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Discussion in 'World 46' started by cazcappy, Dec 27, 2010.

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  1. cazcappy

    cazcappy Guest

    saw this in the forum of another world I play and found it interesting. So the question is: If World 46 started over and you could ally yourself with 10 people of your choice who would they be? I guess I can start. You can give reasons to why you chose someone but tis not required.

    In a not particular order, this is my list based on people i've played with and seen talk in the forums:

    1.Maleboxmike (Baron)
    2. Savaris (Baron)
    3. Kidicarus1 (Defense and support coordinator)
    4. Fireyflame (chief attack coordinator)
    5. -Syruss- (Baron) also in charge of tribe profile and pic
    6. Stez (Diplomat/Recruitor)
    7. Ampatriot (Central Intelligence Officer)
    8. Z Grade (Forum Mod)
    9. Qtip Callahan (Forum Mod)
    10. Dazrield (Assistant in charge of Diplomacy/Recruitment)

    again this is just my list. But i'd like to see people come up with their own so enjoy this , have fun, and try not to flame.
  2. Dmoron

    Dmoron Guest

    All the ranks of TSL right now. I couldn't ask for anyone better, because there is nobody better
  3. chachiINcharge

    chachiINcharge Contributing Poster

    Jan 9, 2010
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    my list is obvious to ANYONE who knows me of course!!!

    1. firey
    2. CIMM
    3. .... no one else has "cajones" duh
    10. did I mention firey and cimm????? :icon_twisted::icon_twisted::icon_twisted:

    for those really wondering:
    [spoil]as usual, no particular order
    1. meph
    2. opty
    3. stez
    4. lucid
    5. original swordy
    6. itchy
    7. DJ
    8. the pawjew
    9. KC
    10. paulbohs

    granted, most of these people I have befriended early into the game, but little has changed about who I would have by my side... [/spoil]
  4. opteron180

    opteron180 Guest

    thats why you loose.........always :)......
  5. martinl

    martinl Guest

    me i would choose skill,

    1.All of my current skill tribe mates but chachi :p
    2.skill (no chachi)
    3.All of skill except for chachi
    4.skill -chachi = perfect tribe
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  6. ok here goes

    1. Chachi (He is a pain in the Ass but his funny pictures means i have to take him..lol)
    2. Sir lucid (A solid all round player)
    3. Fireyflame (Yes he is annoying but he does have alot of knowledge and skills)
    4. opteron180 (very strong leader and player)
    5. open mind (Another Great player and leader)
    6. Stez (When active he is a great asset)
    7. Szirius (One of the best 3DX had and now doing a great job across at TSB)
    8. Itchynakas (Well every tribe needs a drunken monkey) Oh yer he got some skills aswell)
    9. Maleboxmike (seems to be doing a good job in SnM and is a strong player)
    10. -=Mephisto=- (Couldnt forget this player :) )

    There is my Top 10 i would have with me and feel would be a strong line up. :)
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  7. fireyflame

    fireyflame Guest

    top 10 ey

    of the players i have fought, albeit from inside sits, i would have to say lucid and szirius are the two who can do what i prefer to be able to do - offensive wise.

    plenty from inside ANARKY - some who came with skills from before and some who have learned them - i would make a list but it probably would involve three quarters the tribe or more - in fact right now i wouldnt change a thing to be honest - our synergy is lovely to behold

    have to grab a few from TSL - opty, ony, open mind - the three O's - probably more but i dont know them well enough

    from Skill? other than lucid i would say i like snet and darksky for their attacks, both are dangerous. chachi of course because even though we argue a lot i still like his style and mephisto because she is nice and im sure with time will become an excellent player. some of the ex BOA players who i have to keep nameless for now as well - one of whom i really like and one i am liking more and more as we get to know one another. also itchy coz ive heard about his skills and we always need two drunken monkeys and we only have one at present (well two but the other one isnt evident except when we are told or when the spelling goes to the crapper :)

    from those i know well enough in SnM - sav, mike and mirnov
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  8. opteron180

    opteron180 Guest

    we have planty of good players in TSL , i think i will have to exclude myself from that list ... I just was pretty active almoust every day...thats why i am nr5 rank.. We have a lot of good players, i will nominante just a few ...open ,ony,jabba the hutt,vndhl,joynbooks,distroterego, ressurection , sorin etc etc....
  9. Z Grade

    Z Grade Guest

    The old REBZ minus a few people.
    + a few people from TSL. Maybe opty, but then I wouldn't get to fight him again :lol:
  10. The Resurrection

    The Resurrection Non-stop Poster

    Aug 28, 2009
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    I would go with Ragephizit, Opty, Open, Ony, Hillow2, mephisto, golum, david chang, Chachi, and Firey
  11. army size

    army size Still Going Strong

    Dec 10, 2010
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    normus, mikeroland123, bulldogbryan, fireyflame, mephisto, panzeric, kaktuskilr, terminator99, thegrinreefer, begotten soul
  12. cperry4

    cperry4 Guest

    I can only choose 10?! Sheesh... Seems like everyone obvious has already been chosen. Hmm... Maybe some lesser known people are in order for this list.

    1. MasterCode33 - Learned all I know about defending from him.
    2. supergirl22108 - Love her passion. Been through some awful tribes but still standing.
    3. FurryBeaver - Been watching him grow just over the fence since the beginning. Plus he seems to be an OSU fan. Can't go wrong there.
    4. christopher a - Knows his stuff. Had some quality chats with him in the past as well.
    5. Why T - One of the few voices of reason from the old Blood/LFOD bomb on either side.

    Now for the obvious list...

    6. fireyflame - I like the confidence on the forums. Sometimes a little over-confident. But still a very good player.
    7. -Syruss- - Generally very level headed on the forums, good player in game.
    8. opteron - Used to really dislike him, but have watched him more and I love his swagger.
    9. chachi - No one has better declarations or just general images.
    10. MasterChriss - He's the only one THAT I'VE SEEN from "the horde" who sends a proper train.
  13. distortedego

    distortedego Still Going Strong

    Apr 9, 2008
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    So many too choose...

    1. Gladiatorialxxx
    2. Eiknx
    3. Potpot
    4. Gabella
    5. Mephisto
    6. Cessro45
    7. Noob911
    8. Szirius
    9. Pawprints2004
    10. Zaria

    I like femme fatales as tribemates... and maybe I can call the tribe SnM :icon_twisted:
  14. tritos777

    tritos777 Guest

    speaking from what i have tested..i would like

    Sir Lucid and

    with my side

    I keep the other 8 places for my tribemates..
    i don't write names because they are more than eight those that i would like to mention here.
  15. LarryIV

    LarryIV Guest

    I would only need a few to keep the forums lively and me entertained. :lol:

    1. Fireyflame
    2. Cimm
    3. Martinl
    4. Chachi
    5. Dmoron
    6. Sylbestros-GR
    7. -Syruss-
    8. Shadow (Wait can he be resurrected?)
    9. Savaris
    10. maleboxmike
  16. cimmarian

    cimmarian Non-stop Poster

    Jan 20, 2009
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    firey and only members from my tribe. second choice me x 10
  17. Slient.Assassin

    Slient.Assassin Non-stop Poster

    Oct 4, 2010
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    Well I don't know if I can take people from the past But i might as well.

    1. Cobra Unit
    2. Ken1028
    3. Joynbooks
    4. Szirius <3
    5. wildthangx
    6. Hilow2
    7. Distortedego
    8. GhostofJarvik
    9. Sir Lucid
    10. tinneke
  18. I actually got some Nominations :)

    1) Ragephizit - Rebz to TSL and then to co-playing each other. Wicked player Great friend.
    2) Sir Lucid - Lucid is a beast of a player, always chilled and always has time for other players!
    3) Hilow2 - From Rebz days, really nice guy and I'd hate to be op'ed by him.
    4) Timurlan - Another Rebz guy!
    5) MartinL - Funniest noob I've ever met, love him to bits!
    6) Marcus The Mad - Great friend and a good co-player.
    7) Smintie - Despite being enemies we've always had good chats, even when we're attacking eachother!
    8) Skill? Dukes - Great at rallying the tribe towards a common goal and they do it in a very friendly but firm way!
    9) Any/all Rebz k23 players I missed out. Ressurection? Earth wurmz ect.
  19. martinl

    martinl Guest

    1.Tink (-=mephisto-=) simply the best person your ever likely to meet in tw and a very decent player to go with it <3
    2.Sir lucid epic simple
    3.Clara (thegrinreefer) amazing person and an amazing player ain't made me a cuppa for a while tho :(
    4.ghostofjavik (david chang) straight up guy short fuse too kinda like myself and has got skillz p.s just not as good as mine :icon_wink:
    5.chachi oh lord
    6.tango162 very good tactical player had many fun times playing my account with him
    7.smintie good aggressive player and her od says alot and quite nice to speak to although a bit boring sometimes :p shes 65 she cant help it :D
    8.davej my bro kinda biased lol
    9.darksky epic guys well chris kinda sucks :)
    10.thebanker aggressive to say the least
  20. mantoo007

    mantoo007 Non-stop Poster

    May 5, 2010
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    @martinl : smintie is only 21 i think.... she is sweet

    ok my 10

    1. Open Mind (Duke)
    2. Chachi-in-charge (Intelligence Officer + Baron)
    3. Fireyflame (War Lord)
    4. Clara
    5. Smintie
    6. thebanker
    7. distorted ego
    8. ampatriot (forum representative)
    9. sylb (yes, he is a hot head, but sometimes u need someone to get a war)
    10. dmoron