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Discussion in 'World 6' started by Adoss, Jun 15, 2008.

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  1. Cazac

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    Can't really lay it out for one tribe, i'll lay it off for you with both pros and cons

    STONED - a tribe which proved itself time and again in several worlds, strict rules, strict leadership, impeccable fighting order and discipline, definitely not the most fun, bur inexorably the most effective in all eras of this game, both w6 wise and tw wise, most players involved were 2,5 + years tw vets, no discussing that

    CHE!!! - best leadership and best confrontation with emergency situations, always calm and having the "don't panic" button close by. Tight knit group, but perhaps to small too make an impact on a really large scale.

    HIRE - best patience combined with a good group of fighters, usually good enough to face anyone on a one on one, not the best politics late in the game though, long before the Or.D war started, you should have dropped the politics and stick to what you knew best, all the clues were laid before you and you refuse to acknowledge the truth. True enough, after years of Or.D enmity it was heard to suddenly become friends, but RMC should have become a target a long long time ago, i just couldn't understand why the stall.

    SIN - on of the best on all fields, politics, attacking, defending and patience, but a hydra should have more than one head if it's to survive as an epic beast, depending on just one was its undoing

    DEATH/FEAR and STTS2, best attack and best defense respectively, lack of continuity and internal distress caused a lot of damage, idk why but i always imagined you two merging :)

    Or.D - probably the best progress a tribe could hope for in this game, starting as an AoN academy and growing to be the largest in a world and keeping that spot for a while. Best fun i ever had in a tribe, and i've been in quite a few, great group, not the best fighters, nor the best politicians, good overall though. probably the best diplomat (looks around to dodge the palm of the Hench :D). Screwed up on recruiting on several occasions but i loved it while it lasted and i'm not just being biased here.

    And a palm to all of you who said or think STACHE was the best. I'm sick and tired of hearing that on these forums, with all respect to them, they had a great group and probably the best teamwork, but they had it back when Zev and I were still attacking with swords. No offense but how many good players were there during STACHE. I know a lot of them, they're all great characters, but to fervently affirm they were the best... seriously out of line, biased and a tad ignorant. They wil remain part of history for the mass delete, that was great and it deserves all the respect, that and the best forum representation but nothing else. Not fighting, not politics, not strategy, nothing. Back then were were still in tw diapers cutting ourselves in the stable nails. Have them now face a decent tribe and see how many fans it will still have. They're only this popular because they cut their throats before they could seriously screw up.

    So there you have it
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  2. Cazac you old dog, you summed that up the best :))
  3. Cazac

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    At your service mate, at least on the forums
  4. Sonicbubba

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    I agree, Good analogy with STACHE and a fair ranking imo with well thought out positives and negatives for each.
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    Best tribe world 6 has ever seen face it!!
  6. ashydr

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    Sad, demon, but evidently true 100%!
  7. dees

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    Pff .. I've been in there and it was worse than hell :icon_rolleyes:
  8. Miller d

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    Oct 18, 2008
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    Don't lie :O you loved it. you even kept the legacy a live ;) now that takes real love <3 ^_^
  9. demon king7

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    Real lovE! Rawr!!one!11eleven!!!1111onethousand&eleven!!
  10. Viper30

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    Aug 3, 2008
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    can't make up my mind yet do not know all tribes that well to give a good view