AXE Declares War

Discussion in 'World 15' started by McBoozie, Sep 23, 2008.

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  1. McBoozie

    McBoozie Guest

    For a long time tensions have been high between AXE and SP. And recently i even recieved a mail showing me that Angacam and AcidGod had plans for SP to launch against AXE. So now not only have SP been caught red handed planning war while at NAP status but now they have also launched attacks against tH, who are allies of ours(this is hardly a secret). Combine this with the fact that Acid is quoted in the world forums as saying, direct quote here, "The plan to attack TSoH was originally mine, Anty will vouch for that..." and suddenly he now becomes the instrument in attacks on two of our allies. Unacceptable.

    Now I really scratch my head in puzzlement, who in their right mind makes a tactical decison to not only take on a tribe's two allies but also to try attack the number two ranked tribe Ninjas.

    We here in AXE won't stand for these bully boy tactics and will not wait for them to decide to add us to the list.

    So we're calling you guys out for the 3 reasons listed above.Let the war commence!

    P.s. to any that decide to post stats date the time from this post as a time line due to cross noblings in the past that would affect the correct figures, here is a time stamp to use Server time: 19:47:42 23/09/2008
  2. dasuffer

    dasuffer Guest

    Sounds like AXE begs to get pwned. :lol:
  3. fatheaded

    fatheaded Guest

    let the good times roll.

    this looks like its gonna be fun:axemen::axemen::axemen:
  4. wicked =)

    good luck to both tribes
  5. xannash

    xannash Still Going Strong

    May 6, 2008
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    Well considering I've had 1 incoming from (~SP~) for about 2 days now, I would consider that a sign of hostility and would null the NAP to begin with. Now judging by the time of travel. It is either a lone nuke or a loan fake. If it's a nuke, should I be expecting some more incomings to pop up soon?
  6. McBoozie

    McBoozie Guest

    Emm yeah thats exactly what i am is low minded by making sure all the villages in proximity to SP's location are stacked:icon_wink:

    I reckon you need to have a little think again for yourself skorm
  7. verm27

    verm27 Guest

    Who knows what they sent xannash. I've seen everything from spears swords, to ramless nukes, to a mix of LC HC and MA, to a train of 500 spears + noble on a village that wasn't previously attacked by anything. I hope they were just clearing an inactive to intranoble, as there is no other excuse.

    Anyway, glad to see you officially on our side now AXE :icon_biggrin:
  8. alihumphrey

    alihumphrey Guest

    wow, brave, well, it was nice knowing you, uf u crumble as easily as ez3, ur ex sister tribe, then this will be halrious, and im not saying u will, BUT, GO SP GO:icon_razz:
  9. Ryalnos

    Ryalnos Guest

    Well, their main front is SP so I'm feelin' it should be no sweat.

    Edit: Newest posting problem I've noticed - teh f0rum thinks I'm double posting when I posted once.
  10. wakasm

    wakasm Guest

    Like sheep in a herd.

    Seriously. If an email surfaced about some conspiracy against you chances are it got to you on purpose in some part of a divine plan. I highly doubt you "caught" anything unless you count leaving evidence on your doorstep as catching... I'm not a higher power so I wouldn't know. Something about the wording irked me though =P

    On a side note:

    I love when people declare war in a browser based game and refer to "Evidence" much like in a real life war, like someone snuck in obscure hideout 007-style to obtain evidence and so forth... Might as well said "Many brave soldiers died to get us this evidence...etc etc etc" to your declaration.
  11. -sgs-

    -sgs- Guest

    now it's getting a little interesting :)
  12. xXAcidGodXx

    xXAcidGodXx Guest

    For this alone, I had respect for ya back in our fighting days, lol!!!

    But yeah, war, what can I say? other than we have had the villages in their territory stacked for a while now... oh and that they completely fell into my plans... considering I have been wanting them to declare rather than us... and ahh hell looky here... heheheheee!!!
  13. Ryalnos

    Ryalnos Guest

    Everyone's known your plans for months AcidGod (I might exaggerate slightly on the timeframe).

    But McBoozie likes to go through with the formalities.
  14. alihumphrey

    alihumphrey Guest

    acid, see if u can finish this tribe off quicker than we can finish TSOH, i say its a race!!!!
  15. xXAcidGodXx

    xXAcidGodXx Guest

    well, with all due respect.... we will not only be going after AXE... ;o)
  16. flinkey

    flinkey Guest

    MMM joys of a war

    Side 1: AXE

    Side 2: (~SP~)

    Timeframe: Forever

    Total conquers:

    Side 1: 6,359
    Side 2: 7,690
    Difference: 1,331


    Total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 49
    Side 2: 29
    Difference: 20


    Points value of total conquers:

    Side 1: 51,717,667
    Side 2: 58,196,069
    Difference: 6,478,402


    Points value of total conquers against opposite side:

    Side 1: 454,202
    Side 2: 273,495
    Difference: 180,707

  17. Ryalnos

    Ryalnos Guest

    Ah, what other assignments did Angacam send you on?

    Because surely what you sent at us must have been a round of fakes.
  18. xannash

    xannash Still Going Strong

    May 6, 2008
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    What was the point in those stats?
  19. flinkey

    flinkey Guest

    I dont know you tell me:lol:
  20. xXAcidGodXx

    xXAcidGodXx Guest

    yeah, what was the point? the war officially started today, those stats are from cross enoblements, and the ck members...

    As for knowing my plans... well let me see you got a circular that I sent to my council... WOW you know all my plans, lol!!! anyone here canask my council, just how much of my plans they know... and they will tell you... only what I want them to know