Best Account of 67


So like...who wants to come play w72 holla at ya boy.

This world had potential. I felt bad for the role we (se7en) played in it. Amanda should have taken us out while TPL was pushing us hard from the east and we had stalemated Nuts! in the north. We merged in and there were to many dead/solo accounts who could not keep up.

I'd have liked to have seen how the world would have turned out had that happened. No Se7en / Nuts! merge.

What would have happened in the MM/BARB war, would TPL/Nuts! have won together or ?

A lot of what ifs lol. I had fun towards the end though playing solo vs like 4 barb accs lmao. Themosticles is very underrated and unmentioned imo in the k54 area. Big props to him.

So come join w72 kthxbai.


Slpher, i'll shed a bit of light for ya buddy.. Most of the things you are currently blaming Olly for that happened during the Cheers time were not done by Olly.. After I left, Openeye was the one handling a lot of things in Cheers, and he made a bunch of decissions that didn't set well with peeps in Cheers (i know this, because even tho i was gone, my skype was being spammed by Cheer members with hate messages towards Openeye).. The other side of it is, me leaving sort of left Olly stranded with the tribe, as I had been dealing the vast majority of the tribal shit..
Not sure why I read through this thread other than nostalgia but this stuck out for me. From what I remember Mike was pretty much running the show b/c Olly had RL commitments. Around the time Openeye joined Mike gave an I'm quitting speech and left the leadership to two of them. Cheers was already a complete mess from internal issues, inactivity and egos but that change in leadership right around the time of our first real war was the nail in the coffin.

Basically, the long front we had was a serious mismatch with few frontliners capable of handling themselves and insufficient coordination and firepower from the backlines to do anything significant. Many of the early Cheers recruits weren't up for it or were already semi-inactive. The soft targets were all due south of Nuts making it a great war for them.

I don't really think Cheers had much of a chance. Maybe warring Nuts initially would have been the smarter move for the tribe, I think Olly and Openeye were more interested in having a war they were on the border of.

Reminisces aside, Olly impressed me the most in terms of fighting ability and resilience. I'm mainly glad that I got to be in the same tribe as so many great players on my last world in TW.


... best account are SDR113, mango and QG :D!!!!!!!!!! without a doubt everyone else is bad