War is on the Horizon



The time has come!

For too long BIP has claimed rule over the north west and k45/k46. Well no more BIP. For the empire of the rising 2Hard is here. We stand erect and ready to duel. Your forces were laying claim to our lands but then the gentle people of 2Hardia said no more. We shall force you out or die in a glorious crash of spears and axes. The people of 2Hardia will no longer be intimidated by your endless supplies of PP and will meet you on the battlefield. The proud warriors of Ragnar, Treeto, Cheesy, bigfella, Deadmax, Maber, Tobias and Red cup manning the frontlines. Ready to fight and die for their nation. Their allies and brothers in arms behind giving life and limb in order to quell the onrushing forces of the BIP Horde. May steed meet spear and death occur on the walls of the 2Hardian empire, may the horde that is BIP stumble as we defeat them again and again and push them back. Their men flee as we crush village after village. We will no longer be ignored. No longer be disrespected. This is 2Hardia and it is our time. We shall banish you back to the shadows of Norway where you came from BIP. This is our day.

The usurper that is King Banana has already tried his dirty tactics. His aims to remove this threat growing in the east. However, we will not be stopped. We shall not disappear. We are coming for you Banana. You’re not the true king. The true king stands proud at the front of his 2Hardian forces.

King Banana has sent a mail to our entire tribe telling people to leave 'or else'. Well my reply is or else what?

What you going to do banana?

BIP have now NAP’d FnB in order to try and damage us further. They even pushed a FnB op onto us in order to test how strong we were… well our war against FnB seems to have gone pretty well. We declared on them when we were over 1 million points behind. Not any longer. Mr big academy tribe is quickly vanishing.

Now can the BIP and FnB collaboration stop the 2Hardian empire from expanding from its peaceful home in the east and hit into the armies of the damned.

Side 1:
Tribes: 2HARD
Side 2:
Tribes: FnB, FnB 2

Timeframe: Last week

Total conquers:

Side 1: 85
Side 2: 110
Difference: 25

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 17
Side 2: 1
Difference: 16

Points value of total conquers:

Side 1: 298,026
Side 2: 372,745
Difference: 74,719

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 89,730
Side 2: 2,095
Difference: 87,635

The war will begin tomorrow.

BIP may be the Norwegians, but we are the true Vikings.


King Banana

Maybe I should applaud you for the angulation you have been able to put this whole situation in?

I find it funny, as the whole co-operation between us was based on your land becoming our "united" land.

KingRagnar Oct 22, 01:25
Good morning mi lord, as you have probably been aware my Skype has been destroyed due to some ass overseas. To save me some time would you be so kind to supply me with a new contact. Now your magesty our empires and borders keep expanding but we have not lost focus on our goals.

My finest knights have brought me some great news today. It may be possible to secure a merge with tribe bully with your blessing of corse your magesty. My grandfather taught me a really good truth. He was commander of the fourteen empires of the mighty lord bane, commander of the agarigan forest. His message was simple, trust has to be given before it can be taken away. Now my fastest horses had brought you this letter. I hope that you find it to be trust building. And please take pleasure in my medieval context and I hope it brings you great entertainment.

Now back to the proposal at hand I will invite all of bully, all the worthy ones depending on investigation, and at your command the ones that recide in your domain and immediate kingdom. I shall kick henceforce 3 days after your acceptance letter.

However if you choose to reject our proposal it is also fine. I shall not act but this is a good chance to advance both our tribes forward

Kind regards,
The Illiterate Ragnar
KingRagnar Oct 22, 01:50
Thank you for your prompt reply. Our goal still remains. This was a mere goal to crush yet another enemy. With this opportunity we could divide and conquer them and surrender the land to your empire. It is your decision, on another quite minor topic. My Skype and email was hacked so I created a new one now so what is your contact details. I will wait for your reply and act accordingly. I agree that a rejection is probably best. If that is to be the case then I will dispatch some skilled nights to deliver the message to bully and then chop their heads off upon arrival.
Rarely in my life I meet people that lies as much as you do. I really like the part where you blame us for your engage at Fire and Blood. They recruited members in your area, and you instantly went to war against them. I don't blame you for going to war against a tribe that recruited in your area, but I blame you for blaming me. You even sent (10?) trains at Lain, x-member of the Fire and Blood, which failed big time.

"We shall force you out or die in a glorious crash of spears and axes."
So far you have done nothing but force internal on over 20 members to feed the core of the tribe. I did really not see this backstab come, as we let you take control of K46, and kept you in peace. You have been growing there without any threat, recruting whatever comes your way. If the player was bad, you kicked them, and nobled them.

You blame us for using PP, yeah some of us have. But maybe you should look yourself in the mirror aswell? I know multiply accounts in your tribe that has used more PP then I have. What is worst, basing your whole start up on force internals, or use the game mechanics as they have become? You have not done anything mentionable on the battlefield so far.

And as the fruit goes more rotten, the leaders of this tribe, hand picked 7 (originally 8 but 1 was suddenly not as important) players which all along was going to be BiP players. The seven players only purpouse of this tribe was to gain free food to grow. You alredy listed the following players for me, so I am not going to repeat it. I have under our cooperation been avable for you day and night, always been there for you. We have been voice chatting for over 100 hours, talking and planing. Our shared goal was simple and all the listed players knew what the plan was from the early beginning until the end.

You could argue and say you changed plans over the course, but how does this affect positive, on the previous action towards over 20 players, that put their trust in your leadership. How can any tribe put their trust in a cooperation with you?

You backstabbed us in a blink of an eye. It took you less then half an hour since our last agreement to decide, that you would backstab your friends, and the tribe you have been cooperating with for a very long time.

It wasn't enough to just go to war against us, you had to contact Dispatch, STAR, C9, Fal, Stand and FnB (FnB 2), and spread lies about how the breakup was and try to get them all to war against us. Even your own diplomat (and all the members) was lied to. Guess it makes it easier to spread lies to other tribes. Don't come here and act all war heroes.

Our 48 hour agreement for peace if one of the parties decide to withdraw from the allianse goes out at 06:30 ST the 17 november, but I don't really expect you to keep that promise either.

As KingRagnar said to me many times: "It takes time to really know who a guy is." I guess you at least was right about that.

May your villages burn to the ground.

The true king,
King Banana.


So far you have done nothing but force internal on over 20 members to feed the core of the tribe. I did really not see this backstab come, as we let you take control of K46, and kept you in peace. You have been growing there without any threat, recruting whatever comes your way. If the player was bad, you kicked them, and nobled them.
By my count it's 20 exactly so far, though I haven't included inactive accounts or folk who joined another tribe. But that's still 19% of members who've ever joined 2HARD, have been nobled by 2HARD. If I were them I'd be more worried by Ragnar and the others than by BiP! :D

But I instinctively root for the underdog, so good luck to both sides.
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I am rooting for BIP :O Show them they can't start a gang bang with C9 and FAL and get away with it :)
Good information you have there. Did you miss the part we're c9 merge into BiP? And have over a 100 hours call time on Skype? :O


Ahhhh mr 'King' Banana this sounds like fighting talk. let's take it to the battlefield and we shall exchange slaps of the leather glove. I know it upsets you to be called out however by writing very long paragraphs won't stop people reading the top side. Good effort old chap however the time is now. It's time to duel, bring your swords and pistols. We shall meet at dawn


However on a totally serious note, C9 and bip are allies and fredrik (king banana) has been trying to convince them to merge. Hopefully Bill does not taste the poisened fruit there.
But excuse my French, however Bip have been shitting on 2Hard since the start of the world. Treating us like almost an academy? (Which we never were), we were allied with a border agreement which was never kept to, when we went to war with fnb bip then nap'd (could be full ally by now) our enemies in order to 'gain information for our benefit', however this was rubbish.
A) they never brought any info
B) they would have been much more use helping in the war effort.

Bip have some good guys. Some really nice players and friendly people. However us in 2Hard are fed up with the way fredrik (king banana) has attempted to treat us and the lack of respect shown.

It may mean the end of 2Hard, it may mean the end of bip. However we're not standing by silently anymore whilst king banana is in charge of bip.

King Silva

A 2hard gorilla does not budge by a banana thrown at it by a bip monkey :p