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So amongst the players in w76 (Playing serious/Playing for PP) Give us 10+ players you'd love to have in your tribe. Short of like a dream team. As long as they have an account in this world you can choose the person. Also please do let us know why you want the player briefly.


Pfft whatever players you may have set up for your so called 'Dream Team' consider them swept... :icon_cool::icon_cool:


Let me Start I guess. Trying to revive this dead forum hopefully we get it going..

1. Of COREs "| thy Mighty LORD"

2. RiverStyx - Currently playing Pah fehk Tai ming.. Known her for as long as I can remmeber.. Very committed if playing with an organized tribe which Motivates her the most.

3. Arith/Chris - Again supposedly playing Pah fehk Tai minh. Last I know he is very inactive however I can always pull activity out of this sleeping beauty. When he is committed he's a Monster. Played for a while with him in different worlds .. One of the best player I have played with and I had a chance to boost his knowledge with my mightiness Of COREs.

4. Ara + Dan - Currently playing Multiple wargasm. Pretty ruthless of a player. We do clash quiet often as she tends to think she can manipulate me with her Lady things :p Little does she know that It's the other way around. Dan is a Nub we take him for a giggle

5. A perfect Circle - Playing as How to destroy Angels , Played in my tribe in w40. A little whiney butt but gives much time to the game if he is serious. A reliable and very good player for mid to end game. Which is hard to come by.

6. Rob: Playing as Bat man and Robin, A fine player also pretty active.

7. AGREENS: Slow beginner but a very good player in End game . Never really had a head to head with him.

8. WindOfWar : Very efficient throughout the beginning to mid game. Don't know how are they in end game. But heard good stuffs. Haven't had a personal interaction. But I can always use those PPS.

9. Grumpy Old Turtle : Well I like him?

10. Matt + Rwar + Murph + Rypsbull + Roy (Rasmus) in one account. Each of their existence can make an account more inactive. This is not a MYTH!

11. Nauz: ALessoninpointwhore .. Build up the village to least 5k fast please!

12. Chuckiee : My Killing Machine BOYTOY!
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Styx's Dream Team

1) Multiple Wargasms -Arabela, Dan and Armish. Arabela is feisty as hell, don't mess with her and Dan is a great player, hates internalling and free vills as much as I do. He's a reliable attacker and defender in ops, can snipe/cancel snipe and backtime all day long. He always competes for the most war caps and oda and timing almost as good as mine :icon_razz:Armish I don't know very well but if he's on team MW he must be pretty decent.

2) Running Bullet -
Mikael. This guy is a beast of a player. One of my favourite attack buddies in ops. Also hates internalling and free vills. Has a very similar playstyle to my own. Very aggressive. Don't think he's playing seriously here though only pp farming.

Elite Shinobi -
Pacmaster. Excellent team player, reliable in ops and really great all round player.

4) ChocoEgo - Almighty Lord Core. Another beast of a player, known him for years, don't piss this guy off or you'll be taking a very quick trip to the rim. He's not playing seriously on this word though, again only pp farming which is lucky for anyone near him.

5) AlessonInPointWhoring - Nauzhror.You either love him or you hate him. Brilliant at start up but has a bad rep for getting bored early and quitting. However if he's in a tribe that keeps him interested that tribe is lucky to have him.. played in a few tribes with him and despite what some people think and compared to most start up players, he's actually a great team player, always willing to help anyone whether it be with his troops or mentoring them. Despite his external forum personality, in game he's one of the nicest people you could meet. Just don't argue in game strategy with him and you'll be fine lol.

6) Wind Of War - Av3nger. Only had the pleasure of meeting this guy recently in both this world and w74 where he is in my tribe in both worlds.. but from what I've seen of him, he's very team orientated.. reliable in ops taking multiple vills in the same second and always on hand to help out and particpate with troops. Heard some really good things about him too, very dedicated and long term player.

7) -Nuk3- - Dylan. Played with Dylan on two worlds now. Great attack buddy, reliable in ops, real team player and isn't afraid to use a few nukes (don't be catching me up on ODA dylan

8) Yogibear - Nathan. Not sure how seriously he's playing on this world, I think he's only here for pp but I play with him in w74 and he's a beast there, like Dan he's always competing for the most war caps. Definitely a force to look out for in any world he plays seriously.

9) BFaB - Blue and his co. Don't know the co player but blue himself is a really good player. Focused mainly on start ups these days but have played with him before well into mid game.

10) Broxi1 - Dougie. Known this guy for years and somehow we always end up in the same tribe together every world. Excellent team player, always up for an op and just generally likes killing stuff.

EDIT: These player choices are in no particular order

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man ALC you make things difficult lol, only 10 i could choose a tribe lol.

1. Agreen5477 - had the pleasure of being his tribemate when ModWar won W42, awesome player that is yet to take off on his section of the world

2. Randora - Rob and Jason are just awesome players and they compliment each others game very well, again was a tribe mate of theirs on W42

3. ChocoEgo - ALC I had to put you in here cause you can be a beast of a player

4. Clueless. - Just an awesome player not much else can be said lol

5. Multiple Wargasms - they are brilliant players and will just get better and better as the world expands

6. Nauzhror - what can you not say about Nauz, just a brilliant early world player, one i consider one of the best in the 70 odd worlds i have played over the years

7. Wakeling - when he is on form and active he is one of the best old world players i know

8. Crimsoni - Crimmy is such a talented player and once he is on form he is devestating

9. FamousInferno - Leah and Seb are very talented players

10. Renegade117 - I have known Kapil a while and always enjoy working with him when we are tribe mates.


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Dans Dream Team

No particular order

Pa Fehk Tai Mihn- Great player :icon_twisted:

YogiBear- Great Fighter :icon_twisted:

Runningbullet- Great Fighter :icon_twisted:

Broxi1- Great Fighter

Anorexic Panda- Great fighter although not god mode just yet :icon_rolleyes: (Get rid of Jaz)

Amigosniped- OK fighter hehe. Largest troll so he's on my dream team. I like trolls.


1st king of rome- Rome <333

ALSO, Knight Rizer is number 1 ODA!!!! HE'S MY IDOL

DayGray is also pretty cool beans I have to admit.


Let me Start I guess. Trying to revive this dead forum hopefully we get it going..

10. Matt + Rwar + Murph + Rypsbull + Roy (Rasmus) in one account. Each of their existence can make an account more inactive. This is not a MYTH!

^ Man speaks the truth, best inactive account IMO! now to recruit a player who'll actually play and not mind all the work. I nominate Wind for that position... keeping him happy is easy; no red resources and you're golden, that shouldn't be much work to do for inactive players.


ARA's Dream Team:

1. Pa Fehk Tai Mihn Styx and Arith. My fav players. Styx is my sexy and skilled sis. She jumps to help her mates and teach them things in tw, and this i like a lot. She could have ten times more ego than Nauz has, but still, she is quiet in externals but deadly in game. ;) (she spams as hell in skype, tho :)). Love you so much sis. <3
Arith, her co, is a grumpy, quiet, ego player....Very skilled, smart, aggressive and talented, tho. Love him a lot. <3

2. ChocoEgo Core :)
A player that i treasure a lot. I had some times with him i will never forget. :) He is able to get crazy at same level i can, and he is not afraid to fight against odds. He stayed with me outside wibble in w65, even he could have easily return and stay safe. That i will never forget.

3. WindOfWar31
I heard a lot of good things about this player. Seems we were even mates in w65 (in the start). I don't rly remember cause w65 started hard for me, but i would like to know him better and play with him in another worlds as well. I heard he is very dedicated, and i respect this.

4. Nauzhror
Even if I enjoy trolling him in public and trying to kill his ego, i do like this player and the way he posts when he doesn't post about him. I would also let him "teach" me how to get faster to academy so i can "teach" him how to noble players after. ;) Hardly wait for an exchange of lessons.

5. Sdcz6
Chris, my co from HP, my mate in w65. We've been thro too much together in HP to forget. :)

6. My cos, ofc. ;P
Dan and Amish take care of me during night. ;)

My list ends here as i don't rly know too many players in this world. Not sure if Roy, Ryp.. are rly around, if they are, they are on my dream team for sure :)
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Leahs W76 Dream Team (No particular order)


Pa Fehk Tai Mihn







Te Moja

Se*y Lara

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World 76 Dream Team :

Te Moja
The Norseman
Batman n Robin
soi taniya
Ultima Omega (can be argued)

*no specific order*


No one said my name :icon_cry::icon_cry::icon_cry::icon_cry::icon_cry::icon_cry: