World 33 ...


Well the forums are dead atleast. Need more arguments haha!


I'm bored from the lack of good enemies ???

But I get the type of bored you are suffering from, the losing kind :p

*Thinks of an argument starter*

>>> Hmm, that last line should suffice :)

Acid Burn247

Tends to happen when you only war on those barbs...... They are a braindead bunch , never reacts to your customary taunting mails etc. etc. etc.

Not so nice to suddenly have 100`s of buildings to build each day and feed resources hey ?

richard 2610

all i am saying sailAnAsIsihT is that there about 30 - 40 playing players ready just to quit this game altogether. If we could get this implemented as quick as possible then they would stay and play the new world and the game tribal wars would continue receiving our money to pay for there costs ... i am not trying to be rude or anything like that i just want to keep my good friends in the game. tribal wars would probably like to keep the players aswell...


What a bunch of noobs. You want to quit after you start losing a war.

A 300million tribe LOL

Your first proper war you have not had the upper hand in and your throwing the towel in .

You do not deserve to win this world or any world with an attitude like that.

PLease tell me what world you are joining. I wouldnt mind joining there and starting this all over again...

Greatly honorable to abandon your tribemates. 30-40 players in a 90 player tribe. This speaks volumes in itself

@qoos, richard, ddr
this has nothing to do with losing the world, and everything to do with having no fun in a world where barb nobling is the ultimate technique to winning. If you think you are winning because you have the better players, then I am very happy that you are able to convince yourself with that. you have 61k villas vs our 38k and you have 140 players vs our 90, which means your barb nobling capacity is much higher than ours.

There's just no point in playing a world with 33's settings, it's boring. w33 is closer to being simcity than tribal wars. If you like it, keep playing it long after we're gone :icon_rolleyes:

back on topic,
I love cliff's idea! why not give it a try? I think it wld be very popular, a world where you're in range with every other player or at least almost in range with every other player, sounds exciting!

Yes you normally do have less villages when my account alone has nobled over 500 villages from your tribe hrgos hmmm.

Poor Leadership thinking you had this world won has left you in the predicament you are in now. I know , that when this war started Legion V Hawks. Legion have always had the more villages and points. Annoying everyother tribe.

Would you be here if Detox had not left for hawks?

Would you be here if you had convinced E=mc2 to join you ?

Would you be here if you convinced TW to join you ?

Of the top 5 tribes excluding hawks and LEgion you disillusioned and frustrated them all.

Hence why they decided to help hawks against you...

Then the leaderships plan after what I thought was one of the best ops I had seen to date (your christmas op) (including the baeze op). You decide to all barb noble. As if nobling barbs would help you win this world when we have players nobling your villages left right and center. Nobling the barbs is the easy part then the months of building them up etc.

Please tell me what world you join. I would like to join there . I would join with you but as I know that tribe would fail if the same philosophy of deleting when your losing by a bit will help you . Just shows you guys have no backbone.

Secondly , a smaller world could last just as long as one of the big worlds especially if it had these two tribes. What makes you think it wont take as long ?

Finally you guys arnt even on 80 conquers after a month of this war. hmmmmm. Enough said in itself.
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why u having a go at me mate ... i didnt start a argument with you or anyone else for that matter ... so if we quit the you just going to sit on here and bag the hell out of me cause of our decision is we dont find the world anymore fun ... real mature ... keep me out of your petty arguments please

richard 2610

Well dont make up rubbish.

You dont like this world because you are losing . That means you are a sore loser.

You cannot say you are deleting because of anything else.

I challenge you to do something about it. Legion are nothing . Even TW are better than you now. Much more determined.

I seen LKJ players I have rimmed restart and rebuild because they are determined . lol

Also Noice operation on me. 19million ODD and 1 loss that was recapped by a player around 2million points so 9times smaller than me. GOt more balls than the rest of you


mate i am not here to argue with you ... run your mouth off all you want ... but lets just say the op on you wasnt really to capture your villages but to just destroy anything and everything we could ... and thats the sole truth ... if u dont believe me then your sad is all i can say ... i want a smaller world that is all, i am bored of this world and nothing u can say will change my mind ... i dont care wat u think and if u dont like it i dont care

richard 2610

Am not arguing with you.

I am stating the obvious truth. The reason you are bored is because you are losing.

Yes I gathered that after a few k of catanukes but then hey I receive a bunch of incoming trains . Stares violently at wesgan ;) who did his job and I respect him for that

I only came here because I see inaccuracies with what some people wrote on that other thread.

I don't want our tribe too be seen as weak and that by you lot quitting, you are the winners because thats laughable.

There's no honor for quitters just worse than the losers. If you are going to delete because you have lost I am fine with that. Because in essence that is the truth.

Like I said in the thread , your idea is good however worlds could last just as long. I am happy to play with or against you because this world seems a good idea, however they will most likely put it on the High performance server. First time round anyway...


lol richard, have there been any new ops on hawks since christmas? nop, that's cause everybody is bored of this world ... I've been playing another world for 3 months now, gotta say, haven't had that much fun in a long time ... why spend time on a world that is boring as hell, where the top players grow bigger and bigger and munch on a few hundred barbs a day ... they can noble the number of villas I have in total, in 1 day ... I don't want to grow 1k barbs ... why would I play this world? spending time on another world, means actually having fun for the time I put in the game ...

as for detox's betrayal of legion, yeah it affected the course of things alot, might have made things a bit more even, but w33 wld still be a boring world ... nothing cld change that.

and I'd love to play with or against you in any world :)


well mate i said i am quitting cause i am bored a few others are quitting cause they feel the same way ... i know a few that arent coming back to this game ever ... and i never said anything about you guys not winning or cause we are deleting will take anything away from your win to make it any less

richard 2610

how long have the folks playing on the first worlds been playing? I've been here for 2 (maybe 3) years, i've lost track. i started on W29. if i am correct, only 1 world has ever been closed/finished?

whatever our decisions on W33, it has nothing to do with winning or losing. it has to do with real life. we all love this game and our tribe/tribemates. it is the only reason some haven't quit already.

If they noble barbs from the start of this year instead of focusing on the enemy...

that's funny, the only reason that LEGION went into a barb frenzy was because someone else's barb count was more than double ours.

i agree with cliff, we need a change.
Apart from my noble flurry around a month back I have nobled more off the enemy than I have nobled barbs. hmmm

If you mean hawks and Legion , Hawks have nobled less barbs than Legion this has already been shown by hrgos.

Just replying to this here.

I dont want to spam your other thread cliff because I am in support of the idea

@ Cliff that is fine then. When I have players mouth off to me that quitting means we lose I do not understand that since they are the ones quitting. hmmm..

I feel sorry for the tribemates you are leaving to the mercy of hawks....

@Hrgos. I would consider mine an op ;). That really sparked some fun into my day sniping and stacking and it made me work hard very hard.

It seemed to be the big push just before you gave up though seeing it wasnt successful when in fact it was pretty successful...

I wouldnt call Detox leaving LEgion a betrayal. We were betrayed by half that tribe a few months before that.

Yes the game does get boring when you sit there munching barbs and having no frontline :p


As long as you're not using hectic RL, boredom, length of game or style of play as an out. Both sides have endured these conditions. Just as in the beginning of any war, if a player/s delete it is counted as a loss to their side and a gain to the opposing side. So it will be now if that way out is chosen by some. Those who remain and complete the conquest will be legitimate winners who have fought and persevered to achieve their win.

Many of us are tired and that is one more hurdle in winning a world. I don't see it as cowardly or any such thing if a side chooses to leave. It is a reasonable course of action when the outcome is beginning to look assured. I only object if it is then said that the win is meaningless.


never said the win is meaningless again i am not saying that


noone is saying the win is meaningless, a win is a win, no matter what. the reason I said what I said was bcz legion players were called cowards (among other stuff).

@richard, where have I been nobling barbs exactly o_O, as for the frontline thing, attacking from 8 days away, leaves me a bit at a disadvantage when trying to gain non-barb villas on the front, unfortunately. I did get to come to the front a bit though ^_^

besides, this is a perfect opportunity to fulfill your challenge from a while back :D
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richard 2610

Yh. Shamefully Il have too look up your villages . Noble one and declare myself the victor. First I gotta eat through a few Ks to get the distance to be able to reach you :d

Not you barb nobling , I meant your tribe as a while . :)

Yh I am getting the feeling of attacking from far away now K65 is not too much of my frontline :L


I meant starting on a new world and fulfilling the challenge :icon_razz:

richard 2610

oh lol .

One day..

3 worlds is enough for now.

Even if two are dead


I love how people make assumptions and consider their thoughts gospel without any consideration to what the other person is actually saying. :icon_rolleyes:

Anyway, no matter what I may have been feeling or contemplating up to now, Richard has reminded me of why I will never 'quit' this world. Even if the whole of LEGION mass delete, I will still log in every day just to make sure that the account doesn't go barb so that every last villa has to be nobled for victory.
I've already invested 2 years of my life so why not.

As for the new world start up comment Richard, you can't really talk considering you had it all handed to you on a plate on this world can you?!?! When is the last time you actually started up on a world? Correction, have you ever started up on a world?


you know you don't have to log in every could just drop in once a week... :icon_wink:

I have to agree with some of the statements made by richard. When you're winning a game it is almost always fun and when you are losing a game it is almost always not fun. To quit a game (and I'm not saying any of you guys are going to, although a guy can wish :icon_razz:) because you are losing and then have the audacity to say it's because the game settings aren't fair...barb nobling is the only way how to win...etc...etc. is just plain poor sportsmanship.

what about months before when you we're might or might not have been bored then, but you stuck around because you we're winning. It really shows poor character when things turn south you turn around and head for the hills. The true character of a person comes out not when everything is smooth sailing but when adversity strikes and it strikes hard.

hopefully you guys do stick around instead of scape goating out. Otherwise I just might have to go rogue :icon_twisted: