Your top 5 moments of W58


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And almost 3 years later i am commenting here!

Loved this world, but i relized at 10mils that it was consuming too much of my time! Too bad i couldnt be there for the finish, even though fork won, i was secretly hoping that, well knowing that honor would not last.

Always liked your mind games khite!


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I hadn't realized somebody had posted here. :/

Andrir, let me give you a quick rundown of what happened after you left: Honor changed their name a million times, they split, reformed, etc., but it was the same players. A lot of people gave up, a lot of people nobled every barb they could find (including the mighty 26-100 point barbs). Every player that Honor could find, was recruited into Honor. Honor would simply noble barbs as we would noble their larger villages, and eventually a lot of them simply deleted and/or we nobled them. Had we had another month, we would very likely have had 100% dominance.