2 Years in Review --- Continent History


I'll do K2 history.

since she never did i will breakdown k2 briefly for everyone

I came

I saw

I brought friends

We met the people from the sun|bl family and conquared them

Spcdn civilized K2 (with help from coatsy from raw, before this current war)

MGC Origami

since she never did i will breakdown k2 briefly for everyone

I came

I saw

I brought friends

We met the people from the sun|bl family and conquared them

Spcdn civilized K2 (with help from coatsy from raw, before this current war)

I'll do it tomorrow. I've been out of tribalwars for a while. I want back in. Uh. I will write it tomorrow I only have one class.


K 55 was may be the most interesting Kontinent in the early days of W9 as most of the top tribes were located there .

First period was when DNA - a tribe located in many continents recruited alot in K 55 top players although not all of them were worth it .

The family days ( I call them )- was the next stage when 2 big families with 3-4 branches each ruled the K - one was AoD ( angels of death ) the second were their allies .

Breaking of the families - NGR started to attack the second family and handfull of players made a new tribe for the sole purpose to have more targets and better organization to fight NGR . They asked AoD to help them but the leader of it was some N00b that was located in K 43 or something like that and did not want to gt in trouble . BATZ was always a factor in this K as they were a great group of people who were playing couple previous worlds together and were growing strong .

AoD came into domination after 2 short months into the world but many players were cut off expansion room and they decided to make a new tribe with only handfull players from the family - Power! was created .
only couple days after , Power! declared on a tribe called GTSC that were close to them and till than they were napped too from the family days . BATZ were allied to this tribe and they were supporting them . I can not say if there were a winner from this fight as the world was still young and not many conquers were made but the opponent of Power! disbanded and the players were invited from the surounding tribes . I am not sure at the time but I think somewhere in this time TIP were already ruling the sountwest and GOR was made . GOR recruited many of the hightranked players in K55 but the tribe itself was located on many kontinents always recruiting the highpointers .

Somewhere at this point NGR were already close to disbanding as they were too stretched allover the world and a group of their players on K 56 joined Power! . The remainings from AoD were nobled and GOR was close to disbanding becouse fighting against RAW and this was the point when

RECK was made - a small tribe with less than 15 members but all very active and skillfull . And now the doplomacy realy began

K 55 was dominated by 3 those tribes - BATZ , Power! and in the middle of those 2 , RECK

BATZ and Power! were napped . Some internal issues rised in Power! and the players that joined from NGR left and made a small tribe on K 56 named

SunTzu - like RECK this tribe was also small in numbers but filled with skill .

Somewhere in this time RAW and Power! started attacking TIP and after 2-3 short weeks or may be a month TIP disbanded not only becouse of the war but more becouse of inactivity of the leaders .

SunTzu merged into BATZ , RECK merged into Power! who became PoweR!.

Couple days after those mergers BATZ canceled the NAP and on new years eve they started attacks on couple of PoweR! members and most of the attacks were sent to Terryoski one of the Reckless crew . Both tribes gained so much respect from each other that after that most of the coreplayers from both sides are playing side by side on many worlds to come ( W16 CND , W20 Hug , W34 IQ , W36 XVI ).
DNA and SiouX merged = DNS . SiouX were long allies to BATZ but after the merge DNS started immidiate attacks on BATZ wich players decided there is no point to stay on this world and defend against PoweR! , DNS and Eagles .
couple players joined PoweR! , couple joined DNS but the most quit and gifted villages to both sides .
K 55 was since than controled by PoweR! players .

After the disbandment of PoweR! we adviced the players to join DNS as RAW was not the same as before anymore after Hiba has quit and I think DNS controls the K still

I may add something later as I may find out couple more names and facts but for now that is short enough I think :)


This is the remains of the k62:

The Knight 33
7,51 Mio.
5,69 Mio.
3,86 Mio.
3,84 Mio.
3,58 Mio.
2,95 Mio.

We are the hystory of k62!

heya knight im glad you guys kept it together after i left, nice to see mw+z still around from the old k-57. mw+z along with myself were 2 of the 3 allowed to join DNS from order. im surprised no one has mentioned tips yet they spanned a few ks early on in the world long before any other tribe even thought about leaving their k

El Lifford

Total Conquers Last 3 Months: (Just for interests sake)

DNS ~DNS~: 24,226

»T.W« RAW : 22,741

SETO: 6,159

FC: 4,976


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I was wondering if u are the original the knight 33.
There was someone claiming to be u on ur account (though u said u wud be quitting ur account to me at certain point of time i think). Also wondering if u have contact with modalicious, brujan and tdm (i do have brujan on my yahoo but he aint on much). convey my regards to everyone. I miss them very much. And yea, kurochan aint on in yahoo either.


I would love to see the DOWNFALL history of PwN. LoL. I can still remember that tribe, our tribe. :D