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As an unfortunate victim of the triple same rare for 30% res package, I agree with the above that the RNG sucks for an event like this. It would be nice if you made a change to this next time or I will BabyRage if I get cucked again.



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so question to the tribalwars mods

what happens in 15 hours? Will the event be gone entirely or do players have 24 hours left after that to craft their last items before the event "shop"/ recipe book will be gone?


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would be nice if the event had a 24 hour shop open after the event ended. like every other event has,

rip solo players that live in the wrong time haha


would be nice if the event had a 24 hour shop open after the event ended. like every other event has,

rip solo players that live in the wrong time haha
This, I assumed we'd have the 24 hours from past experience and as the daily ranking said we would still get out bonus resource.


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any plans to offset the massive costs of materials after the fix / nerf?
Find a middle ground for common / rare material?
Common base cost from 30 to 20 (33% cheaper)
Rare material base cost from 80 to 55? (31,25% cheaper)

at the current rate most of the common items aren't even worth purchasing anymore since you can get them cheaper on pretty much any other event. Also it will feel really bad if you purchase let's say i wanted an gold heavy cavalry booster I "can't" purchase any other of the good items anymore if i want to make efficient use out of my pp. If i want to purchase a second rare item that day which costs 3x a rare material it already costs me 1200pp. That makes this event even worse than beast of the black mountain event in terms of pp investment, but at least there the prices don't increase per refilling your hero's stamina to climb the mountain. This change will completely limit a normal player (who isn't rich or willing to spend thousands of €/$ on an online game) to only purchase respacks each day and nothing else. With that change you might aswell remove every recipe from the event but respacks. Because as of now that's pretty much the only thing that matters anymore every event day of this event. I wanna buy 2-4 items per day with pp? Well too bad, now i can't anymore because everything increases at a ridiculous rate where it's simply not worth anymore. I rather wait 2 weeks after this event for the next one where i can get all these items for alot cheaper then.

Just trying to point out constructive feedback aside from all the people constanlty hate on pp usage and how events and pp should be removed alltogether from the game.

Let's just compare this event now to the Vault event that we had last week.

That was day 4 of the event. The first door we opened was free. The second door aswell if we wait 12 hours. 2 items for free from the list. Now if we use premium points the first door will cost 50pp, the second 100 -> 3rd 150 and so on. At that rate I can open 7 doors and get valuable items for a total cost of 1400pp. I can also get lucky and get one of the 3 tokens (free opener, the doubler or the revealer) which gives anothter 3 doors to open. so basically up to 11 doors (since the free opener counts as 2x doors that you get to open) . You get amazing value out of your invested pp since you will earn many great items for 1400 premium.

Compare this now the the nerfed anvil event. Buying the first item per day of your choice costs 480pp as of now. buying the second item already ups that to 1200 which is 1680pp spent total for 2 items of your desire. That is ALOT worse compared to other events. Let's say I have many respacks already but need the noble decree for when i mint. On the Vault this item is not only much cheaper on average with including the chance of receiving that item 2x per vault reset from the doubler token, you also get a ton of other nice items that you can make use off.

tl;dr adjust base material cost of anvil event since it's incredibly expensive now compared to pretty much all other events with the last change.

Or just leave it as is but that will make this event a pretty bad event overall. Why? Because we didn't even take into account how much it costs to buy all the recipes that are hidden in the book. You can't just go there on day 1 and craft the item of your choice, you first need to figure out the recipe for it, and that you can do by bying it with a random chance of getting it. I think its like 1:82 chance

82 different recipes, 70pp cost per recipe unvealed. That will cost you already 5600pp initial investment if you unveal all the recipes of the book where u do not gain ANY item or material. With 5600pp i can so much more on other events. Here, I get nothing.

Yes, it felt bad getting the 30% respackage recipe for 3x gold last year. But that meant you could buy other useful items for cheap then this day (like a noble decree or flag booster). Now everything in this event will feel bad.
I think this change wasn't made very thoroughly.


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Couple of easy questions to players who have tried this before:
Does the order matter which you place the items?
Is buying the only way to find what you need ?


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Couple of easy questions to players who have tried this before:
Does the order matter which you place the items?
The order you place the items in the forge do not matter. (Silver, silver, bronze will craft the same item as bronze, silver, silver, and any other possible variation.)


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I believe this event is going to drasticly change W112 and W113 in a way that is more extreme than any other event we have seen before. I'm not entirely sure if on other worlds this was something players experienced but I predict it will completely throw the game out of balance on W113 and if the any players want to abuse it enough on W112 as well.

I think this event is just way to game breaking when compared to other events, and completely changes the balance of the world and undermines players efforts for the previous month. For instance on W113 we grinded for about a month to reach the point that we are, in the space of about 10 minutes we have already achieved more resources than we did the entirety of the world and we have now flooded the markets completely shifting the world for every other player in our K. It just feels completely demoralising when an entirety of one months effort is simply achieved in less than $5 spent,I don't even think we are going to be close to the strongest abuser of the event and it lasts 14 days so it will be bonkers what other playes can do.

The simple fix for an event like this and the game in general.

Limit the effectiveness of resource packages to have a 24-Hour cooldown.

I know it will not happen, but it honestly should, just to give the game some sense of balance and remove the crazy swings.

Additionally there is a strategy that quite heavily takes advantage of game mechanics that I haven't seen any other player attempt, but I've talked about such strategies with friends and it would take all the brokenness of an event like this and increase the severity of it tenfold.

Sorry if this sounds like the same rant that I hear every player complain about on the forums, but I just hope something beneficial can come out of it.

Edit: I have come back from a long break so I'm not entirely sure if there are other events out there that are even more broken than this one, It just feels as though this is the craziest one due to the nature of what is ammassed over 14 days.

Furthermore this event just rewards Whales way too much and ostracises the smaller time player or perhaps the player that only wants to spend a tiny amount, watch tudadar on W113 and Run Boy Run on W112, they will demonstrate just how broken an event like this if you have the pp in your balance, just think this is super damaging to the game, it devalues world wins and other players will get demotivated. I remember reading on discord that there was changes to how the pp exchange fills to slow down some players getting an advantage at start but then something like this is just the opposite way too snowbally.

Edit 2: Looking back, this advice was already given and ignored such a pity.
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