XX merge into CENSOR :o?

Discussion in 'World 61' started by Tuhazzip, May 1, 2012.

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  1. heavymetal16

    heavymetal16 Guest

    (nod) would be a awesome world, be like the good old days when you just went all out and f the consequences :D
  2. llanowar

    llanowar Still Going Strong

    Jul 17, 2007
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    Would be great, but I'm going to rain on the parade a bit.

    You know there would still be allies...it just would be informal alliances made through skype or friendships from a previous world.

    The Idea is phenomenal, but the implementation would be next to impossible.
  3. sir maleagant

    sir maleagant Non-stop Poster

    Nov 24, 2007
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    A memberlimit of 40 and no outside support pretty much covers that. Sure there would still be families and alliances, but whats the point if they can't support eachother? I would join a world like that for sure.
  4. Flowtech

    Flowtech Guest

    I played on a world with no outside support, it was great. Except one person tribe hopped a few times across a family to get stacks against me. Anyways, there has to be some ability to move tribes, thats part of the game, but maybe a limit on hops or a restriction on joining and leaving tribes in the same day or something. Plenty of ideas, but unlikely to come to fruition.

    EDIT: you guys are just describing world 19 lol :p
  5. TinkyWinky.

    TinkyWinky. Guest

    You should limit tribe joining to 1 or 2 so that isn't possible, no outside support would be great too. allies would only benefit for rimming others
  6. Volgstaf

    Volgstaf Guest

    When I quit this world XX was declaring on CENSOR with lots of bantering and high spirits... Now they are merging them? I won't even try to understand...
  7. Tiny.Ego

    Tiny.Ego Guest

    Haha the SE is the craziest part of this world, it's been none stop here since the start.
  8. tman93

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    Jul 11, 2008
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    That's a good idea, but the downside is I think that world would become dull fast. I don't think many players would stay on a world like that, unfortunately.
  9. Flowtech

    Flowtech Guest

    Lol youre wrong, thats how this game was back in the day. Now, 60 worlds later, people are still playing. Gotta say something about what it used to be, especially seeing as more people played when worlds were like that.
  10. tman93

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    Jul 11, 2008
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    My memory may be flawed, however I don't think when a world opened back in the old days 30000 people joined in the first week? I've joined a lot of worlds myself, and as I said, memory isn't the greatest. Didn't actually do research on the matter. :icon_wink:
  11. Flowtech

    Flowtech Guest

    No, but there werent people sitting and waiting for the world to open, nor were there people with nearly as many accounts as there are today. Ive checked the stats, there has been a steady decline in total numbers of players over the years. Joining in the first week and sticking around, your initial point, are two different things entirely. Many of the old players have quit because of the way the game has changed, while many of the new players dont stay for very long, because the game is not what it used to be, which would render your first post invalid. My memory isnt the greatest either, but regardless, there are less people actively playing now then there were 5 years ago.
  12. your all stupid tbh. why not grow on your own rather than just merging everything. Play a good game rather than taking the easy way out. Grow some
  13. bhawb

    bhawb Guest

    All that I'm going to add:

  14. Diable Jambe

    Diable Jambe Guest

    I will take that as a compliment :p

    you need a hug? (hug)

    That's how others play. and an easy way to pointwhore. ftw.
  15. Did XX merge into CENSOR?
  16. NZKr4zyK1w1

    NZKr4zyK1w1 Guest


    Wonka and East fight Rhino, Rhino dies. Split-off from Rhino, Rawr, fight East. Wonka and Fr3aks merge, form XX. Rawr merges into XX. XX fight East, East disbands and forms IMPACT. XX and Censor fight Invade, Invade disband and join Censor. XX NAP IMPACT, Rawr splits from XX, joins IMPACT, Fr3aks split from XX, forms InSan3. XX merges into Censor. IMPACT fights Censor, Censor is being decimated.

    Now, Fr3aks, Rawr and wonka merged to fight East, along with Censor. Impact is formed from East and is now hunting down XX. Rawr joins IMPACT so they are safe, XX merges into CENSOR so now CENSOR is being killed off, which leaves Fr3aks (a.k.a. InSan3) to think of what they will do.

    I know, its pretty darn complicated.
  17. Alvis88

    Alvis88 Guest


    True story, except East didn't disband, we just split.
  18. NZKr4zyK1w1

    NZKr4zyK1w1 Guest

    dammit, knew I got something wrong :(
  19. Regardless... pretty impressive run down :icon_cool:
  20. Troll Face.

    Troll Face. Guest

    Almost true.
    Fr3aks, Rawr and Wonka merged to fight East; Censor did not participate.
    Rawr joined Impact before they broke off the NAP with XX.

    It's the little things that make the difference.