World 63 - what a mess


Not mad "bro",just not much patience for children. One of my many downfalls perhaps...but at least I put my name on it. ;)




Now now children.


Ahh a ginger squirrel!

But if you're going to leak something though, atleast leak something worthwhile of everyones time, and to someone that cares. Of course everyone is going to see Fools as a threat, they're #1 with a 16 million point lead on #2. They also have 21 of the top 50 players. Everyone knows they're the ones to beat.

Also, without your IGN, the information is of no use to anyone anyway, because no one knows who to noble for being annoying on the forums :/


[10/11/2012 22:40:01] jupiter4038: GG is not a good player
[10/11/2012 22:40:08] liricie: It'll be good to get to him before FOOLS do.
[10/11/2012 22:40:16] liricie: I guess they'll jump in half way through the Op :(
[10/11/2012 22:40:56] liricie: and awesome noble record btw
[10/11/2012 22:41:18] liricie: Been destroying lots of MoM guys :D
[10/11/2012 22:41:39] jupiter4038: Fools will be an issue
[10/11/2012 22:41:54] jupiter4038: We need to be ready
[10/11/2012 22:43:55] liricie: I hope they do not attack, it'd be nice to go our seperate ways for a while. Even with the highest points per player (-Base-) I doubt we'd much of a match for their huge numbers of high ranking players. Could be wrong though. :D
[10/11/2012 22:44:43] jupiter4038: If we stay active we could hurt fools


Where to begin with this, well firstly that jupiter4038 skype name is was my bashers skype name, It was changed well before 10/11/2012........ so fail

All people are bashers in this, and was a very poor op (that he is refuring to) just me and my bashers, infact i asked for a fools member to get involved :O :O :O :O :O :O :O

Now that photobucket shot u took, i can see you did not fully erace some peoples profile............ i can guess via the size of the scribble and the few random parts of letters and symbols who is in it


Guess if some played the game TW as well as they try and play games in here.. They may even get in the top 20.. :icon_biggrin: