32:25] Ian - Mr. Chump: theres not 1 good tribe in the top 20, maybe Hades, it seems like its full of talent but none of the talent is together which leads for a destrtive future but fun and lots of wars
    [15:32:38] Ian - Mr. Chump: but at this moment in time i dont think w64 will leven up till like 2 weeks time
    [15:33:01] Steve: is that why you decided to make your own tribe?
    [15:34:27] Ian - Mr. Chump: Yes, as i really do not have the time to lead, but i do not see a tribe worth joining
    [15:34:53] Steve: so youre just going to stick with it till something hapens to change yourmind?
    [15:35:32] Ian - Mr. Chump: yes pretty much, everybody in this tribe is a duke/baron so people may come and go as they please
    [15:36:01] Steve: sweet. What tribes, if any,do you think will be the ones to beat thus far?
    [15:36:55] Ian - Mr. Chump: To be honest, as things stand, HOT, Hades, and Where? are the only tribes i see doing well
    [15:37:36] Steve: thats a pretty common perception
    [15:37:44] Steve: so what was all that drama with nauz?
    [15:38:26] Ian - Mr. Chump: well him and will had an argument because nauz thinks we are cheating, but as you can see we are not
    [15:38:28] Ian - Mr. Chump: hence we are not banned
    [16:11:22] Steve: sorry about that:)
    [16:11:31] Steve: what'll your plans be in the near future?
    [16:13:17] Ian - Mr. Chump: well just to have some fun in this tribe, hopefully lots of attacking and small games, then join a serious tribe when a good one starts to come out
    [16:14:04] Steve: which tribes/players do you think will be ones to watch?
    [16:21:13] Ian - Mr. Chump: sorry im back now

    Players to watch deffinatly
    Calrabear, taking it very serious and doing a great job
    Wai U Shau Ting if they keep it serious deffinatly one to watch
    LastApparatus, 3 great players there
    Tonyball Just hit top 20, winner of a world, awesome player

    Apart from that i cannot see anyone else lasting the time
    [16:21:19] Ian - Mr. Chump: i see the other good players quitting
    [16:21:32] Ian - Mr. Chump: as for tribes its the previous for me only 3


    5. Sakit Gigi. goes by name of Nazh (No, not him). Strong player on Indian servers, seems to have translated well over to .net. Playing well, i believe, without a coplayer and moving along nicely. Not a player to loudmouth himself or boast about his accomplishments, seems content to sit back and enjoy the game, which i think is admirable.

    Sakit Gigi-English isn't perfect, but a very open player nonetheless:

    6. Easy.Farm: Strong and experienced player that others seem to know more about than me. I've had a few people asking me about him, searching for past worlds, but he seems to favour secrecy. Definitely one to watch.


    7. KLgeo. Doesn't speak English so can't say much, but i would observe the lack of 1000 plunders. From the OD he certainly has some troops but i fear he may have been hit hard. I think over the next few days this account will pave the way for its road in the rest of the world. I think it could go either way for them.


    8. Killy Rider. Haven't been able to contact this player, maybe inactive, maybe a sitter, maybe ignoring me, who can tell.

    9. IAmPatricko. To be honest i think his success so far has been through the luck of the area, as not many players seem to be actively farming around him, but he certainly has some degree of skill and i hope it server him well. hope forward to see you thrive in the future.


    10. jonjon42099. Low OD, low plunders, not the most impressive stats. I wouldn't put my life savings on it and i hope to be proven wrong, but i don't think this player will last in the top 20 until my next update. Also ignored my mail.

    11. IM SXY AND I KNOW IT. I believe i may be wrong, but i'd say only playing for flags. Good tribe but no OD or 1k plunders. Would expect more OD simply from hitting spikes. My suspicions would be that he's where he is through a good area, another one i expect to fall, but hope doesn't

    12. NuclearWeapon. A very strong farmer in my opinion, mediocre area, doing well. Doesn't appear to have cleared any smaller players yet, could serve him well. Not all that much experience so could fall behind, but i believe with just a bit of extra guidance he could do very well.


    13. Artificial1. Farming well but has an area with little competition so it's expected. Doesn't seem all that experienced from my point of view but has gotten a good start so could potentially accelerate regardless. Tribe will hold him back at some point IMO

    Artificial1 (maybe it's me, but from response times he wasn't very active today)


    14. LastApparatus. At least one coplayer is quite new, but that isn't holding them back too much. Strong consistent farming from these guys, but they already have some ODD there which could be a sign of minimal trouble. Again the next few days will be pivotal for them, so keep an eye out. Growth seems to have slowed down a bit, as soon as theyve cleared some farms theyll accelerate

    LastApparatus/always been known:

    15. keredlee. Agressive players, i believe their growth will pick up. Two strong players but the co more experienced than acc owner. Didn't talk personally, a sitter was on, but a reliable source told me they're doing well in all fields. Nothing notable to mention, but certainly a strong account.

    16. Yuropoor. Was first player to 300, active area slowed them down a bit. Really don't know much, but evidently strong startup player. Hope it lasts.

    17. Gazyu. Friendly Japanese player, but i'm afraid to say i dont think he'll last at the top for long

    18-20 Positions have changed even since i checked them last so i won't make comments for the moment

    Top 5 tribes

    Comment: 4 of the top 5 tribes are SW (excluding Wait!?), and all their clusters interlock at one point or another. For that reason it is almost certain that some will fail or they will merge. It should be great to watch.

    1. ELITE-

    Elite is a tribe with very strong leadership and a great core of players. They're at OD rank 1 and most of their members seem to be worth their salt, but whilst there are some old time players there, they also have some problems. Their cluster, whilst an effort has obviously been made to spread, is too enclosed. Their growth will be, at least in some cases, impeded by this. I believe the root of the problem is the initial liberal attitude to recruitment, as even with a sit it is too early to tell a player's worth. That being said, i'm sure they'll cut it down eventually and should be left with a great base of players, if war and smaller tribes don't get them first. They have a strong decisive duke and in my opinion he's one to watch.


    2. Cloaks.

    Hate to call it, but i give them a month. Sounds harsh, but they mass recruited. The cluster in the NE of k64 will be stunted in growth and, whilst difficult to break, this will upset many members. It's also unfortunate that the good members they did pick up will be stunted by this. I would expect several splinter tribes to emerge soon enough.

    Leonard shelby: In talks with him righ now but he's busy, will update this when we've covered everything

    3. Wait!?

    Whilst they seem to be spreading out with their latest recruits, and they are away from lots of major competition, these guys are still far too clustered. I predict they'll be up top for a while, but without some reformation they'll not be a contender to win the world, or go far into endgame. Their duke is reasonably experienced but not exceptional. Whilst this seems to be one of his first duke situations, there's a first time for everyone, and he may be a dab hand at it.


    4. P-TW

    This tribe is made up of players along the rim in k53. Whilst their average growth rate is relatively high, again their cluster is disappointing. If they last later I expect to see then expand North and East, around the other top ranked tribes. This is one that, if it losses a few members, or gains some better ones, will do well.
    Leadership doesn't seem very organised, their first war will really show the calibre of this tribe.


    5. ~TE~

    As much as i would like them to, i don't think this tribe will last. They are formed of early players towards the rim, and if they were good enough to prove me wrong they'd all be much larger. The mass recruiting cluster reinforces this.
    On a positive note i do like the dukes, and they have a solid hierarchy. It'll again all be down to reform and leadership. When nobles are out the SW is going to be an action-packed place to be.
    apparently they're branching into k35 too :D


    Notable Premades

    1. Jelly?

    Yes I'm starting with my own tribe, yes I'm biased. Get over it.
    Jelly started with a few players who just decided "screw it, let's make a tribe". From there it attracted some big names, and through friends of friends the players flooded in, meaning everyone gets along and there's always fun and games going on. There are some great members, some newer to the game but still skilled. The worst thing about the tribe is there isn't much direction, but i'm sure that'll change soon enough. All the dukes get along with both eachother and their members, and the skype chat is just... Oh my god, easily 3000 posts a day.
    The spread is excellent, leaving room for growth everywhere, and I'm satisfied with the approach to Diplo and Recruitment so far.
    In all, the tribe will last a long time. I'm sure we'll lose some members, (Bye Geoff, hurry back) but it'll go far nonetheless.
    Jelly? hasn't had the time to show its worth but it's already being called a contender to win. I look forward to being a part of it into the future.

    Dukes: Nick/scorp + fantus (wai u shao ting), devin (Controls), geoff (mushyosaurus).
    Devin&Geoff main codukes.

    [spoil]what're we doing with recruitment?
    [05:49:11] Steve: and brb
    [05:49:52] Geoff: We're not actively looking for recruits at the moment.
    [05:50:02] Geoff: Unless they're really goood of course.
    [05:50:22] Geoff: Wanted to get Easy.Farm and he said maybe, but then Chump picked him up.
    [05:50:56] Geoff: LA and Nauz were supposed to come over according to the person on Vodkaaa account who orchestrated the mini-merge.
    [05:51:43] Steve: so we're letting them come to us? i assume theres a rigorous process
    [05:52:10] Geoff: Not all of What?
    [05:52:22] Steve: i mean recruits :)
    [05:52:26] Steve: in general
    [05:52:31] Geoff: Oh, yes.
    [05:52:38] Geoff: We get tons of mails daily.
    [05:52:50] Steve: mainly through toggles ;)
    [05:53:01] Geoff: Likely haha.
    [05:53:22] Geoff: Got a ton of applications saying they're near Toggles and can support him if needed.
    [05:53:28] Geoff: (chuckle)
    [05:53:30] Steve: :D
    [05:53:48] Steve: so what are we going to do in general? any specific pans?
    [05:53:51] Steve: plans*
    [05:54:47] Geoff: Its sorta a waiting game at this point. Y'know -that- stage of the world.
    [05:55:23] Steve: going where the wind blows us?
    [05:55:39] Geoff: Fantus and Dev mainly have been discussing diplomacy with Plan
    [05:55:56] Geoff: Not entirely sure what talks are at.
    [05:56:01] Steve: i know, thats because of me (chuckle)
    [05:56:23] Steve: theyre at diplo
    [05:56:37] Steve: where're we goinna expand then?
    [05:56:59] Geoff: Whatchu mean?
    [05:57:20] Steve: rimwards or corewards?
    [05:57:39] Geoff: Haven't really discussed it.
    [05:57:56] Geoff: Still pretty early into the world.
    [05:58:00] Steve: who actually is leadership?
    [05:58:07] Steve: fantus, you, dev
    [05:58:08] Geoff: And its not growing fast.
    [05:58:08] Steve: scorp?
    [05:58:20] Geoff: Yeah, Scorp doesn't give much input though.
    [05:58:23] Geoff: Mike as well.
    [05:58:28] Steve: mike?
    [05:59:01] Geoff: He was on Maniak acc, had an emergency or something for a couple days and is on ForTehFlags ac now
    [05:59:10] Steve: oh cool
    [05:59:21] Steve: dev's the main boss though?
    [05:59:38] Geoff: And me. C:
    [05:59:50] Geoff: But him sorta yeah.
    [05:59:53] Steve: oh cool, how do you know eachother?
    [06:00:10] Geoff: W63 and then US7 haha.
    [06:01:30] Geoff: We met on 63, decided to co on US7.
    [06:01:41] Steve: oh cool
    [06:01:49] Steve: well i think i know enough
    [06:01:50] Geoff: Both tribes on both worlds fell apart due to meh leadership, so we decided to take a shot at it.
    [06:02:09] Geoff: Enough to?
    [06:02:39] Steve: enough to be happy
    [06:02:46] Steve: nothing of what you said is secret is it?
    [06:02:51] Geoff: Lol okay.
    [06:03:01] Geoff: Ummm, /me goes to double check
    [06:03:30] Geoff: No not really lol.
    [06:03:50] Steve: nice one
    [06:04:54] Geoff: I know we haven't really done much and its still early, but I'm quite proud of the tribe we've assembled. :)

    2. The Plan

    I'm in a position to know a great deal about the plan, which'll be starting soon after i write this incidentally.
    Although organised by Shayhd, the tribe will have no formal duke and will be made up of close friends and some recruits. A lot about the tribe is very open, and you should refer to their thread, but i will say that they'll be agreat tribe with excellent members, and i look forward to working closely with them.

    [spoil][06:03:20] Steve: so whats leadership?
    [06:04:56] al haji rasul al masiha: Shahyd
    [06:05:05] al haji rasul al masiha: xBloodxThiirstyx-
    ben hurr
    [06:05:25] Steve: all equal positions?
    [06:05:35] al haji rasul al masiha: basically this is how it works
    [06:06:00] al haji rasul al masiha: whoever our mates not on that list land closest to will lead their area
    [06:06:40] al haji rasul al masiha: does that make sense?
    [06:07:08] Steve: yeah
    [06:07:20] Steve: whatll the initial plan/movement be then?
    [06:07:34] al haji rasul al masiha: secure our immediate areas then the rim
    [06:07:49] Steve: simple as that?
    [06:08:02] al haji rasul al masiha: that is the general strategy
    [06:08:18] al haji rasul al masiha: till we have everything between us and the rim under our control
    [06:08:28] Steve: sweet
    [06:08:36] Steve: hows recruitment/diplo gonna work?
    [06:08:52] al haji rasul al masiha: there will likely be no recruitment till there are nobles
    [06:09:08] al haji rasul al masiha: we will discuss it when the time comes
    [06:09:21] Steve: diplo?
    [06:09:37] al haji rasul al masiha: we will never have more than 1 ally and 1 nap
    [06:09:53] al haji rasul al masiha: we are considering options for the ally, nothing certain but we won't accept anyone applying, we will contact them. the nap is open.
    [06:10:21] al haji rasul al masiha: people should get with their area leadership concerning pa's
    [06:10:42] al haji rasul al masiha: you can tell your pa's that recruitment will be looked at when nobles are broke in our areas
    [06:11:06] Steve: out of interest, how did you leaders come about as a team? and why decide to lead a tribe?
    [06:11:47] al haji rasul al masiha: a while ago i decided i would only play with people who did not...
    [06:11:49] al haji rasul al masiha: cheat
    [06:12:12] al haji rasul al masiha: have a bunch of players on 1 account
    [06:12:29] al haji rasul al masiha: i did not want to be with a tribe that mass-recruited or hugged
    [06:12:41] al haji rasul al masiha: or with leadership that betrayed its agreements
    [06:13:14] al haji rasul al masiha: i thought i would start a premade since there was no tribe adverstising themselves as such
    [06:13:40] al haji rasul al masiha: brian was starting a premade and was trying to recruit some of my mates
    [06:13:50] al haji rasul al masiha: before i announced my preamde
    [06:13:58] Steve: so you merged?
    [06:14:07] al haji rasul al masiha: i told him my idea and he liked it and posted our policy
    [06:14:17] al haji rasul al masiha: he asked me to be co-duke but i refused
    [06:15:03] al haji rasul al masiha: then richi and murph and trent joined us
    [06:15:17] Steve: and left again
    [06:15:23] al haji rasul al masiha: but they never bothered to read our thread and did not even know of our policy, let alone have any respect for it
    [06:15:48] al haji rasul al masiha: but since they were respected players, brian let them lead
    [06:16:00] al haji rasul al masiha: after i left because many of our mates were cheating
    [06:16:05] al haji rasul al masiha: themselves included
    [06:16:22] al haji rasul al masiha: like the 3rd day we were int he world
    [06:16:35] al haji rasul al masiha: i started a tribe in w59 instead
    [06:16:49] al haji rasul al masiha: everybody knew i would honor our policy and enforce it
    [06:16:58] Steve: and it went on from there?
    [06:17:01] Steve: well great
    [06:17:06] Steve: i think i knw enough
    [06:17:08] al haji rasul al masiha: i did not wish to lead though
    [06:17:12] Steve: none of this was secret btw was it?
    [06:17:14] al haji rasul al masiha: and we had nobody to lead
    [06:17:18] al haji rasul al masiha: no
    [06:17:22] Steve: nice one
    [06:17:37] Steve: what premades would you say are respectable?
    [06:17:42] Steve: players too
    [06:18:14] al haji rasul al masiha: [31 July 2012 02:42] al haji rasul al masiha:

    <<< i will tell a short story to give you some idea about us
    most of us were =X in w59
    we planned to start with less 20 mates and not recruit till nobles existed in our areas and not have diplomacy till then
    our plan was to start within the triangle area
    you'll notice w59 in that pic was exactly the same size as w64 is now
    the 3 rings represented our frontline, mid-section, backline
    the plan was to start spread out across 2/3 of the southwest rim with the center of the southwest being the center of the tribe
    but then we ditched that plan and started outside those boundaries spreading our 15 accounts across the entire southwest
    we ended up never having diplomacy
    Best Rank: 6 03rd January 2012
    that was 2 months after we started w59
    Mr And Mr Me Joined 04th November 2011 - 03:06 118
    that was lucas, you can see his name in our list of players (not updated in a while) in the premade thread
    he was our last mate to start
    raghu4228 Joined 24th November 2011 - 12:05 1,766
    we lost a few players after lucas joined, dwindling to 11 accounts :(
    spread across the entire southwest rim
    still we did not recruit anybody for 3 more weeks
    [06:18:39] al haji rasul al masiha: [31 July 2012 02:56] al haji rasul al masiha:

    <<< Mr And Mr Me Joined 04th November
    [Monday, July 30, 2012 9:55 PM] al haji rasul al masiha:

    <<< raghu4228 Joined 24th November
    [12:05:17 PM] Devin (Connects): brian you guys arent doing in game recruitment right?
    [12:05:41 PM] Geoff: well they said they'll have around 15 accounts, so maybe a bit.
    [12:06:17 PM] Devin (Connects): (y)
    [12:47:39 PM] al haji rasul al masiha: typically we do not recruit in game till players beginning nobling
    raghu was the biggest player in his area by far with the most troops and had smithy 20 in que when we recruited him
    we did not recruit anybody for another week
    then everybody int he southwest who was worth a shit
    merged into us
    Wickerman Joined 01st December 2011 - 20:05 10,865
    samansd Joined 01st December 2011 - 14:05 1,261
    TibbersTheBear Joined 01st December 2011 - 13:05 1,577
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    redleo4 Joined 05th December 2011 - 19:06 8,015
    [06:19:01] Steve: i care mostly about w64 :D
    [06:19:19] al haji rasul al masiha: [31 July 2012 02:58] al haji rasul al masiha:

    <<< pownedu Joined 18th December 2011 - 12:06 43,906
    Lord noob the third Joined 18th December 2011 - 11:06 6,756
    shoey2 Joined 18th December 2011 - 11:06 23,032
    sheild-of-war Joined 18th December 2011 - 07:07 31,778
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    we never had more than 45 at 1 time though
    and only pita had less tribe changes than us, they started the world with 40+ mates
    we were fighting pita at the end along with kp
    but what broke us up was too many new people vs core players ratio
    most of us quit, the ones who did not joined pita
    and are winning w59 now
    we are about 75% same as the 15 accounts we started in w59
    we replaced about 25% with a different 25%
    we do not plan to do anywhere near the recruiting, but yes we might recruit a few
    the few we would recruit would be the ones most worth recruiting
    [06:19:33] al haji rasul al masiha: [06:20] al haji rasul al masiha:

    <<< we are about 75% same as the 15 accounts we started in w59
    we replaced about 25% with a different 25%
    [06:19:37] al haji rasul al masiha: i am telling you about w64
    [06:19:40] al haji rasul al masiha: (facepalm)
    [06:19:44] Steve: sorry :/
    [06:19:59] al haji rasul al masiha: [31 July 2012 03:03] al haji rasul al masiha:

    <<< we are not afraid to be 15 strong for the first month
    and spread across the whole rim
    when we begin nobling and are ready to recruit a few
    we will discuss recruitment issues then
    no worries
    [06:20:53] al haji rasul al masiha: the people who will lead are the ones who know what we are doing and can lead
    [06:21:37] al haji rasul al masiha: [06:05] al haji rasul al masiha:

    <<< Shahyd
    ben hurr
    [06:21:47] al haji rasul al masiha: all were in both worlds
    [06:21:57] al haji rasul al masiha: the one we started with richi and murph and trent
    [06:22:04] al haji rasul al masiha: and the one we started without them

    3. Kinky?

    Good tribe, good spread, good leadership.
    Lots covered in this chat i had with Cats Axe Rams Nobles

    Cats Axe Rams Nobles:
    [spoil]:D well we were supposed too be with jelly? heck one of our members gaved them the name
    [05:38:47] Steve: i know
    [05:38:50] Steve: they all left
    [05:38:50] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: but we had our own goal in mind
    [05:39:05] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: :^) you know?
    [05:39:32] Steve: yep
    [05:39:41] Steve: i talked to jelly dukes too :)
    [05:39:57] Steve: they werent very specific
    [05:40:09] Steve: So youre searching for diplo with them?
    [05:40:13] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: :O
    [05:40:40] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: oh no we wanna fight them in the near future hopefully
    [05:40:43] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: ;)
    [05:40:55] Steve: you want me to quote that?
    [05:41:09] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: (nod)
    [05:41:16] Steve: is it true?
    [05:42:21] Steve: or you trolling meh ;)
    [05:43:57] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: :) nope
    [05:44:06] Steve: you're pretty open about it!
    [05:44:15] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: yea ofc
    [05:44:20] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: :D
    [05:45:27] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: they seem strong right now if we happened too last for a good while and meet jelly? around then i hope we can have a proper war with them
    [05:46:04] Steve: are you gonna be deliberately expanding southwards then?
    [05:46:32] Steve: to me you seem like two great tribes in similar positions
    [05:46:49] Steve: when you do clash it'll be epic :)
    [05:49:33 | Edited 05:51:28] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: :D well from the respond i got from our chat were moving were the wind blows but hopefully we solidify our claim to NW
    [05:51:08] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: :^) could swear i seen you somewhere before
    [05:51:20] Steve: maybe, maybe :)
    [05:51:46] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: :D cant remenber
    [05:52:07] Steve: so whats with the 12 dismissals?
    [05:53:07] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: (facepalm) better if i show you the circ if your willing too read it?
    [05:53:16] Steve: i'd love to
    [05:54:13] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: pinkpanties today at 02:43
    We had some curious events unfold today that some of you may or may not know about.

    The leaders of Kinky? want to ensure that this tribe takes it to the next level and become a powerhouse, a leading force to be reckon with. During a simple account sit, we noticed alarming low troop numbers that is inadequate for the caliber we want to achieve. This forced a tribe wide audit to see where we stand as a whole.

    With what raza, Har and I discovered created an idea within raza's mind to create a world wide "academy" of sorts to allow the major tribes to deposit players for grooming purposes. Those that are within the academy tribe could have their own thread to ask questions/concerns to improve their game play and allow the tribes to educate and at a later date recruit those that excel.

    Caleb was dismissed because the low troop counts. After the dismissal, Raza wanted to speak with him privately to discuss the option of him joining the academy (along with those of concern) and give them time to get back to what is needed to exceed in this tribe. Caleb did not want to wait for raza and decided not to continue with kinky? and a few of this loyal players left with him.

    This is currently where we stand at the moment. If anyone has further questions about anything stated above, do not hesitate to contact me and i will try to explain things the best way i can. Keep up the farming, keep your troops counts strong and keep the pt climbing to what is needed and sustainable.

    [05:54:55] Steve: seems like a solid circ
    [05:55:10] Steve: who's leadership in kinky?
    [05:55:38] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: well me/gulrez but were on the same account
    [05:55:51] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: mike-pinkpanties
    [05:56:13] Steve: there're two mikes?
    [05:56:32] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: har is in council his also ThistleTanga
    [05:56:38] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: im mikey
    [05:56:43] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: his mike
    [05:56:47] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: :D
    [05:56:51] Steve: :D
    [05:57:07] Steve: all those leaders decided before you formed?
    [05:57:16] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: (nod)
    [05:57:30] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: well
    [05:57:33] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: no
    [05:57:56] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: if you remenber the tribe cats axe rams nobles
    [05:57:58] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: ?
    [05:58:18] Steve: i do indeed
    [06:00:15] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: well we all saw that we ended up in the same location and after a few mesages and finding out we all knew each other we decided too merge we had a slight 15x15 prob which involve me going in raza acc for better farming
    [06:00:36] Steve: oh so it isnt a recently made premade then?
    [06:01:45] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: not anymore but at the begining yes
    [06:01:48] Mikey|OhMaiPinky?|Cats Axe Rams Nobles: ;)
    [06:01:59] Steve: haha i getcha
    [06:08:48] Steve: all right
    [06:08:50] Steve: thanks a lot
    [06:08:53] Steve: i think i know enough

    4. Where?

    I consider the dukes of where to be excellent close friends and great people and players too. They don't want an interview, or for me to say much, but have promised to be more responsive in the future. What i will say, is if you underestimate them, you're making a mistake.

    5. Hades

    This is a tribe with excellent members and especially leaders, if their spread was better i'd say they were an excellent tribe as a whole, but it doesn't seem their main aim is winning the world, more so that they're taking things as they come. Another tribe that will show its metal when the south-west erupts If the cluster wasn't so... clustered, i would say they were a good balance between active and selective recruitment, but as it is, my verdict is that they have great potential but need to do a little more to really impress me.

    [spoil]With tis included i overstepped the 100,000 character mark. this interview can be found below[/spoil]

    6. Hot

    Good tribe, good spread. I've seen some members i'm not all that impressed by but i'm sure they'll do well. Will also update this very shortly when i know more.

    Notable Players

    This is a section i'm looking to expand, as i had no idea who to choose this time

    1. Capn Rum.

    Avast, i spy Kachine back to sail on the tides of another voyage! Yes, the jolly captain is back. Him and his first mate got off to a shaky start. The tide's really weren't in their favour, and i mean it. After sitting them once for a favour i saw their area and was amazed, but then a second time, dishing out my opinions and advice, i took a sneaky look at their rates and neighbours was dumbfounded by how awful their area is. Two great players making the most of a bad situation, they'll do well as ever and i hope to help them out in any way i can.

    Capn Rum/Kachine:
    [15:47:01] Rum: (wave)
    [15:47:35] Steve: well, i'm doing some, you could say interviews with high profile players, and youve been requested :) care to oblige?
    [15:48:15] Rum: will i get rum at the end?
    [15:48:25] Steve: ye will get a keg o' the finest
    [15:48:37] Rum: aye then me all fer't!
    [15:49:16 | Edited 15:50:31] Steve: awesome, i presume ye be prefern' ta converse in a piratey nature, aye?
    [15:51:08] Rum: indeed be so! :D
    [15:51:46] Steve: excellent, so what be yer thinkings o' this here voyage ye be undertakin' and the settings that be governin' these seas?
    [15:58:32] Rum: AH! the 64th waterrrs bring a sure refreshin breeze, me seen lotsa new faces, n' also a few ol' ones as well! Rum's at a love/hate relationship with them settings, be findin the speed ta be alright, the flags be a nice interestin addition tho woulda much prefered ta see a jolly roger mixed in thar! Howevarrrr, me hate the fact that our spies cannae bring us full view o' our enemies ships n' riggins 'less they be o' the 2nd rank
    [15:59:22] Steve: aye the 3 tech ne'er be pleasant aftera short time o' setting sail
    [15:59:43] Steve: and ye crew of cutthroats, what ye be thinkin' o' thatmerrylot?
    [16:01:25] Rum: they be a buncha good fer nothin lily livered landlubbin maggots, but me o'em fancy n' would lay a broadside on any that dare cross'em waterrrs n' ways
    [16:03:01] Steve: they be hardened by many years o' sucklin at their mother's breast to say the most
    [16:03:26] Steve: who ye be thinkin' be the crewo' miscreants be causin' the most mischief?
    [16:05:18 | Edited 16:06:54] Rum: ARRR!!! ye be askin 'bout otharrr crews!
    [16:06:56 | Removed 16:10:16] Steve: This message has been removed.
    [16:07:09 | Edited 16:10:25] Steve: AYE! What of yer armada, the fine jelly fleet?
    [16:10:24] Rum: they be a fine buncha rascals fightin o'er who has greater plunders like good ol' pirates! i be seein'em ditto spread the jelly across the waterrrs! But from an outsiders eye, they may be needin work at some areas where otharrrs be smotherin'em, sometimes them mass recruiters can be an itch at the buttox
    [16:12:32 | Edited 16:12:40] Steve: they be like flies, zippin' around an gettin in our eyes once on a red tide!
    [16:13:15] Steve: who be the ships to be afraid o'? who be havin' yer quakin in ye boots when their colours be seen flyin'nearby?
    [16:17:25] Rum: Tharrr be a good sum o'em brigades that be needin a good watch from the crows nest! in me own parts o' the waterrrs it mayhaps be Wait!? that seem ta love the scent o' burnt gunpowder in the mornin! As fer'em further out ships sailin the horizons, i be havin lil interest in'em doings knowin that if'n they sail too near our treasurrres they be answerin ta pirate cannon
    [16:18:37] Steve: And they besailin' on different tides, them in the locker!
    [16:18:57] Steve: #thats it, cheers :D
    [16:19:54] Rum: ARRR!!! where be the kent ye promised?!
    [16:20:19] Steve: (beer)
    [16:20:23] Steve: (d)
    [16:20:35] Rum: \o/(drunk)
    [16:20:49] Steve: :D
    [16:21:01] Steve: ok now its actually over, but i will be including tht^ :D
    [16:21:31] Rum: :D

    2. Alessoninpointwhoring

    Nauzhror joined late this world, and without definitively picking a premade, but come on, how could i not include him ;)

    This is incomplete, i'll edit it in when he has time to reply, it's understandable he didn't, we don't know eachother personally well at all
    {please excuse the strange format, this in forum mail}

    Hello sir, before we start i would like to bow down to your superiority in every way, just so you like me :p

    I'm doing the early rounds of top 20 tribe, player pro players (you fall in that category ;)) interviews. Would you care to oblige me with just a minute of your valuable time please? I would be most grateful


    Bows are boring :(

    Bottles of scotch are much better :p

    I suppose just this once I can oblige without being bribed with Scotch though.

    Well I'll be sureto remember your scotch for next time ;)

    So What're you thinking of the world and its settings so far?

    I don't actually know nearly as much about the tribes as usual because I joined about 4 days late and just clicked random direction. As far as the settings are concerned though I like everything except the world speed.Only problem with the peed is speed 1.5 requires a lot more activity than speed 1 does so it's harder to do well without co-playing, though I've been co-playing for the past 3 days (first two were solo) so that hasn't been as much of an issue.

    Not happy that they removed hb_offset though and made all villages start at the same size no matter how late that they start now though. The result is that farming on the rim is now no better than in the core, arguably even worse because you will most likely have people near you still in BP long after your BP has ended.

    It's a common complaint, now even people starting in months time will only have 26 point villages.
    What do you think of flags? Good concept badly done? is it balanced to let them carry between worlds?

    I'm not real keen on them in general - they're very luck based, like paladin weapons are (ie. get bonfire and you're unstoppable). Even worse though is the carrying from world to world aspect. Most of the changes TW has made to the game as of late have been making it more and more newbie-friendly. I'm fine with that. This change however is a kick in the teeth to newbies who will start with no flags while the player next to them starts the same world with every flag in existence and absolutely dominates them from the word go.

    Do you think you'll start playing on a single account cross-world or keep changing?

    Not completely sure, but if I were to decide to stick with one account across all worlds for the future it'd be this account so figure'd I get the flags on it just in case.

    Fair enough. So do you have any other insights to make about tribes? who do you think will be the ones to beat, if it isn't too early to call?

    That's take one of my thread, please leave any feedback you deem appropriate, and if any of you were dedicated enough to read everything. Thankyou.

    Last edited: Aug 14, 2012
  2. My leg

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    Jul 23, 2012
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    This is what took you all day...:lol:

    And you didn't interview the most important person on the world. And Kinky? did not give us the name Jelly?, I randomly thought of it.

    Overall a horrible blog, simply because you don't have the most important important person ever.

    Good blog, although you took too long. And why is Rum there ;(
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  3. Credulity

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    It is good to see someone recognizing our tribe for what it is and not a point whoring tribe (Elite-). Thanks for this Malreaux.

    This is a brand new account so do not bother looking at my record.
  4. Kachine

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    Jan 23, 2010
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    Ye Jelly? [​IMG]

    Seems like an interestin read, at least bettarrr than all'em other posts here! otharrr than what me mentioned in skype, it be a nicely done work n' definitely can see the effort in't! [​IMG]

    really appreciate the hard work, tho i still have yet ta read't all (prolly do't in portions at a time) so cannae say anythin mo' at this point!


  5. Malreaux

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    Just to clarify, i'm by no means saying there aren't many good players in 64, but those two are the ones who i thought would be entertaining to talk to, and that people would care about too. I also have plenty more tribe's i'll be working through, so don't be offended if you weren't included, you just didn't come to my attention personally


    Diabolus (Hades) interview:
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    Good thread mate lot of good players on this world should be interesting
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    You were supposed to edit it so i looked better. :icon_cry:

    /runs away and hides.
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    I was going to but people just said it was so funny i couldn't :D
    Sowwwy <3
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    Long post but good.....:icon_cool:
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    It's near the maximum length of 100k characters :p Thanks!
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    It wasn't good.

    ‚ÄčIt was greeeeat!
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    Pandaking = Karmalot btw.

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    I had heard similar rumours, but didn't want to speculate, thanks a lot :)
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    Outrageously well done. Externals need more posts like this.
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    well in two weeks there'll be a very similar one ;)
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    in fact, he did interview me, you must have overlooked it :icon_redface:

    nice work from what i have read so far, cheers
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    Huh so alesson.... is nauzhror?

    This is an interesting world indeed.
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    0.o seems I am serving in the presence of a legend (in my opinion) btw have not seen you since 51 xBloodxThiirstyx when I was in DSBAND (different account).
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    I hope you can do another near nobles.
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    you will hide where?(smirking)