April 2021 | Easter Contest

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Oh no! The easter bunny couldn't find Paul the paladin this year so he came a bit late! Maybe you can help us!

For this month's contest you will be required to help save easter and reconstruct Paul's face so we can send the picture to the easter bunny so he knows what he looks like! To make it easier for you I'll post the picture of Paul without his face!


- Put your submission in a spoiler!
- It can be serious, it can be a drawing, it can be a painting, it can be any graphical edit but keep it safe for work.
- Please note that the forum rules still apply so lets keep it to one post, per forum account, per submission.

Sign-ups close 6th May 2021, any entries after this date will not count. The best submissions as chosen by the team.

You can discuss entries here.


1st place 600 pp
2nd place 400 pp
3rd place 200 pp

We are looking forward to your feedback, which you can leave in this thread.

The team wants to wish you a happy easter filled with family, friends, love and laughter!



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I'm sure this picture will help the easter bunny find Paul the paladin in time, easy to recognize for the bunny!
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