Creati: Civil War - Students vs Masters


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and merging with Vikin gives 70%+ Dominance on your continent and basically lock the K. Should be a smart decision rather than merge with Nerds to create a Superpower based on skillset in a single tribe. You should change your name to Vixen, a Feisty, quarrelful woman like Batan. That should be fun handling that man in your tribe, Jon ;)
The superpower move will happen when we merge with Burn, duh did you not get the script


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my super powers were not that good, wtf..
i want to be hulk so i can tank all these nukes
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Looking to cast another Vision&Black Panther, the previous actors seem allergic to the cats we keep on set. If interested please PM me

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Iron Man > Captain Murica

so this is really on, huh! This looks exciting! Is this the case of the student wanting to best his master or something like that? Paul! What have you done!!

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If there is someone that needs a character asap then that is me. So stop worrying about sharks and worry about getting me a character.

And to reply your question, HELL NO! I want to coplay Lord Batan. Why would I wanna noble them? :(