Beyond v. Ow! - The battle & the FORK decision

Discussion in 'World 58' started by Shadryk 01, Dec 13, 2011.

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  1. musological

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    Jun 9, 2010
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    Methinks I've struck a nerve !-) The truth hurts sunshine

    Novocain anyone?

    It's ironic that you don't see the irony in your own post. Fork are the chief of doing just that ;-)
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  2. kidcudi420

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    Nov 21, 2011
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    LOL, OW! was warring Beyond before FORK had anything to do with it... so for you to say that Faaaark is throwing OW! at Beyond and accusing him of thinking he is the leader of OW! is totally ridiculous. I actually just laughed.

    So it seems as though you are the one coming on to this forum throwing accusations around... :icon_rolleyes:
  3. You have just hit the lead for the pot kettle black award :lol:
  4. channman20

    channman20 Guest

    so whats with all these noobs posting in here now
  5. letthesunshinebaby

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    Dec 14, 2010
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    Think you over rate your posty deary, i merely had wedding crashers on in the background, and mr ferrel dropped the line, i laughed, i posted.

    Also, im unsure who FORK haave had fight our wars so far...but, erm, ok
  6. Hmm ... they followed you ? :lol:

    Kidding mate ... you still here ? Thought you would have ditched this world :icon_neutral:
  7. channman20

    channman20 Guest

    i did :/ then got asked to come back lol
  8. *Puts hand up oh pick me me me* :lol:






    Needs me to explain these answers powder puff ? :icon_rolleyes: I know you won't need an explanation for the OW! inclusion eh bro :icon_wink:
  9. letthesunshinebaby

    letthesunshinebaby Non-stop Poster

    Dec 14, 2010
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    No no sweetums, feel free to explain them all.
  10. W@rlordz - MANIC, Fork, OW! (stacking your villages hun :icon_wink:)

    *K* - PHX, Fork

    BDSM - Honor, ~NDR~, Fork

    I was also thoughtful enough to put the tribes on the right in the order of who launched first, see a pattern ?

    No c'mon sunshine don't go all coy on me now :lol:

    First destabilised goes all quiet, then brissssr now you ...

    Not looking good for old Hug U Fork mate :lol: Just add an argument, any old argument will do ...
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  11. Robinr

    Robinr Guest

    For BDSM, we launched without knowing their current status, and their leaders know that.
    My op was supposed to start on them just because I was able to take their leader who is at proximity to me and never mailed me since a long time ago.
    So it was time to start hitting, and surely, a tribe always has wars running.

    In conclusion,
    BDSM having a war with other smaller tribes doesnt mean it got whatever damage that disabled it from fighting us.
    It was just the element of surprise because I was literally 1 step to their door all the time :icon_wink:

    This is all I wanted to say about this topic because FORK seems to be blamed for things that might not be its intentions.
    I just hit, noble and move on. I don't know why I should work diplomacy with smaller tribes anyway and see who fight who lol
    I just get ready (always ready), and decide to hit at a specific time.

    Thanks for reading my post.
  12. Everyone launched within 20mins of each other, go pull the other one mate it has balls on

    And too scared to attack until everyone else did

    Very important details when hitting all those internals and barbs... best you continue your previous posting status and stay away from the externals, all 5 of you :icon_wink:
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  13. KillerKommando

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    Nov 15, 2008
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    I'mma go ahead and suggest this thread be closed. It unfortunately no longer serves a purpose, other than letting you guys duke it out about tribes that aren't Beyond or OW!. In fact, it was dead for 2 weeks. :icon_eek: