Well I assume by the title you know what it is that this is about. I realize I just entered a war, don’t worry MMI I will be around long enough for you to realize what it is that I am spending my time with. I will be quitting at the end of the summer to go to college. It was at about this time last year that my conquers went to about 1 a month and well that can’t happen; nor can I sacrifice my social life and possibilities with internships to make it happen.

I am quitting because I will be unable to commit myself anymore to this game. Even now all I do is a little lack luster. To spite that I have never been able to prove to world 6 all I can do in fighting I have already proven it to myself so I almost don’t feel the need to go through the motions. Don’t worry MMI I still am. The game has lost its appeal. No one has ever sniped an attack of mine and I have yet to run into timing I can’t snipe. Yes I lost 2 villages and will lose 3 more but shh I am doing that on purpose. In fact there aren’t 3 villages of mine under attack atm just 3 villages I don’t want.

Oh yea try not to take any insults I have thrown at anyone personally they were never meant as such; I have used these forums more as an extension of the game for me than anything else. I personally have taken no offense to anything anyone has done and or said to or about me in this game.
I would also hoped I am remembered in this game for my commitment to my tribes and energy I have brought to them, though of recent I have been more fed up with the whole leadership thing so my mails and posts come with a shorter fuse then they had already seen. I only regret never finishing my guide. Ill posts it anyway though in here eventually.

Now as for CBTF-O’s story. Bishop, tsimmy, Jim.lane, and pookey were our dukes. Bishop went crazy hacked jim attacked pook and tsimmy was quitting at the time. I was a regular member of about average size. Tsimmy wanted to leave me as duke of the tribe when he left, saying that the only thing he wanted me to do was make sure that pookey never got into the leadership. Much was going on at the time we had a bunch of wars going on and a lot of our large players left when Bishop was reset by the mods. 3 of us took over as reining dukes. One was on vacation so armyofdes and I created a merge with PaTH. Reinvigorated with new members we killed P.D-B. So their excuse of lack of leaders never carried weight with me because so were we. Bla bla bla Billy, Jim.Lane, Pookey were dukes. Pookey quits. Pookey comes back? Jim.lane becomes ass like. Pookey level headed and good with fighting and friends with jim who he hated eachother? Side note he sucked at this game.

Well anyway another baron who was close to them was told by jim that the account played by Jim.Lane was Bishop, and the one played by Pookey was Jim.Lane. Well I couldn’t have that so the merge with hire was proposed and I accepted; along with every other baron and duke. So why only 2 of our votes are remembered is beyond me. The story is much longer than that, but I’m just doing the spark notes edition.
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mattcurr it`s sad to see you go. I feel that you are an integral part of World 6.

We were once enemies and after ended in the same tribe. I was very sad to see you leave HIRE but I`m OK with it as long as you did what you thought best.

Your story about CBTF-O is like a romance and I got something to add on your comment about P-D.B but I won`t flame your farewell tread.

Good luck in real life and I wish you success.


Cya matt.

I only really spoke to you these last couple of weeks, but they were nice :)

Good luck in real life.


Wow matt I cant believe my eyes.

I'm extremely saddened to see you go, and will remember you as once a baron of the HIRE tribe. Seems like you were a duke/baron in almost every tribe you been in so that tells everyone something about you; a leader. You will be missed and remembered by all for everything you have done as a leader in your tribes.

Wish you health, wealth and success in your real life future undertakings.


Another one bites the dust. W6 will miss your contributions both in game, and on the forums.

Have fun in college. Don't forget to study every once in awhile ;)


"Studying a higher education and learning" either that or partying havent decided


Finance. Im going for a Phd eventually so if i come back it'll be in like 6 years and it will be Dr. Matt ;)


Well its a good thing I did track then I got the running part down.:icon_wink:


Oh im already in an accelerated thingy so yea it would be 6 years I plan on doing summer courses to take a year off undergrad.

master of the rangers

Wow matt, sorry to see you go. U did tell me, but i honestly thought u wudnt leave. Gr8 knowing you - thus the last of my original PAs and a true friend leaves the game.
Im sure not only i will miss your umm, beautiful? face. and ill deffo miss you when i need support or a friendly banter next ;)

Anyway. Good luck in RL and with college m8. I hope our paths cross again and i am sure you will come crawling back (ill drag you back if i have to).

Farewell my friend and good luck. Now go make these last 14 days count and give my tirbe hell ;)

great warrrior

Now go make these last 14 days count and give my tirbe hell ;)
Mor, what kind of attitude is that?:icon_razz:

Goodbye Mattcurr, maybe we will see each other on the battlefield in a couple of days, I don't doubt that.:icon_wink:
Good luck with your studies!


shit man! first pricey and then you? wth T_T

well sir good luck in RL and have fun at school. its not bad being bad in school :D i still salute your style.:icon_wink: