You Had Your Final Warning...


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ANTZ are marching!


Thought we would have some fun with a PnP!

ANTZ marching to war vs Final1 Final2

So this story starts with a couple of name changes from Piss On Our Walls to We dont make end game :p We gave them more then just there final chance or say to be fair read below...

a bunch of diplo chats from both their dukes to our leadership..

3 days later they try this... Noble was a 1 hour 8 mins from target

ANTZ started marching

there goes one duke, war comes for the other.

ANTZ will get the final say here.


The Europe video caused me to upchuck the kitties I had for dinner.
But I liked the ant video pretty inspiring imo, working together, marching together, eating my vegetables together. etc.


Lots of haters lol, people will complain when the forum is dead then ask people not to post when it's alive :p


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2/10 PnP, the text was too boring to bother watching any of the videos, and you mention things but never showed (aka diplomacy), and to make it worse you flood with too many pictures.

Plus, those armies were pretty bad. I don't see FINAL getting away unscathed.

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Did anyone else have to put on their detective hats to figure out who this was even a declaration against? It took a solid 15 minutes of investigation in our tribe chat to work it out.
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Yeah it is bit boring PnP , and i suggest the poster to take TIPS from Nicki Minaz ...

here is war update

Side 1:
Tribes: ANTZ, ANTZ.
Side 2:
Tribes: Final, Final2

Timeframe: Forever

Total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 3
Side 2: 0
Difference: 3

Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

Side 1: 8,582
Side 2: 0
Difference: 8,582

Its Too Early to Say Anything about this war, its going to be a slow war as Noblemans are too costly.

BTW What Role Jäger is trying to play here in this war ?? Interesting to watch what next going to Happen and who the next tribe join and which side...


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Tribe: ANTZ
Points: 20.619
Villa Won: 9
Villa Lost: 1
Opp Defeated (Off): 108.102
Opp Defeated (Def): 23.723

thats excluding the 5 or 6 people they booted as we nobled :p