Forced Listening Thread


This idea was stolen from here (thank you Lord Lorkhan).
I wanted to play this but... OT frightens me :icon_redface:

This is kind of like the many share what you are listening to threads but in this thread you have to listen to what the person above you is listening to.

Share the title and artist of a song you like or that you are currently listening to and, if possible, post a link to the song (youtube or sumfin). Then the next poster MUST listen to the song and give it a rating from 1 (being the lowest; hate) to 10 (being the highest; love) and share his or her opinion as well as sharing their own song for the next poster to rate. And so on and so on.

I'll start.

Turning Japanese By The Vapors



8/10 Angels. For me, 8/10 isn't "Not bad.", it's "Very, very good". A 10/10 would mean one of the best songs I've ever heard. So, for a song I've never heard before and was introduced to me VIA TribalWars external forums, it's a pretty darn good one. Music video's kinda weird though :p

Err, I'm listening to Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. Not my favorite artists and not my favorite song, but it's on my iTunes and I do like it a fair bit :)


Seven Nation Army - I haz this song on mah iPod too. I laik, it's smexy. 8/10 - Very, very good :p

Oh Yeah - The Subways - One of my favourite bands and at times, one of my favourite songs from them :p.

edit: Angels, when I saw the music video I thought she was going to go to the potty.


The Subways were not bad, just a bunch of kids having fun. They need some signing lessons though. 7 out of 10.

I see some horizons needs to be added here. Close your eyes grab a Corona with a double twist of lime or
10 :)
Now pretend you are sitting on the Beach where you are still allowed to have glass containers and alcohol. Your seeing things with you new found sight from your bottles content level click here


interesting ill give it a 8/10

now its time to talk about The Issues remeber you have to watch the whole thing even the intro part


Guest and Hand Grenades-by -Greenday)

sorry cant find original vid;(

[spoil]baisically i think all of Greendays and Mettalicas songs are awesome,as well as some more bands...but thats not the point.

but this is one i heared recently,and its my new favourite<3[/spoil]

Also vistaa,i cant get your vid in my country :icon_eek:

so i did slip3ry sausag3s one.-

4/10-i didnt like the beat an all,and i probably wouldent ever listen to it by choice(sorry but im not really a fan of techno:p)

ok song tough.


GreenDay got to give them credit for the guitars. Anyone can learn to play from sound though. I just can not get into vocals that are digitally mixed or enhanced to make a lousy signer sound good. Then again that is the trend these days :icon_neutral:
6 out 10

Now this is a classic even 30 years later A Classic


9/10 great song don't like the live version the crowd noise is annoying

but none of that will matter when the humans are dead

remeber watch the whole thing ;)


ok I type slow :(stupid over post):

Sonata is a modern day MeatMeat - not my cup of tea but very well done 10/10

I'm going to stop posting since kentster82 already has a post in :|