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Zombie Killers

Ohwait, does this mean i was actually right about mason? hahaha... ummmm.... awkward.

I still remember all the times SPAM(primarily DA) jumped to mason's defense hahahahahahahaha:lol::lol::lol:
EDIT: Anyway, respect mason. If you were going to back-stab anyone I am sooooo glad it was SPAM ;)
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it's a different mason...rob...

it's mason Rowe on extreme gladiator....u hated mason on boxing kangaroo /parisskyle ...

however that Mason /bk is a much better player and person


Oh.. erm... now i look like a bit of an idiot :/
well...if I was mason....I would say...

Nothing new for you zk...you have always looked like one...
however as its me and not mason so...

one shouldn't be judgemental...As pre conceived notions get the better of even some good one..

just my thought