what do you Legends get upto these days?


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I still to this day login and have a casual go at a world. I'm no legend, but I was young when I first started. 12 I think, I'm 26 now lol. I read Lord Congo's post above and it really hit home. The passion, and adrenaline I experienced from playing this game in this world with all the people. It will never be replicated. To anyone that played with or against "Lord Yukimura" in the past. Thank you. It was a true pleasure.

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I have dabbled in a few other worlds. won 3 or 4 more along the way. Havent played properly since w77. giving the new classic world a go just to see what ive missed. I sorely miss the w2 days. Good or bad it was always fun. Negotiating back then. Now its just a free for all and spies ruin the game. no loyalty and giving your word doesnt mean anything anymore on these newer worlds.
Couldn't say it better.


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Anyone have a way to get in touch with hooch? Apparently I lost her email and skype info throughout the years.

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Hello everyone, first time I have commented on the TW forums in over 10 years. Every now and again though TW still crosses my mind and the great people who I spent years of my life talking too and playing with. I would hope at some point you all will read this message and maybe get in touch for a catch up.

My email address is Marlow0701@outlook.com. People in particular I hope send me an email is hooch, Cameron182, Steve34cks, F31RNY, and Mivi (don't think it was original owner though).

If I don't hear from anyone, hopefully my old tribe leaders will accept my apologies for being quite an awkward person to work with as my 32 tribe changes back that up, haha. I was a typical stroppy teenager being around 15/16 during the middle of my TW life, but I was also very determined too which didn't also mix well. But I'd like to thank hooch in particular but steve34cks as well for putting up with it also. Hopefully I was worth the headache from time to time haha. I got some great memories playing with you guys. I really hope to have a catch up at some point.


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Taking a wack at W128, first run in TW since Oh I think W53...Just got my second village. This was my first world, had a lot of fun here with Saints L and Mountain Maniac.