what do you Legends get upto these days?


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I still to this day login and have a casual go at a world. I'm no legend, but I was young when I first started. 12 I think, I'm 26 now lol. I read Lord Congo's post above and it really hit home. The passion, and adrenaline I experienced from playing this game in this world with all the people. It will never be replicated. To anyone that played with or against "Lord Yukimura" in the past. Thank you. It was a true pleasure.

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I have dabbled in a few other worlds. won 3 or 4 more along the way. Havent played properly since w77. giving the new classic world a go just to see what ive missed. I sorely miss the w2 days. Good or bad it was always fun. Negotiating back then. Now its just a free for all and spies ruin the game. no loyalty and giving your word doesnt mean anything anymore on these newer worlds.
Couldn't say it better.