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Hey Halldbe, i find it strange that your taking this lightly, I have been encouraging everyone who was against OBEY to build up and fight against the planners and strategist of OBEY. Winning a world is satisfying, But what makes a world winning memorable is something that pumps up your adrenalin fighting against the best. THE BEST!!!

The planners and strategist of OBEY are one of the best in all worlds, multiple worlds if you could find a strategy to slow them down and make them surrender it will be something...

Ahhh, i might get in trouble with my post, from the looks of it your tribe is grasping straws..

Make something....please


Last time I played this game I got a handful of villages on w30 and then I quit. Started again on w96 and never imagined I'd be in this position. So whatever happens I'm thrilled to have gotten this far. Never expected it. I've made some friends and for the most part I've had fun, so no regrets on my part.

It's not very hard to find a strategy but implementing it is another matter entirely. We simply don't have the players, neither in numbers, quality or activity, to implement anything.

I expect Obey to have all necessary runes within a month and we eagerly await to get fat with ODD. In the meanwhile we will continue to annoy you like mosquitos hoping you get TW malaria and retire :)


A month is probably a pretty good guess.


Inactivity on Obey is located almost exclusively to backline accounts. Inactivity may be due in part to the backline has little to do at this point besides log on, send nukes/trains, and wait a few days for them to hit.

k36 and k35 are nearly entirely inactive for the coalition. This will limit their ability to defend the rest of k45.

k43 and k45 are also very inactive. Most of the activity for the coalition seems to be on the backline.

Look at the barb distribution between the two sides too.
2018-04-30 11.02.31 pm.png

Inactivity is probably around 30% for the coalition


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Congrats Mighty Warriors of Obey, I'm happy that we have won this world.

9 / 14 days (Holding period)

5 days to go. See u on the next world!!!