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Discussion in 'World 43' started by harbinger297, Mar 24, 2011.

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  1. harbinger297

    harbinger297 Guest

    Art gallery/sig shop/graphics discussion for world 43.

    Mostly where we can share our graphics ideas, for World 43 specific graphics, or if you wish for help in graphics making, I'm not very good myself, but I can pass on what I know. I'd like to see more people using graphics, and am happy to teach anyone the basics that I know.

    Also doubling as a sig shop for w43 posters, if you want to request a sig (or make one) use the following format:

    Spoiler or no spoiler:
    Desired size: (if known), max non-spoilered sig size is 700X80 pixels, and max spoilered is 700X300.
    Renders or images to be included: (if desired, otherwise will be chosen by the sig maker)
    theme: (fire, ice, water, cute, dark, horror, etc etc)
    other info:

    Here's a little piece to start it off, a throwback, to the FRST Vs KKnD war, one of the most defining wars, that really shaped the future of the world.


    I'd like to see others having a go too, I think it's really fun :icon_wink:.
  2. Just so Ni know we love them really I made you all a special sig :icon_cool:

  3. I like that one, I really do lol!
  4. bobble611

    bobble611 Guest

    James, how about putting those awesome skills to good use and making me a sig. In fact, all you sig makers out there - I will give 200PP to whoever makes me the best sig
  5. harbinger297

    harbinger297 Guest

  6. bobble611

    bobble611 Guest

    That makes it too easy for you all :icon_razz:

    [SPOIL]Non-spoilered, icey FRSTy theme, text:fincky W43 FRST

    The rest is up to you to decide[/SPOIL]
  7. harbinger297

    harbinger297 Guest

  8. I was a little bored so had a go.

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  9. duhrigs

    duhrigs Guest

    Not my best work by any means, but someone might get a laugh.

  10. Now where the heck is my sig????
  11. i can haz sig?

    make it like, non spoiler, awesome, jack skellington-ness, but like, all blueish tint, y'know? umm, it should probably say something like w43 Chocolate Bear. and Frst somewhere around there. i have faith in you guys

    and as i'm sure you all know, i don't have PP... i don't think i even have an account *wonders*
  12. bobble611

    bobble611 Guest

    It certainly gave me a laugh Ryan. I'll try and make my decision over the weekend about which one to go for :icon_wink:
  13. stedan11

    stedan11 Guest

    Sig me up!

    Non-Spoiler, theme up to you.

    I love the one you did for Bob Harby.
  14. bobble611

    bobble611 Guest

    Well if James and Harb agree, I'll send them 100PP each and Harb can change the name on the one he did for me. I'll use James' and you can use Harb's. Saves me having to make a tough decision. We'll chat on skype later if you're all about
  15. [​IMG]
  16. duhrigs

    duhrigs Guest

    here is the old one i made for you nick.

  17. yeah, i really like yours ryan. and james.... i'm at least more sexy than scott
  18. harbinger297

    harbinger297 Guest

    A few new pieces I did.


    And if you want sigs, head to this shop: Pen&Ink Studios and make a request.

    Edit: 2 more:

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  19. davetheboss

    davetheboss Guest

    I had a go