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[Short intro]

The current flag mechanics are decent-ish, however the flag accumulation process is a bit dull.

I think there should be added % probabilities of getting higher level flags from the current processes.


Include higher level flag rewards for the current mechanics.


[Noble production]

The current reward of 1 level 1 flag for the production of noble is reasonable. There might be improvements, with some slightly better flags every so often, however with flag farming done with hundreds of noblemen a day, this could unintentionally become OP if the rewards and probabilities of getting those flag rewards isnt done properly.


Not super interesting imo


The OD achievements are an excellent opportunity to reward better flags based either on probabilities/or how far into the OD achievements one gets.

[Flag packages]

Innogames is losing out on revenue. Flag packages are useless to purchase for any account that has already accumulated flags.

***When writing this, I tested my premise. I spent 5k pp on flag packages, and got nothing interesting. 5k pp is what 50$? not worth it imo***

[Proof of spending]

[Excel sheet]

According to the flag page, I have a 25% chance of getting a higher level flag. Yet I only got 3 out of my 51 packages.

This is a 5+ sigma event, so either im very very very very unlucky or these numbers are FALSE.

If I really get this bad luck, then I am very happy it spilled into flags.

If the advertised numbers are wrong, well I wonder how many EU regulations on false advertisement are violated.

Either way, flag packages SUCK.

If these are improved, to give more interesting outcome, they may become relevant again.

[Did I miss anything?]

I probably did, who cares? not me.