What do Turltes and Dinosaurs have in Common?

Discussion in 'World 61' started by TrueGrave, Apr 13, 2012.

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  1. TrueGrave

    TrueGrave Guest

    With East having their hands so full trying to take on Rawr with their allies XX, I thought I would put my hand to writing this post.

    I'm not the quietest persona on the forums when it comes to East, so much so that I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Kung...Fu...Master has it out for me.

    Personally I've had a lot of fun trolling East since they declared on Rawr, a compact 8 man tribe of exRhino players loyal to each other above all else and in the threat of being wiped from the world said a resounding NO.

    East are now in the process of attempting to fulfill their promise and push into K65 by eliminating Rawr and recruiting the Wet? players who went running from Censor.
    Little do East know:

    They fail to see how closely related Turtle and Dinosaur are.

    I hear whispers in the waves that east are mobilizing tribes they have no diplomacy with in preparation.
    Rawr stand 1/10th the size of East, the odds need evening out.
    The Turtles are also 1/10th the size of East.

    I bet you are just itching for a fight with another small tribe, for the glory of the Empire. Luckily for you another small tribe is itching for a fight with East
    I can't wait to see who joins your side in this war. Can't have two 1.5 mil tribes fighting you, East wouldn't stand a chance :O

    So to remove all embarrassment from East declaring on another small tribe.

    For Death, For Glory.
    The Tribe SS.GOT Declares on the Tribe East.
    I wish East the best of luck now that they must face this mighty powerhouse!

    True, The Turtle King
  2. Krazdone.

    Krazdone. Guest

    Dude, i love you.
  3. HallieMarie

    HallieMarie Guest

    I love him more!! <3
  4. Why even waste your time making this PnP?

    1. It was lacking greatly
    2. You guys(Tribe) are just as irrelevant as the PnP made by East to noble out the 8 man tribe

    Hunger for attention pshhh Save your time next time

    PS its Spelled *TURTLES*
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  5. blakey2782

    blakey2782 Still Going Strong

    Mar 15, 2011
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    umad bro?

    P.S. Put a period after "pshhh" if your gonna grammar nazi like me. :)
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  6. Krazdone.

    Krazdone. Guest

    It was better than anything that came out of East. Quit complaining noob.
  7. TrueGrave

    TrueGrave Guest

    We have fun. I thought that's what games are for, having fun :icon_cry: Sorry I got it so wrong :icon_sad:

    So moving on from my frantic, quivering pile of neurotic mess you have left me in with your all encompassing, destructive flame...who are you?
  8. themaccabees

    themaccabees Guest

    heavy boissss
  9. -=Marvel=-

    -=Marvel=- Guest

    Good luck SS GOT :)
  10. East is doomed :O
  11. HallieMarie

    HallieMarie Guest

    Dang, the one line I wrote.. mispelled :lol:

    Also, how do you determine relevance? There are many reasons that this could prove to be a helpful post. Perhaps this will be a interesting piece when looking back after the SS.GOT Turtles have become a major world tribe and people will be like.. hey, remember when they were small and declared on that big tribe.. Or possibly, another tribe on this world could see this PnP, realize that East is battling in the south, even if it's more of an annoyance than a threat, some defense will be shifted so a tribe on another front may take advantage of this information and attack East as well. Plus, the board is a bit slow so any entertainment is welcome. And generally things concerning the #2 tribe are spotlighted, even if it's considered "minor."
  12. Hama215

    Hama215 Guest

    Well aslong as it's in W61, it's highly relevant. :icon_wink:
  13. I always new you and rawr! were allies

    Now this 2 on 1 will be fun
  14. -=Marvel=-

    -=Marvel=- Guest

    I REALLY like how you're trying to suggest that it's shocking that two tribes would fight you. I think you might have forgotten how big they are...

  15. They have been helping rawr! since the start so i was expecting this war already.
  16. bgark07

    bgark07 Well-Known Member

    Apr 8, 2012
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    i think you mean 2 on 2

    you seem to have forgotten about XX
  17. TrueGrave

    TrueGrave Guest

    Since the start of what exactly? :icon_rolleyes:
  18. We have no diplomacy with the other 2 tribes thats a fact and i dont know where you are hearing otherwise.
  19. TrueGrave

    TrueGrave Guest

    They must feel so loved :icon_rolleyes:
  20. Thank You!

    So what do you guys expect an applaud for committing suicide?