Feedback World 112


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Watchtowers to stay but the price is insane or increase the range at the same price or lower it a little.

Don’t mind paladin or not.

Fake time : After reading more imo if we can the price of the tower lowered or the range larger than no fake timer.

Scavenging to stay! For those that don’t have 100 hours a day to play.

Get rid of the barbs and other villages make it war. Full on war, player vs player, tribe vs tribe, alliance and or coalition vs alliance or coalition, maybe 1 for every 10 villages with no bonuses.

Victory conditions I like.

Add a new unit or two, change the dynamic of the wars, builds, something different.
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Perfect World Settings (for me)

PP Limit - (premium account, account manager and 20% res buff only). No PP market and no reduced build times!

Scavenging activated

No Scripts

No fake limits

Paladins activated (any version)

No archers (always hated the skinny buggers)

30 person tribe limit

Allow supporting allies

No Noble distance limits

Speed on W112 is ok (slow at first but will soon not matter)


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“ No archers (always hated the skinny buggers) “

I was in the same boat. Like what come on really archers? But I’ve found them to be great when stacked in a defence pack. They help pick off units, it’s hell worth adding a few for a defensive village. Not to mention sometimes you get those medallions extra 10-15% defence archers etc etc. Now I quite like them and use them a lot.
Unless it’s an upgrade world in which case less is best is my motto.