W65 Dream Team


No specific order, but still number 1 is number 1 in my list:

1 Dewdropdeb. Excellent player and so much fun to be with in the same team.

2. Royalist. I just have a crush for him, that's all..

3. Almighty Lord Core. If he wants something, he gets...:icon_twisted:. And he is tagging incs in a very special way....or he ignore them all... I miss old days...

4. Chris....he has skills. I think he is one the best players in this world. (I would say the best, but idk really all of u)

5. TJ. I can't imagine this world without him.

6. Insomn. Skills again, and making sniping team with him is so fun.:icon_twisted:

I never liked mass recruiting, so, my dream team will be short.:icon_wink:

EDIT: And ofc, my co Derik. Recently met him, but it is like we played together 20 worlds before this one ;)
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If I do this seriously, I'd actually have to think about it, and go with:

1. Royalist - Great start up player, aggressive and handy in winning the early world
2. Arith - General noob, monster player when he can be bothered
3. Sumner - Great Leader, can't find any faults with him, minus he's magic tricks in disappearing.
4. Dewdropdeb - Anyone that knew her will understand
5. BQ - Because of the 1 million co-players, they are all great fun to play with
6. Colin - Doubt many would have know who he was, but the only person to ever sit me on this world, and ironicly, probably one of the top defenders to ever grace this world, even if it was only for start up.
7. TJ - Because who wouldn't have him!
8. Krazy - My co, if he would have his own account, and play this world the tribe with him in would be lucky, unfortunatley w66 takes most of his attention, and he logs in only when he can.
9. Redhunter (thebosspig) + mahler - those two are epic, literally, you can ask them for help, and 12 hours later a player will have quit from being blanket nuked and faked into submission, before you have even given them a plan. Two players I hope to never have to face again!
10. Arabella - because every tribe needs someone to scare off anyone she doesn't like (
[3/11/2013 10:46:33 AM] Arabela: i tried 20 cos until now)
11. Eddie, because when he wants to, he can write brilliant reviews that are exceptionally helpful, and the rest of the time he is a hilarious troll that most people have absolutely no idea how to handle!
12. Almighty Lord Core - because who the hell doesn't want a monster on their side plus he has moobs to offer
13. Sir Pheonix - out everyone who has attacked us, he's done by far the best in terms of timing
14. Aziz - kinda goes without saying (he comes with a crew as well, so therin, el, block, jariq etc all get places because they are all great people, and even better players)
15. The final space would have to go to well, me :D All tribes need that player who is sometimes around, then the rest of the time busy

Edit, there are many others I would take, but realized I'm procrastinating from my essay so soz for no mention
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I doubt too many of you will know anyone on the list, just some cool guys I met while playing this world.

Vash and Judith-Stuck with them through multiple merges, tribes falling apart ect... until they pulled a Houdini and disappeared :( Awesome guys to chat with.

Next up are two guys who got screwed big time by our tribe, wish I could've done more to help them.

Osgabriel-Beast of a player, very level headed and helpful. He had to quit to take care of his business, but he didn't go quietly.
Tiberiu- This guy was absolutely crazy, had a temper the size of a large country, awesomely loyal.

OrangeCavalry-Great duke, good player. Not very talkative but he always put the tribe at the front. Would love to have him as a duke on another world.

Ray-Good guy, not the best player but always good to have a chat with.

Incisions/Biff/Arizona/Czar and the rest of the PAINT crew, awesome guys couple of real beasts in there too. Awesome group to spend my last couple of weeks in Tribal Wars with.

Me- I'm not all that skilled, but people seem to like to chat with me so that counts for something right?

I'm sure I missed some people, but oh well you know I love you :icon_razz:


OrangeCalvary? Wasn't he an internal whore and put everything BESIDES his tribe first? I mean, its your dreamteam but I'm pretty sure I remember him not being much of a team player.


OrangeCalvary? Wasn't he an internal whore and put everything BESIDES his tribe first? I mean, its your dreamteam but I'm pretty sure I remember him not being much of a team player.

He was a bit greedy on the internals, but he always helped support people under attack and clear targets.


Arith, interested to see who goes into your dream team?
Prob won't make one tbh and have repeatedly left when going to reply to things so I didn't have to.. But yea
He was a bit greedy on the internals, but he always helped support people under attack and clear targets.
I see. I just heard a lot of complaints about him and his track record for hogging internals wasn't exactly good :p.
i liked orange calvary actually he was a good player

Fair 'nuff I suppose.


To show how i see the things on my point of view, i have made some categories were i beleive players deserve their spot. There are players i would like to have in my tribe to work with.

I will not put a player in more than two categories altough some of them deserve it.

This is a category of players you truly hope for having in your frontlines.
- Bunny Queen
It was a about the time that bunnies were fighting for their survival that i first was taking a look on these forums. the defensive abilities of that tribe had a leader and a name and that was of this lady.
- ScarletundieS
He is a really good player in both defending and attacking. his timing's are nearly professional and he has proved his survival in the operation that yarr made against him.
- Eye of the Storm
The (former?) guys that were running the account were in a high skill mode in both attacking and defending. No1 in ODA for some time and the only player that made wobble's operation a total failure in the wobble vs yarr war. they seem to be out of duty lately.
- Underground Authority
I follow the stats of this guy since some time ago and he has been proved a solid and active player proved his position in the top20 players. His ODD combining with his high points for a long time shows he is there to be a tough opponent for anyone.
- Orion4183
The only one player from the top5 in ODD in this world currently surviving. the old and the new owners of the account have done a really good job in maintaining their areas. ODD means nothing is you also dont know to defend.
- Paolo83
The MVP of the TB! vs Wobble war so far. Wobble has tried twice to knock him down, with the last effort being even worse than the first for them. Paolo has proved his skill in defending, fast tagging, sniping, recaping, attacking and a real teamwork player. In addition to keeping his morale high in situations where 90% of the average TW player would have hit delete.

This is mostly the players you want to have just back of your frontline ones :)
-Azazel Aziz
8x attacker of the day, no1 in caps against AAA. maybe the MVP of this war, totally deserves his spot here. I wish i could say the same for his solid personality on the time being in apathy.
He wants a village? He just goes and takes it. 5x AOTD, a stubborn offensive player never lets you down on the amount of nukes he has. no2 in ODA in the world, no1 in the war between TB! and wobble, keeping a 41-1 against wobble right now.
I really dont know much about him, but i ll keep his opponents claiming he is maybe the best in his timings from AAA so far in addition to being no10 in ODA in the world.
No1 in points for some time now, no6 in ODA and people say he is a cool guy. This last one is just enough for being in here.:icon_razz:
We have a bet moving on thus i cant say anything more right now other than...dont challenge this guy on his attacking abilities!

The game is called tribal wars. Thus i couldnt let outside of this the players that put the tribe before their accounts.
He/She is how they say the background heroes of the wars. His tribemates know his work. He doesnt bother offering nearly all of his troops in supporting his fellow players. He also doesnt bother in giving all his nukes just for the purposes of the tribe.
-Dr Sandman
Organization of operations in a high level, sitting accounts, defending 10k incomings like taking a coffee. All in all a great leadership member, doesnt care to put aside his ego for the tribe matters.
You want villas cleared? Mail AOBTD! Simple things!!
He has actually left behind his personal account for giving the time onleading the tribe. He actually does all the things a good leader must do. Proper diplo, good management of the tribe with roles and hierarqy model, good PNP and good in moral boost.

I cant really put people from other tribes in this category, since they know what happens better. But i would really like to know who DO play for the team first and before all.

I was really going to put another category of players i think do really good PNP for their tribe, but we may miss the point of the thread and start arguing so i leave it for now.

today i realized your name is " ste win the pot" and not "stew in the pot". or wtf?:icon_smile:
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Ana/Muso= Love these 2 players played with both of them in W58 and we ruled teh world. They make a great group.

IncomingFakes= Multiple Wargasms co player. Him and myself have been through many worlds together and led some tribes in US, Great player and friend.

Paolo123y793= Whatever it is. He seems good im looking forward to really testing him in the future and seeing what he holds :p

Eddie= Because he is god.

Jake,Jay,Scott= My coplayers who kept the acct going while I was away on work they did a good job for 3 months even though they turtled and ate barbs ;P

Dallow= Guys busts his butt for Wobble and doesnt get much credit. I do apprciate it Dallow! Keep up the Work

Tman= Hes on the bench for my dream team.


1. Tman93-
All time best friend on Tribal Wars. (and secret lover) Extremely funny and passionate, there for anyone, a good addition to any tribe. Loyal charismatic. You'll never be bored.
2. Eddiesc-
One of the grumpiest people on Tribal Wars ive met to date, but with a good mood, is extremely passionate about the game, and up for a good laugh.
3. Azazel Aziz-
One of the best leaders i've seen, loyal to a fault to his friends, very skillful and determined when voicing his views. Honest and trustworthy.
4. Captain Drill & El Valiente.-
Together they go, definitely be apart of my dream team as together they are there own dream team. Not the most talkative, but very skillful and loyal to friends and tribemates as well as each other.
5. Therin-
when he discusses his uni course and interests im lost, but incredibly intelligent and a good laugh. A valued member of any tribe, regardless of how quiet he his.
6. BLOCK9-
Always up for a good fight and loyal as hell. Ex Apathy will always be a good group of individuals. Can always count on BLOCK for anything. Support or an extra nuke or 2, you can count on him. Very trustworthy player and very honest.
7. Bunny Queen-
One of the most passionate people, net alone leaders I have seen in a long time. She is so dedicated to her tribe. The players on this account are very skillful, and the account is one of the most hardworking accounts i've seen. Always ready to admit shes not perfect, but ready to listen to those to help her on the way of perfection :)
8. Dallow-
Don't always agree with his opinions, but love his no nonsense attitude to the game. A true friend to his friends, works hard for other people as well as himself.
9. Flux (the original & current owner)-
Completely honest and will tell people how it is, some people don't like it. But its very refreshing somebody being honest with you. Skillful and always around to give a helping hand.
10. JariQ (my co)-
Would never play a world again without him, very loyal, a good laugh and gives good hugs :)

Sarah :)
PS. i realise its all people in my own tribe. But ive been a good egg this world, and not been mean to anyone :)
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1. Pappasmurfs Though most of you may not know him hes a good frind of mine from w13 and about my last real friend in the game

2. Bunny Queen - Defensive Beast

3. Jaden - Tons of love

4. Dallow - Straight workhorse and well underloved but i loveses him

5. Eye of the Storm - We've had our fights but damn good players on the acct

6. Illuminati Puppet. - always has my back

7. Azazel Aziz - Damn good leader and player i dont think ive ever talked to him honestly but i respect him

8. Vovol123 - #1 in the world and total powerhouse. Has helped meh in the past.

9. DevianceInc. - Another good person good conversationalist

10. HexagonStaff- Good to talk to and a lot of help


11. Eddie, because when he wants to, he can write brilliant reviews that are exceptionally helpful, and the rest of the time he is a hilarious troll that most people have absolutely no idea how to handle!

haha... finally some recognition for my talents in that department. :lol:

2. Eddiesc-
One of the grumpiest people on Tribal Wars ive met to date, but with a good mood, is extremely passionate about the game, and up for a good laugh.


I'll be throwing one together later. In a few categories like Nazgulinho did.

Expect some absolute monsters, and some unexpected names and some of the nicest people I've met so far.


Dallow's Dream Team

These are my opinions and my opinions alone, if you would like my opinion on you and you are not on this list, please PM me on here, on tw or on skype. I am more than happy to give you it :)

1) George (KingDJBrown) - The only reason i am still on this world, always a laugh and a great player when he tries, gives amazing hugs aswell. A real glass half full kind of guy. <3 Georgy

2) Matthew (Eye of the Storm) - Amazing player and always up for a chat, unfortunately had to leave the account due to rl and other worlds a while back, a huge loss to the war effort and is sorely missed.

3) Angacam - Was always willing to help with support (nuke and def) in the yarr vs wobble war and has shown he is no push over now he is in Wobble against TB!. Again a great guy and an amazing player.

4) Debbie (Sweetmisery) - Always a pleasure to talk to her, enjoy her views on the world and is a very good player. All in all, one of my favorite people on this world.

5) Ana (BunnyQueen) - A great leader, opinionated and very passionate about her tribe. It has been a pleasure serving under her. She as shown she is a very capable player as well, in all a goddess.

6) Chris (ScarletUndies) - Since being in wobble have had the opportunity to speak with him on a near daily basis, even though he is apparently very 'arrogant', he is very easy to talk to and a laugh. He is also an amazing player, i would say definitely one of the best in this world.

7) TJ (Tman93) - He is one of the easiest people to get on with i have ever played with, even when he's annoyed you can still have a laugh with him. Shown he is a very skilled player as well as a real workhouse for the tribe, which in my opinion more than qualifies him for this dream team.

8) Flux (Flux0rx1) - Straight to the point sort of guy, which personally i prefer to drivelers. Is a very capable person and is striving for greatness on both his account and the ones he sits. Very helpful person to have around and works hard for the tribe.

9) Sarah (Jariq) - Haven't spoke to her co but she is an extremely level headed player. Very good ideas and very enthusiastic when putting them across. She is happy to help anyone who is in need, a very good player and looking forward to playing with her for many moons to come.

10) Lavim (Coplayer) - He will be the first to admit he hasn't had much of a look in on the account for some time now, this is mainly due to me hogging during wars. But the constant safety net he has underneath me throughout has been the biggest help of all on this world. To have someone as skilled as this player who is always there when needed, without fail and is willing and enthusiastic when he gets on the account. One of my favorite coplayers, i have had in the many years i have played this game, we will continue until the end and will be together at the finish line. Thank you buddy ;)

11) Justin (JwBrown) - Whilst in Yarr, one of my favorite people in there. To this he was a great leader and a great guy, who was always willing to help where needed and was passionate about his tribe.

12) Insom & Rizzla (Illuminati Puppet.) - Whilst everyone knows about these two ability in game (which they are monsters), they light up the skype chats and pm's. Neither take themselves to seriously and when they are together there is nothing better than sitting back and watching them take the piss out each other. Therefor, Insom & Rizzla (hug)

13) Me - Obvious reasons really, my dream team would be stupid if i wasn't in there and wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

For those who are not on the list, this does not mean anything. If you speak to me often enough you will know my views on you as i don't pretend to hide them.

This isn't a dream team based on ability, the fact they are all great players has nothing to do with why they are on the list.
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Here we go boys and girls, it the one. Its why this thread was created. Its MY dreamteam.

Everyone is here, either through skill and by being a great person too (if I know you).

Fearsome and Friendly

1. Sarah (Jariq) - As she mentioned earlier, very patient which is a very important quality to have. One of the few reasons I'm still in Wobble right now. And needless to mention, a quality player onto of that. Great pleasure to meet her.

2. Rizzla (Illuminati Puppet) - Top guy, very much enjoyed our chats on skype. Also I know first hand this player is quality and a formidable opponent.

3. Michael (volvol123) - Been with a long time, and as everyone here knows a well deserving #1 player in this world. Who will I'm sure long hold that rank.

4. Michael (tahoeking) - K43 buddy and good player. And I have eternal thanks for him for backing me in my opinion (even if we failed).


5. Insom (Illuminati Puppet) - Other half of this awesome account. A quiet but composed guy, who has my utmost respect as a player.

6. Rich (SomebodyIUsedToKnow) - A top top player, and I know Wobble would not have had the success on the AAA front had this player been able to continue on his account.

7. Amit (Underground Authority) - Nice gently guy, and despite what some people think about this account. This player is good, and offensively is a monster. One of the only players on this world who helped me out back in NIR with a large amount of defense (for that time). One of the few who truly helped me preventing Wobble do a game first, and rim me.

8. BossPig - Both players on here are monster. And ever since our recap wars back in the NIR days, I've know this player is one I would want on my side.

9. Chris (ScarlettUndies) - As I once said, one of the top players to have graced this world. And Wobble are lucky to have him.

10. Azazel Aziz - Apathy are still my favorite tribe to have seen from the outside of this world. And since being in the same tribe, I've learnt how epically skilled he is, and like Chris, Wobble are lucky to have him.

11. KnightQuest - Always been my target recently to claim the #1 spot of my home continent. And KQ has been the hardest person to pass for that last spot I've had to compete with on my multiple worlds. Both old, and the new guy, are very capable players.

12. BunnyQueen - Don't think anyone can doubt the players on this account have some serious quality. Bunny were probably my 2nd most respected tribe from the outside. As a leader too, Ana is putting in a lot of effort, and we still hold that #1 rank partly due to her leadership.

13. Skux (takeiteasyoneme) - Formidable opponent, and a fearsome guy.

Respected from Afar

14. Paulo83 - Althought I don't know this player personally. I have watched from afar, at how well this player has held up under Wobbles fire, one of the top players in TB! I am sure not many would argue.

15. Orion4183 - Similar story to Paulo, he clearly is a top player in that part of the world.

16. Nadir (Electicool) - The leader I really am impressed with on this world. Taken TB! which I have to say, I didn't rate too much. Into Wobbles main contender for victory in this world. Truly impressed with his work so far.

Tribal Pet

17. Rob (Snelbinder) - Was a co on this account for like 10 hours, but I'll throw him in here too. Even though he didn't properly play this world. Nice guy, and everyone has to have a pet right? :lol:

The One and Only

18. Myself - Don't mind telling people when I disagree with them. Probably one of the most opinionated players around and I certainly don't mind ruffling a few feathers particularly when things are clearing moving in the wrong direction. As I alluded to earlier on another thread, no-one has grown faster when I want to expand.

So there we have it, my team. I probably forgot a few players, but its as complete as I can make it right now. If your not on it, perhaps I don't know of your skill or know you enough. If I do know you, either I forgot you (I'm sorry) or you've not made the cut.
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