Facts and Rumours - W106


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what story between step and beast ? like beauty and beast film :) even beast write at Bleed profile.... steph tribe at many world ..whatever wich tag as WET
Beast need to pay royalty for mentioning whatever in his tribe’s profile.

kirk the wineman

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are you all newbies?

wheres the flamimg and even positive assumptions

am i wasting pp
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Not this one, try again ;)

Beastfromeast Feb 14, 21:08
You know, why we should keep fighting each other and slow our growth?

Together we can internal the rest of the member and academy tribe, I will ask them to stack us with all their troops and lead them to missinformation so you can noble them easily meanwhile our council member that will join you keep retrooping atm.

Sounds good to you Steph?

And he kicked me from Bleed cuz I was honest and called the council noobs. Well... I still stand by that statement
Kind of sounds like an account with the name "Versailles" ran into that account in three straight world's.