A lesson in not how to recruit...

Discussion in 'World 75' started by faaaaark, Jun 19, 2014.

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  1. faaaaark

    faaaaark Guest

    It's a sad day in TW when the #1 tribe in a world sends recruitment mails like 9 year olds. I was chatting to a friend and was forwarded this pearler:

    Seriously... is this how the #1 tribe conducts it's recruitment???
    I also heard that their recruitment policy involves the following key criteria:

    Priority 1:- Total resources looted
    Priority 2:- Points
    Priority 3:- OD
    Priority 4:- Experience

    More importantly, it's in that order... lol

    Here's a quick view of their spread:

    People have talked up their excellent spread. What a complete load of bullshit!!!

    Admittedly, K44 looks okay, but K45 is a train wreck waiting to happen. They are sprawled out over 2 continents in a 0.6 troop speed world. Some people would be more than 50 hours away from the main area of their tribe. They will need some un-freakin-believable diplomacy or have 24/7 sitters... neither I doubt will be possible with this bunch...

    A quick view of their recent bootings:

    This is obviously being done to allow their recruitment officer to send a few more shitty mails... LMAO...!!!

    Apes is nothing but another bunch of mass recruiters and I give them 2 weeks until someone gangbangs them and wrecks their pretty nukes.

    Flame on....!!! (Hopefully this should liven up this forum...)
  2. davidTribal

    davidTribal Guest

    I think those booted players got banned (I know Vitaminican is).
  3. Elpidius

    Elpidius Guest

    Nice bit of PNP here, im curious if APES will respond.
  4. faaaaark

    faaaaark Guest

    Sure hope so...
  5. Biologics

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    Dec 3, 2011
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    This kind of thread doesn't usually come until later into the world. Nice job faaaaark :D
    Nice information. Surprising that they kicked Kain Leingod. He is rank 1 in ODA. Would love to know how that happened. And Vitaminican was a top 5 player for a while. Seeing that he apparently got banned, he was probably boosting ^.^ Can't wait to hear the explanation that Apes provides.
  6. immunesoul

    immunesoul Contributing Poster

    Feb 23, 2009
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    lurr not clue why he can't kicked

    the other two have being raped i think

    and vitamin got banned
  7. Elpidius

    Elpidius Guest

    Please tell me you are responding on your phone and have not been in some kind of mind altering accident involving a mallet. o.0
  8. faaaaark

    faaaaark Guest

    It's even sadder that they boot players for being farmed.
    Here's a thought, they could try supporting their tribemates...!!!

    Ahhh... scratch that thought... looted resources is their #1 priority when recruiting.
    Team work doesn't even rate a mention on their list of priorities.

    A glass jaw comes to mind when I look at this tribe.
    It's Maccy D all over again...
  9. immunesoul

    immunesoul Contributing Poster

    Feb 23, 2009
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    I was responding by my mates mobile :p

    What i mean't to say was that lurr321 ( not the faintest clue why he was kicked)

    But Kain Leingod and rodrigocleto look like they were forced to quit, ( good possibility, high ODT)

    and vitamin as we all know was banned for illegal scripts.

    And i think it's entirely situational on the decision to kick members if their being farmed, if you're a pointwhore people shouldn't waste there troops on you and it's your own fault, if you got gang banged and had lots of troops and fought well, then support would be deserved.
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  10. beating on mithrillx tribe without the facts huh?

    i love the pnp but please, get ALL the facts before you try to start a flame war you cannot win.

    Here is a lesson in farming and recruiting.

    1. No point to have players unable to clear the 14x14 nor able to farm over 100k when they are about 1k points.
    2. no point to recruit players unable to snipe, backtime, use premium, talk in skype.
    3. no point to have a player that suicide his nuke to get achievement 10k
    4. no point to have a player unable to ask for account sitter or try to find co players to get 24/7
    5. no point to even reply on this -i wanna create a epic flame thread- ppls that are on the LEFT list on yours got kicked.

    Also i know many winning tribes in entire tribal wars that use same recruit method because if you talk to a known guy that you have either fought against before or with you shouldnt need to ask 111th questions nor have a 3 hour long interview in team speak with all 100 officers and the president himself ^^

    I also wonder which tribe your in currently i got a war in .se currently winning a world over there but i would love to come over here just to post the pnp i got over arrow/hood jesus you should see the status of the players i got from one of the council members its glorius its enough to fill the drama here for years to come.
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  11. mithrillx

    mithrillx Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2013
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    the war you are losing :D

    nice pnp, but i suggest you look into what tribes exist in k44/k45<3

    This kick list you got is sad too see-.-
    but next time you could try to get some more details about it.
    why did they get kicked? ask the players themselves maybe?
    if you had checked the profile or tw stats of those players you would have see they either not been online for days, suicide the nukes, BANNED... so many reasons...
    A tribe cannot survive without teamwork sadly maybe one or two didn't see that and instead to listen and not attack just yet they decided eh lets go for it full nuke attack :D

    This tribe like to farm, kill the enemy before they get nobles<3 the high od lovely.

    1 Infinite-Monkey-Theorem 124.293
    some peoples like to kill and farm-.- sadly sometimes it's too much.
    and they sacrifice the entire nuke to kill the enemy....

    Defender: kylius
    Destination: Brno (421|461) K44

    Quantity: 335 646 0 250 0 0 0 0 0 0
    Losses: 335 646 0 250 0 0 0 0 0 0

    the od is strong in this one.
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  12. SinekValesi

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    Nov 16, 2009
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    Hey mate, no need for a serious talk since it is only a game. o_O
  13. mithrillx

    mithrillx Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2013
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    YH Maj, W73 the only reason you were able to noble 1 village is because of me and the day i left the account you decided to jump ship over to a failing tribe such as CODEX, yes Disney wasn't doing so good but at least you can sink with the ship instead to run away like a coward<3

    I was pumping LC all day long when you logged on you started to build mines... and lol you attacked a guy with 2 bonfires in his villages good game.

    and again nice pnp never happens this early game lol thank you, we need more of this material in this dying forum-.-
  14. Elpidius

    Elpidius Guest

    Any man may fart in an empty room and claim he commands the wind.

    Good job though in .se

    Also, we (A & H) do not have the pleasure to have faaaark in our ranks so your last paragraph was a bit confusing.
  15. mithrillx

    mithrillx Well-Known Member

    Jul 2, 2013
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    my pnp and we all know that 90% of arrow is ppls with too much axes and to little lc and too much D and to little O .

    tbh the idea was to disband arrow one sunny day i somehow had gotten into arrow and achieved baron title for no reason tbh i decided not to psot the pnp or disband the tribe because everyone would rage on me-.- did it last world it turned into an massacre :D

    ding ding
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  16. BGeorge3

    BGeorge3 Still Going Strong

    Jun 11, 2012
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    -The idea that you won't recruit somebody who can't farm 100k resources at 1k points is dumb. Not everybody is good at farming and some people simply hate doing it, that doesn't take away the value and other skills of a player. Also, there isn't always a need to clear an entire 14x14 area.
    -Just because a player doesn't have all the technical skills used in the game, does not mean they are useless. Players can learn and as a leader of a tribe or just being a player in general, if you aren't willing to help out and teach other players useful skills and lessons from the past, then the future players of Tribalwars will lose sight of what Tribalwars once was in past years and how things have changed over time. TribalWars is a community and it is our job to help encourage others to grow and learn more about the game every day.
    -You can't punish or hold it against a player because they don't have premium. A lot of people don't have pp for various reasons whether they can't afford it or simply don't want it. TribalWars was founded based on the belief that every player should be able to be just as competitive as the next player without having to pay money. Some players can do very well without pp and can noble hundreds of villages, others cannot and use things such as Premium Account, Account Manager, or Farm Assistant based on each player's individual needs. Using or not using Premium-based subscriptions does not detract from how good a player may be.
    -As for Skype, Skype has only been more relevant in recent years. The age range of Tribalwars players varies greatly from young children to elderly adults. Not every person will use skype either because they don't know how or are not able to use for various reasons. Just because a player does or does not have skype does not make them any better/worse of a player.
    -This is debatable as it is up to each player and tribe as to who they wish to work with or recruit. All some people want to do is be remembered and try to get the growth awards so their names are forever immortalized in the TribalWars Hall of Fame for that world. It is up to each player as to how they view such achievements.
    -Not recruiting a player on the basis of them not setting a sitter is kind of silly because many players will not set another player who is not their friend or in their tribe. Some players may not set a sitter even in the recruitment process, however, they may set sitters once in the tribe. I agree however, that if a player is in a tribe and won't set a sitter when they need one, then they are not being a part of a collective team.
    -As for finding co-players to be "24/7", that isn't really a request you can demand of your players. Many players like to play solo or refuse to use co-players. Some players simply have a hard time getting and keeping an active co-player. With finding co-players, many other players have either quit TribalWars, have other worlds they need to focus on, or are too busy with School and work, making it harder to find co-players.
    -You can't say there isn't a point in replying to this thread. This thread is relevant to World 75 since it is discussing the current #1 tribe and discusses the actions surrounding the booting or leaving of some of their players.

    Overall, if these are a part of your search parameters for recruitment, you are greatly cutting and automatically dismissing many players that may be useful or could be halfway decent.
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  17. - Who the fuck clears their 14x14 instantly? Are you special? Do you have any idea how many Turtles are sitting about, all you've done is screw with your own Farming troops.

    - As said above, a Decent Duke will have the ability to Teach and enable his Members not simply shun them. And As for Premium & Skype your vastly over reaching there; I could name 3-4 Players who played W1 well past 2-3000 Villages who used neither but would still put you to shame.

    - Meh if he Choses to do so then so be it, a Nuke can always be rebuilt even if it does slow the player down.

    - Last time I checked it's again the Dukes responsibility to make sure all Accounts in his Tribe are Active, if you see someone lagging behind talk to them and YOU make the effort as a Duke to help them.

    - Great Tribal Image your creating there, will really make Tribes Trust you and want to have dealings with you.
  18. NuMbA

    NuMbA Still Going Strong

    Sep 27, 2011
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    I have read my fare share of stupidness but this is just..... let me guess, you started TW knowing all this? Some people don't even know that co-playing is legal, or where to find one, not to mention if your new to the game you wouldn't even know about account sitting.
  19. faaaaark

    faaaaark Guest

    Insert a cool clip of Julie Andrews spinning about on a hilltop --> The hills are alive with the sound of Flaming!!!

    Majestic, you clearly have no idea who I am.

    The reason of this thread is to highlight the poor approach that Apes is utilising to recruit people. Looking in distant K's and finding people with high ODA and large points is NOT how to recruit if that tribe wants to last longer than a month. Apes are recruiting people more than 50 hours away from their main area and then expecting them to fend for themselves. Apes clearly recruits people that are obscenely offensive. This fundamentally means that they have no intention to assist with support in any manner if someone comes under attack. This is one of the worst ways to build a tribe.

    I can hear the silent murmurs in apes now:
    "Woohoo, I'm in the number 1 tribe, but I better not lose my troops or get farmed as my Duke will be hovering over the boot button..."

    In regards to the bootings, some people have discussed bans. Its illegal to discuss the details of such bans, so I will simply mention that this issue will have a massive impact on Apes' reputation now and well into the future. A tribe full of cheaters is a tribe that cannot be trusted. I wish Apes all the best in getting solid diplomacy from now on.

    As for your 5 points that you listed above, I'll leave the analysis to the people that have posted above as they have covered each point quite well and shot your theories to shit. I seriously suggest you listen to what they have said. I know most of them personally through previous wars in other worlds and they're making a mockery of your comments.

    Please stop while you are behind.

    On a side note, good to see you here Numba!
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  20. Famousinferno

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    Mar 28, 2014
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    Nice to see you still around, and mentioning Maccy D always gets me nostalgic.

    You know if any of the others who played 41 are still around faaaaark?