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another game killing move,,,,why not go the grepolis route and ban co-play instead...much more balancing for new players and old alike?


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Can this be rolled out as a world feature where people are opting into it? Rather than a feature across every world?


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I suppose one of the main concerns this raises for me initially is in regards to the players who's schedule doesn't really match up with any of these timeframes. For instance, a player sleeps 20:00 - 04:00, 04:00 - 12:00, 12:00 - 20:00. Having to choose protection for 4hr of one of the windows is just unlucky based on your geographical location, I guess. If this was implemented, would it not be better to allow for a custom 8hr period of the player's choosing?


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I work in shifts each week and I don't like how this is currently planned to be implemented. Every week i sleep in different times, especially as a solo player I sleep at total random times each day in smaller breaks, to keep up with my account.
Sure this would help me get proper sleep finally I guess. But in my case the night bonus does not help me 2 out of 3 weeks because I work at different times each week. With the 14 day cooldown this is a problem for someone like me.

Any chances this could be improved on? (maybe make it so you can set it differently each 7 days?)



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TW just keeps coming out with some stupid features every month, ya'll better get used to it this game is dead.

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Hey look at that. Tribalwars is like Microsoft.

Good update - bad update - good update - bad update. Delayed support was really bad, the tribal update I like so far, and this one stinks again. Why do you insist on creating updates that slowly but surely turn this in an action-less dead game?

Several issues that I see (but could technically be worked around quite easily):
- Most accounts these days have co-players. Sleeping is already covered. Either ban co-playing or this update only protects the new players. Who by the way are not a thing because have you seen the size of w111?
- hitting multiple enemy players can potentially become a logistical thing.
- randomly nuking enemy players will be far more costly. Especially since I prefer to land those while they sleep ;-)
- entire stratagies revolve around launching and hitting while they are supposedly offline ..

Hopefully someone can write his/her thoughts better than I just did. God I need some sleep .. ;-)


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This better not be a way to kill co-playing. The last time I played was over 8 years ago. When I came back the game was so different that I almost stopped playing. If it wasn't for another player that offered me to co-play on their account I wouldn't have stayed and spent money on pp :)

If anything encourage co playing so new/returning players can get the hang of the way the game is played now.

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What I fear would happen is that I select my nightmode, say 00:00-08:00, and people will know thats when I'm supposedly sleeping. Then when I wake up I see 10k new incomings, because hey, no better time to launch then when I'm sleeping right?

Unless you purposly set the wrong timezone it just shows the enemy when you're at your weakest. I don't like it.


Id like to say that this is a brilliant idea! i like how you guys considered different timezones. 10/10 rate, itll help new players and to grow the community, why should other servers have it and .net shouldnt?

great job inno

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Forgive me as I'm not completely in tune with how the night bonus works - but surely showing an attacker when someone has set their night bonus will give some inclination as to when that account will be offline and as such that would be the best time to launch attacks and just land outside that timeframe.

For example, if I see someone has night bonus from 00 - 08 I'd aim to launch attacks around 03/04 and land shortly after the bonus ends. I think this works fine on the local markets as it tends to be when most people would naturally be asleep, on an international market when you have quite literally a mix of all countries I fear it would be too easy to exploit.

So while better than your delayed support idea, this is still poorly thought through - I do wonder if the people implementing these changes/ideas actually play the game.


Why do you force these shitty updates on current worlds. People choose the worlds they wanna play based on the settings, spend a heap of cash on pp then you people want to change the settings on them mid game. That's disgusting tbh. How hard is it to have it a setting like watch tower ect where people can choose to play that particular world or not, rather then having some shit setting forced down their throat that wasnt there when they chose to play a particular world in the 1st place. Get your shit together inno.


to put it simply people play .net for the challenge, the forced activity, etc. If you remove those things to make it easier for new players you are removing the reason for people playing. To compare it a ton of my friends hated the game sekiro because they found it too challenging. I only played it for the challenge. A lot of online players play for that challenge and you need to keep that in mind when making features


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People who complain about this are the the top players with co-ops. it seems like they forget there are lots of people who dont have co-ops judging by this thread.

People saying it's easily abusable if for example a player has NB 00:00 - 08:00 by timing the attacks to hit at 08:01, but you know whats even more abusable? People not having co-ops and hitting them while they are asleep without NB. It's pretty easy to figure out someones timezone if they dont have co-ops.

People complaining it will kill co-oping while also complaining the worlds are small must be joking, how can you not see the irony in this? Of course some people who co-op will quit, but I guess most will play on seperate accounts instead of co-oping now and thus making the worlds larger.

I agree that the cooldown period should be every 7 days though instead of 14.
Being able to choose whatever 8 hour interval instead of 3 sets also seem logical.