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Discussion in 'World 33' started by cliffordreddog, Feb 27, 2011.

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    Win or loose, a number of our core members have been on the fence for a while. I don't know about you but when one plays a game like this for 2 years (starting from day one) and the end seems to be so far off in the horizon, it's only a matter of time until you feel jaded.
    The main reason why our core group is still in tact is our friendship, nothing else.
    If it weren't for our friends, a lot of us would have quit by now as so many have over the years..

    I can't understand why this is so hard to digest. Win or loose, our friendships will outlast it all. The point is, does the game determine our friendships or merely a task which we undertake out of obligation not wanting to let our friends down?

    Whichever way it is, I've made my stance clear. I'm going to keep my account alive for as long as it takes. Whether my friends quit or not, I know that I'll be in touch with them and that they will continue to be part of my life outside TW. Victory isn't going to come easy for any tribe on W33.

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    To stop any further arguing :p

    1. @Reddog - Once again, you guys (whoever you were speaking about) are quitting because you are losing ... Nothing more, nothing less.
    2. @hrgos - Your, "All you have to do is noble 1k barbs to win" argument is fail, because you guys are losing :lol:
    3. @ridehardorstayhome - Same ^ + I think 4 worlds have closed + If you don't have time for such a slow/boring world, you are going to fail on a faster one.
    4. @PZA - From the bottom of our hearts at Hawks+TW, we were seriously sad when we heard cliff talk about the quitting ... But thank you for letting us know you wont, just wont be the same without you watching your building of mud fall to the ground :)

    @Your whole Legion argument of world 33 taking too much of your time and getting boring, FAIL FAIL FAIL! How do you think a faster world will be? Uh duh .. FAIL FAIL FAIL. You're bored??? Maybe it has something to do with the major epic losses you are currently suffering?? I dare you to continue with your lame excuses, go ahead...
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  3. victory doesn't come easy for any tribe on any world.

    and by all means the reason why we continue to play is due to the people around us. I'm pretty sure I can safely say that we all have joined and quit numerous worlds based simply on the fact on who joined and who quit. However the fact that your friendships will out last the world was never the argument being made. Its the reason why you are quiting and I have to say that the tipping point is because you are losing.

    Just as players grow to millions of points and as soon as they get heavily attacked they get RL issues and it goes that LEGION is now quiting due to the same reason.

    RL issues always appear but when a player is not under attack the likelihood of said player actually quiting is very low and so it goes unnoticed....However as soon as an op is planned against a player and said 'RL issue' appears at the same time a lesser player will quit while a better one endures and keeps going. I personally have no envy for a tribe that holds together for a year while winning but rather one that last for a year while losing heavily. (must be that damn TDL blood in me :icon_twisted:)
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    You all talk about winning and losing, you seem to forget its not over yet.. many more cards to be played still :)

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  6. Drunk in the morning

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    touch Volcano salesman, touche
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    Good to hear you wont quit. Just the reaction I thought I would get and wanted. I'm glad very glad.

    I hope you keep to your word because this will be fun :)

    Good Good.

    Well my w26 account seems to be going strong why dont you look it up. Or even my w45.

    Owait this is the only account I didnt start up with . :lol:

    Handed to me on a plate LOL. Better go speak to Brett Golding or many of the hawks attacking that account that was 'handed to me on a plate'. I tell you now it was hard work getting that account in ship shape.

    Handed on a plate LOL . Where did you get that from ? Only players handing villages on a plate to me are from your tribe. Even the barbs put up a better fight :lol:

    I mean helping a friend out when hes in need is something a good friend does. Nice too see you(your great tribe) started internalling one of your (Key council member)friends :lol:

    First IFY, then yut yau. hmmm who next
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    I'll keep my comments short and sweet: I'm glad you're staying Pza. If others change their minds and decide to stay, all the better. If they still choose to leave, the fight was fun guys!
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    looooool there is no skill required in a startup just extreme activity it takes a good player to maintain an acct like mavs.

    oh and thankyou for staying it will make for very good fun lets all have a laugh. enjoy the nukes i know i will.

  10. yes and no...

    High activity is an absolute must in beginning world other wise you will get left behind in the dust and end up being a farm instead of establishing your own farms. but skill and experience also makes a huge difference as well. Knowing what to build and focus on depending upon the area around you, what your farms are bringing in, how reliable of a tribe you have around you, etc..etc. all must be taken into account. If not all it takes is for you to take one nap, for 2 hours, and one enemy to get a lucky clear on you (yes this was a personal experience :icon_redface:) and it's back to square one....especially if said enemy has researched cats. It's also one of the few periods where knowing how to back time, snipe, 250 ms train attack, and attack plan withing a second are all musts. The later you are in the world the less you have to worry about such technical skills and focus more on account management and upkeep.

    anyways back on topic...

    If people do quit it will just make this world end that much sooner and let us HAWKS get back to our own lives. :icon_cool:
  11. hrgos

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    liar, liar, pants on fire. you didn't start-up with your current w45 account did you? :icon_razz:
  12. yut-yau

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    Hi all,

    A lot of crap gets said by all sides on this externals forum.

    I decided to get rid of this burden that is this world( perhaps game aswell ) for a number of reasons.
    Mostly was because I started to feel that if i ever met some of you in RL that i would be violent.
    I don't like that because I know you all are good people and it was the game that makes you look like someone I would think of .... not sure what.
    I know quite a lot of people have been wishing they could quit and get on with their life, or, not be attacked and be able to continue both the game and their life.
    For me it was a matter of time that an op was started on me.
    Not sure why mav and dom waited so long to attack me on the weekends, perhaps out of some respect, or because they forgot for a while, or perhaps didn't know that from friday till monday midnight i wasn't around.
    Nobody likes sitting anymore, let alone has the time to, so it just sits there waiting to be found out and, bam.
    So, in truth, as some have been saying here, it's because i was losing, for sure. I was going to lose more too, or keep fighting a battle to make it harder, but yes, I was going down to a lot attacks which you can take credit for.

    If I was able to keep a connection and fight, who knows perhaps you could have beaten me anyway, or perhaps I would have done better, who knows.

    Truthfully, it was the hate in me towards mav and dom that made me feel like i don't want to feel that tipped me over the line and I had to work out what to do. I don't want to hate you, i remember you as friends and it was killing me. I didn't want to hand my account over to my friends and make life a misery for them, when I know they truly want to leave aswell, each time a player leaves it makes it incrementally harder for those that stay.

    I sent a mail stating how i was feeling and what i suggested that we just hit the delete together, so no-one feels the burden of the extra sits, make it easier for all to quit if that was what they wanted. Most that replied, I could sense they felt similar, and only a couple that replied, wanted to stay.

    I was feeling such hate because i spent so much time on this game that it was going to go to waste. I guess that's how everybody feels as they start to go down the gurgler.

    It also felt like I was, perhaps, going to be learning a bad life lesson, that to quit is to be a quitter, but I think that is for real things, such as never quitting on your family, or you friends or your town, or your studies, but to quit this game so you have time to devote to these things is a choice that would make life better.

    Perhaps I could have learnt time-management...I thought i was doing OK, but not good enough.

    It's late here, so not sure if i am explaining myself here very well.

    I hope that those that are wishing that they could have their life back, choose this 'out' that i have provided.
    To those that wish to stay, I hope you enjoy your time.
    The thoughts of a smaller world were started by me, perhaps as some have said, that wouldn't work, maybe you are right, we don't know yet. I thought a world of this speed but limited continents would make a game of perhaps 6 months, where a lot of effort could be put in and then a result, verses the game we have here, where if we fight hard, will still have at least two, but i think more than five years to play and still be near no result.

    Take this as a victory, you earned it. I think it's the game that has caused all the hatred between the people on this forum so think on that.

    PZA7 put so much time into getting this tribe up and running and took it from a small tribe to take on the big guns. He is a great guy and deserves some respect. Please take my word on that if you don't think that is true.

    Not sure if I have said all i wanted to say, or even if i said it clearly.
    Good luck all, I hope your lives go well, both former tribemates and enemies.
  13. Acid Burn247

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    I almost had tears in my eyes after reading yut`s post. :icon_cry: Real honest straight shooting if Ive ever seen it. Good on you mate ! (can I call you that ) , hope you enjoy real life out there but for the rest of us the hard yards are still ahead.

    You touched a few very valid points there and I commend you for your honesty.

    I`m also impressed with Pza7`s viewpoint , I share the very same one . I mean everyone on here should know that Ive been waiting for my dear old Starcraft 2 to quit this game , but after investing so much time and meeting some great people ( heck I even have a few of the buggers on my Facebook friends list ) I intend to play it through to the end. I hope that alot of Legion remains to slug it out with us in this end game times , and enjoy your accounts that youve been buidling up so vigilantly.

    >>Note the above is devoid of any of the usual jabs at Legioniares as I did not feel it is warranted at this point. (Please dont see this as Acid gone soft :lol:)
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    Legion suck and so does yut yau and i think it would be great if legion just quits now they will just be wasting time to stay. Dont worry Acid i have anger enough for both of us :D
  15. richard 2610

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    Are you saying that I have no skill :icon_wink:


    'liar, liar, pants on fire. you didn't start-up with your current w45 account did you? '

    I merged my villages into him so yes I do still consider it my account as well as his .both. Much Like me and Nick. Just because I owned Mav before him , doesnt mean its more mine than his....

    Much like the Pimpjam account in your tribe.

    He also quit around 1month after we merged, enlisted in the navy. So the burden fell upon me. We were about the same points too when we started merging. Why Did we chose his name instead of mine? It sounded better , he also had a full nuke more than me. With .5 speed world nukes were important :)

    @ Yut-Yau , you can see how much I respected you by my reply after you mailed me when the war first started. Shame noone in Legion can find sitters, i know a few I can rely on.... But yes the burden of sitting your account for weeks on end when you are barely here or not coming back is horrible , boring and makes you more likely to quit.

    Our battles between eachother were good, take it to heart that you were one of the few legion players who earned my respect so far and ended on positive stats against me. The south would already be mostly gone without you. Am sure a few other Ks too...

    As much as hating that is your personal choice, only ever been a few players I have hated for a set period of time and they usually relaxes to something alot less than hatred. You were one of the few I also knew got down f=to the south from the north and knew how hard fighting hawks south with limited bodies was. I guess you are now feeling this.

    Good Luck to you Friend

    Yes Pza7 does have my respect, as an enemy Duke and around the leading conqueror against hawks this year.
  16. waun shu

    waun shu Guest

    I also agree with Richard ^^, LEGION have been way less determined after they started to lose, they are falling further and further behind evidently.
  17. bhgaming

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    Take care yut, we'll miss you :)

    And if it's any consolation to Hawks, I'm here to stay and will fight my hardest like the rest of Legion will, and if you noble us out I'll congratulate you on a job well done with no hard feelings. As this is just a game... (something too many of us are forgetting)
  18. richard 2610

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    I will congratulate you to my friend.

    Am sure you will be here for some time unless you noble most of yuts villages and get so big we get good morale on you :D

    DDRMAAX Guest

    @YY - Don't know why you would hate me, we were good with each other when we were in Legion and barely had any communication with each other after that, except that 1 conversation and I don't think I gave you any reason to hate me for that. As for you not logging in on weekends, we didn't know that, but hell we would've taken full advantage of that (like any person with common sense would) because we know you arewere one of the few legs holding Legion up - Guess we just decided to hit you until you either gave up, or we took every single one of your villages from you, mission accomplished. GL in RL.

    <Game face> Only thing you have atm is morale, good thing for us that it will be gone soon and you are no where as near as good as YY + He isn't there to support/sit you :)

    Conquered villages
    Hawks = 837
    Legion = 94
    Difference = 743
    *Taken from the war stats page.

    I smell defeat .. mmmmm :)
  20. Man does it suck to be right sometimes...