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Discussion in 'World 46' started by cazcappy, Dec 27, 2010.

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  1. Nice to see my name up there a few times and was an honor to fight along side some of you. I beleive the skill merge with anarky was the downfall but hey ho we learn by our mistakes..

    some great players on this world.

    Gollum (syruss) Use to enjoy planning ops with this guy as always had some great ideas.
    sir_lucid great guy and great freind shame he was one of the mass deleters, but we use to smash pretty much everything up in our small k ops. could snipe pretty much anything multiple times..:icon_eek:
    chachi just for the forum laughter..:lol:
    itchynakas we got on great and ive also saved his arse a few times while sitting him with god knows how many incoming trains we worked well as a team.. altho he was pretty drunk everyday..lol
    Tink (meph) She was hard work to start with but learnt stuff pretty quick.:icon_razz:

    Ive probably missed loads of people as its been a while but there the ones that stick in my head..lol

    Also gotta give some respect to TSL altho there attacks were not the best and fairly easy to defend they work extremely well as a tribe and use brute force to smash stacks on frontlines with precise landing times.. great leadership and im sure would do well on most worlds..
  2. Dmoron

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    Of course it was. That'd be like Japan and the USA becoming allies during WWII, after Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, just to take out Germany. I'm pretty sure everyone in TSL and many in Candy/Twist knew from the get-go that your tribe would fail to merge without many losses. Just so happens you guys lost your most valuables in quite a short time.

    Good game, was fun fighting you all when this world was active.
  3. Well we had TSL to the west and anarky to the east... we was stuck in the middle so had to do something and altho TSL are fairly honest we had to worry about fighting on both fronts if TSL decided cos our defence was on anarky war front they would surprise attack us.. We had a tough decision. lol
  4. Dmoron

    Dmoron Guest

    We were allies, and we offered our support in ridding Anarky off this world. I understand WHY your tribe did what it did, but it was no better option than hoping for an even 1v1 vs TSL. The way you guys did it ended up making you look desperate and just lowered the value of Skill.