A final farewell


Its been ages since I have been around. I just had to come post here though. Time has been one of my favorite tribes of all time. I was lucky to have been a part of it at its start. I can't say I remember most of what that happened. But I have to say that being in Time/Hate was an unique experience. The level of teamwork and the effort put in by the leaders and the entire tribe was just amazing. Anyways congrats to all the players who hung around for the long haul and to all the players who helped build it up. This win was truly deserved by Time. I would like to add a special congrats to Huntress and AYK for their efforts which has led the tribe here.

Anyways good luck to all you guys in future worlds!


Leave tw for a few months (more like a year) and come back to see W32 has closed. Congrats to those in Time I had a blast with you guys while I was there if anyone ever deserved a win it was ya'll.