What's going on in this world?

Discussion in 'World 2' started by johnnyBuz, May 1, 2012.

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  1. johnnyBuz

    johnnyBuz Guest

    I think I stopped playing this world back in 2010? I couldn't imagine going on like this for 4-6 years at a time. What tribes are still around? Any original members from when the world first started? Is that Jirki guy still eating friendly villages?
  2. F31RNY

    F31RNY Guest

    MPX/HOT/SPQR = DF which are beating the make up of TW/EleAud/Aten = EG in the biggest war of the world. and yes jirki hordes the inactives and barbs ;)
  3. PalMall

    PalMall Guest

    F31RNY this isn't the biggest war this its just a fight , can't coll big with 50 payers just becose they have tons of villages ...
  4. krishak

    krishak Active Member

    Jun 13, 2007
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    Why not?
  5. PalMall

    PalMall Guest

    cas there have been some super huge wars a few years back (and those have been the BIG wars...)
    with like 20 tribes involves in it , alliances , backstabbers , spy's , skilled players ... and so on ... remember > TWW-I and II (tuba and FTR wars //) I don't wanna say that this isn't big cas it's the last war this world will see and should be important but I don't think it can compare with the ones I mentioned .....
  6. johnnyBuz

    johnnyBuz Guest

    PalMall how've you been? Are you playing on any other worlds?

    I'm considering playing again for a few months.
  7. PalMall

    PalMall Guest

    :D Sorry late repay (very late replay) I was wanting to play a bit till Diablo III got on >:)) maby will join if anyone has an account for me , a 100k or 200k :))))
  8. XanderZane

    XanderZane Still Going Strong

    Jul 18, 2006
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    This says it all.

  9. skyline

    skyline Non-stop Poster

    Jul 24, 2006
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    wow can't believe this is still going. I was in Aten 6 years ago