Epic rap battle of tribal wars

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This thread was dead before it started, created because TD's brain farted. A vein attempt to revive the forum, but instead simply continue to bore 'em. TD should focus on the game, before driving Harry insane. Thus the end of this verse is nigh, and with it I bid this thread goodbye.

...That's how it's done noobs


You say tomato,
I say tomahto.
Please be a mate, bro.

Tomatoe with an 'e'
That's irony, is it?
Bro, there's about you
Nothing "exquisite"

Nobody cares about you.
There's no rhyme in this verse
Nobody cares about you.

I hope you go into your thread,
And Murphy lock it's in.
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Hey peeps! This thread gave me creeps.
Lloyd knows his stuff, TD and others just bluff :icon_razz:
Im no rapper and this ain't a rap,
MOJO Butts Uruz are all crap.
If you want to see how to play the game,
All you gotta do is search the name
They play like pros, unlike you hoes.
All of you pretend, to be the best in the game
But spears to defend, they're not so lame.

Im having a bad bad week,
About time I get what I seek.
Your villages I take, your res I loot,
Your keep standing there, shaking in your boot.
Why noble barbs, when the worlds in your palm?
Why do you think I should be calm?
You ask me, why I like to see people in shock?
My question is "Why not?"
Your going to have a bad bad day,
Im gonna crush whoever's in my way,
If you take it personal that's ok.

Deleted User - 10618707


Nobody cares about you.
There's no rhyme in this verse
Nobody cares about you.

You can tell weak rhymes
When A Guy has to repeat
The same thing, two times

I mean, we are eating up mojo bluffs like coco puffs, crunchy
I bet you don't even have to smoke weed to get the munchies (haha):lol:
And what's this talk about arsehole play?
Sorry mate, hit up Matt and Murph,
I think they roll that way.

Trying to diss TD, Killer?, kiddy you took the wrong route
Why don't you head home and eat your Brussels sprouts
I mean really... Tribalwars probably has you looking kinda stout
But if you are going to play this game all day, atleast help your buddy mull a bit
He's going to be knocked out.

Dropping four verses, because I couldnt leave this with an open end
But at least you had the balls to drop something sensible unlike your duke who just pretends
I'm sorry if you, I offended
But your stay on w79, is leaning towards being overextended
So end with your futile efforts to try to defend
Do us all a favour and hit delete my friend.

A Hoo!

*Drops mic*
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Whose is that mic?
I guess Itz. TD's
Eat my uknowwhat
And get STDs

Walt Disney up in this batch
Yeah I'm talking Parental Guidance
Turning up the heat though
With that incremental violence

This chit is PG-13
Or at least "viewer discretion"
With optional fluid extension

Yeah I'm talking rapid compression
Yeah I'm talking rapid contraction
You have violated the Forum Rules
and have thus received an infraction
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Deleted User - 10618707

I have to admit you rhymes this round were a little better
But still not like mines that can sever
Minds, egos, even split tribes in two
Just look in game, soon butt-Mojo will be through
But its true, my rhymes are deeper than the deep deep blue
Is this an insult? Mate that's up to you to construe
Which means its up to you to choose however you wanna view

I mean I head mojo weren't the smartest guys around
So here I had to pick apart and break my rhymes down
So they wouldn't hurt your empty crowns
But mate, back off, this is externals.
I run this town.

[6:09:56 PM] TD ®: Mate if you were a rapper, I'd bet you'd be called nonexistent
[6:09:56 PM] TD ®: Ever heard of him?
[6:10:30 PM] TD ®: He tries to be really persistent
[6:11:09 PM] TD ®: Than spending time in the studio, atleast making his rhymes half sick
[6:11:28 PM] TD ®: But dissing you brac, that's a bit old...While I spit fire, your flows are getting kinda cold.I'm sure you've had your fill.Harry's going have to be a doctor.Cuz his Co's flows are so ill.
[6:13:16 PM] TD ®: Ha, 2 minutes!

Our Beloved Duke

toooo the windooowww to the walll
[7/26/2015 3:38:12 PM] Humpty (Pack): to the sweat drop down my balls
[7/26/2015 3:38:18 PM] Humpty (Pack): all these b-----crawl
[7/26/2015 3:38:26 PM] Humpty (Pack): ahh skeet skeet
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I had the most epic R-rated reply in the world. Took me at least 8 minutes to compose as well :(

Another victim of premature infractionation

Deleted User - 10618707

I didn't get infracted :O though...Cuz I haz a clean recordz

Deleted User - 11521651

Hello everyone, my name is Cream
I'm always polite, and never extreme
My rhymes, they stun, like electrical guns
but hey let's not fight, cuz I've already won

*Crowd erupts*
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Deleted User - 11521651

phasezero is not a cool dude
unlike myself he's known to be rude
he acts like a pharaoh - an Egyption hero
but he's just an Elf, like Will Ferrell

*crowd loses it*
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Deleted User - 10618707

So to thus avoid a further infraction
Brac and I took it upon ourselves to make a retraction
But then I thought to myself, I can't leave my fans
and place these heavy sanctions
So I'm back to cause a chain reaction
To spit some fire, so brac leaves and hopefully gets some action?

Reply to Brac PM
Haha, my shit got censored too
My lyrics were so dope,
hence why I'm here to pm you

With no time or preparation
I'll spit some dope lines to have you get some appreciation
Forget that, straight up suppliction
Cuz I start this battle, so me, you dont wanna be pissing
And if you come up dissing mate, you'll come up missing.

TD and Lloyd on top of this game, that's why we got fancy cars
You guys...your rhymes shit, and so are your bars
And your flows are P-G, so they can't be rated with R's
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Deleted User - 10618707

No but...pandas are epicly awesome at rapping
Spitting flows and bars so deep
That they only use submarines made by Jeep