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No it would not. It would give YOU advantage against players who use PP and even bigger advantage against players who don't have pp and don't play casual worlds.

It would be like:

pp abusers + 0 resource packs until new event starts (for a months or so if it even starts on casual worlds?) against
cas6 players with hundreds/thousands resource packs and other shit like barracks boosters, etc AND ability to pp abuse against
new/poor players who didn't play older casual world and have 0 resource packs and are not able to pp abuse and have 0 chance.

Do you even realize how much pp someone would need to spend (and how little resources you get from market in the start) to catch up with people who have "unlimited" resources from hundreds of resource packs they've collected from events and daily logins?

ONLY way to have fair game is 0 inventory items and premium exchange disabled which won't happen, but atleast at least this way they are more fair than usually.

This is step in good direction.
Would make a change for the pp abusers to "find the boot on the other foot" when they started playing a world :);)


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HUGE failure Innogames

HUGE failure
I think we define a failure differently, as the world is how we expected and wanted it to be. Casual is supposed to be for the hundreds that want to learn the game, not the thousands that just want to sim and have an easy world.

But thanks for your feedback!