1. Mass resource sending to tribe members

    Would it be possible to adapt the 'Request' section of the market to be able to send resources to other players from your own villages? Similar in function to how the 'Request Troops' section of the rally point is now 'Mass Support' just with resources instead of troops.
  2. bobertini

    Hiding villages in market

    Hi, I have no idea if I have submitted in this in the past or not, but I would love for a "Hide villages with not enough resources" option when selecting templates so that we can mass send resources via the request option without having to remove ticks etc.
  3. Market > Request Group Alignment

    Hello again, I am almost certain I am the only person that cares and that is ok and I will happily accept a response similar to this but nevertheless I will create this so it atleast has the chance on getting some poor souls backlog. This is on the "Request" page under the market and as you...
  4. JawJaw

    Implemented [internal] Tribe only marketplace listings

    Hey guys, Our developers are looking for feedback on the following internal improvement suggestion: It would be convenient/useful to be able to create marketplace trades that only tribe mates and potentially allies could accept/see. You can filter available marketplace trades by tribe mates...
  5. Market

    I read on a forum on the server that the market has 25k of each pp at the start of the world, is it the same for the .net server?
  6. One Last Shot...

    Tweaking market templates.

    Hello fellow tribalwars community peeps. This suggestion is to improve the usefulness of the marketplace 'templates'. In the example below, I have set a template to give exactly enough resources for 1 coin. The idea being, using 'request all' would select every village and pull the right...
  7. Dipsomaniac

    [iOS] Request all resources on apple app

    Can we please add a request all checkbox (under market then request) on the apple app?
  8. Failed Vote Market buffs

    There could be temporary buffs to increase the speed of merchant travel. Or there could be buffs to increase the amount each merchant can carry, rather than the speed. These could be ones which apply to one or all villages. Or there could be some that act like a sigil of distress, but for...
  9. Sinful Angel

    Duplicate Cancelling Market Transports From The Receiving Village

    Basically, when I mass request there are times where I screw up and the resources are incredibly disproportionate to the point that you know you're going to overflow. Or even sometimes you just do an incorrect request. At the moment we have to go to the sending village and cancel the market...
  10. Dipsomaniac

    Ability to cancel resource transports from receiving village

    I'd like the ability to cancel resource transports from the village that is receiving the resources.
  11. X Æ A-Xii

    Implemented Mass Cancel Transports

    In the command overview there is an option to mass cancel commands. I think it would be nice if there was a similar option on the transport overview.
  12. Rejected Add option to cancel transports/commands from premium account overviews

    Currently on newly sent transports/commands you can only cancel the action from the village market or rally point. I'd like the same cancelling red cross added to the premium account overview's commands and transports pages. This is so in case you accidentally request support or resources from...
  13. Rejected Ressucitate the market

    Hello I notice that in the recent TW worlds the ressource trade in the market is always locked at 1:1 ratio. I think this kills the spirit of the trade and the logic of the market because some ressources are more in demand than others. What it makes is that for example there is never any iron up...
  14. RefinedGentlemen.

    Implemented Market Change - Swap resources

    My suggestion is that when on the market, having a button to change the resource input. For example if im offering Iron and want wood. But then i want to change to offering wood and wanting iron, press a switch icon and it swaps these two values. Until now if you want to reverese your...
  15. Implemented view resources sent by tribemates

    currently in the game it does not show you the amount of resources incoming from tribemates villages, would it be possible to make it so that all incoming resources are visible from the market screen rather than just your own shipments. it seems to me to be an easy enough change as you can...
  16. NoT TreX

    Implemented Market Request All Resources Option This image is from the rally point request page. Can something be done for the request page of the market? I think I mentioned something like this before. Some feedback would be appreciated.