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i think that was just a ploy to get support sinc =ttd= didnt dismiss him wow guys im on your side and i think that is ridiculous


I was so bored that I was cheking old funny mails that ive done,and found that one on 49 that made me laught so hard,so I share:icon_biggrin:

shakoyXXX on 14.04. at 05:42
DO I have a problem with me?

Unicorn Wave on 14.04. at 05:44
If you got a problem with yourself?

well my friend,I have no idea to be honnest,do you?

shakoyXXX on 14.04. at 05:45
why you are attacking me?

Unicorn Wave on 14.04. at 05:45
Because I want to help you out.

shakoyXXX on 14.04. at 05:48
what do you mean?

Unicorn Wave on 14.04. at 05:49
You will learn to play more if you get attacked,so infact im helping you by attacking you.

shakoyXXX on 14.04. at 05:51
well, if your intention is good...
I'm willing to learn more...^_^


Unicorn Wave on 14.04. at 05:51
there's no problem my friend :)

shakoyXXX today at 02:18


Unicorn Wave today at 02:21
That such an harsh way to talk to a friend,my feeling are a bit hurted,but If you give me a nice and warm hug,I may forgive you.

/wait for da hug

shakoyXXX today at 05:23
did you think that abusing a player, is a sign of FRIENDSHIP?..

how many times you made an attacked? you censored bullied me ...

censored censored censored :icon_biggrin:
i dont care anymoore of this game...DIE BLOOD censored FREAK!!!!...

if I see you in real, I WILL PUT A HOLE IN YOUR HEAD!!..

Unicorn Wave today at 05:27
O...well,to be honnest,I did abused some friend(female one) a few time,and I never tought it could go against the friendship we had or still have.

So I dont get what's your issue to be honnest,I admit I cheated a bit,and your not the only one I payed visit too,but you cant claim I do not take care of you,I visit you at least 5 time a day.

that's some good *taking care of your friend * attitude in my mind,dont ya think?

shakoyXXX today at 06:16
bullying a female ??

Unicorn Wave today at 06:19
I know that infact,All that rage inside you is infact a hided love feeling that you have toward me,So I have no difficulty to forgive you those harsh words,Cause I know its not what you mean.

yes,I was bored :icon_biggrin:

I cant find it anymore,but I remember that me and a mate then played with him even more,and that my mates was making him beleiving that he was a girl I raped/abused or sumtin like that o_O


nha Hocc was/is Surreal something on W49,as for me,I quited that world long ago:icon_redface:

The Great 1One1


It's weird how you can't get people to meet up with you IRL anymore. What has TW come to?

logos1 on 04.12. at 23:00
become you attack in k12
logos1 on 05.12. at 11:58
we could work together
our enemies are the same
and we are the two strongest in k12
Sherry9 on 05.12. at 13:58
Yeah sounds good. Where abouts do you live? We should meet up for coffee and discuss tribal wars tactics.
logos1 on 05.12. at 18:57
i live in germany
Sherry9 on 06.12. at 00:29
Ah cool, I've always wanted to go to Germany. I live in Florida, USA. I can fly out sometime next week if you want. Where abouts in germany do you live?
logos1 on 07.12. at 20:16
ok we can have make good work in k12 which player attack you
Sherry9 on 08.12. at 02:43
[color=][/color]Give me your address so I can meet you and we can talk about it properly :)
logos1 on 08.12. at 10:30
no thanks i give dont adress we can talk here
Sherry9 on 08.12. at 16:10
How about I give you my address and you fly out here? I don't mind paying for your travel. And don't worry about any accomodation costs, you can sleep round my house for the night if you wish :)
logos1 on 10.12. at 13:31
what is your name and how old are you
Sherry9 on 11.12. at 14:33
My name is Christian Lombaton. I'm 46 years old. My co-player is Sherry Thistle. She is 12.
logos1 on 11.12. at 18:45
will you attack with my ttd tribe ?
Sherry9 on 11.12. at 20:58
I think we should meet first and then discuss tribal tactics.
logos1 on 12.12. at 00:00
ok i attack next week friday i beginn to attack
Sherry9 on 12.12. at 15:00
So you're coming to my house next Friday?
logos1 on 12.12. at 17:24
no no


If I'm not mistaken, you're not allowed to post personal information about a player on the forums, though I'm not sure if posting the country someone lives in qualifies as "personal information". I'd say it's up to the discretion of the moderator, and because the moderator has already commented and seen it (and laughed), he either doesn't see it as rule-breaking, or he didn't notice.


Never heard of such a rule. You should quote that in the rules for me, because I can't seem to find it. The only in-game rule even remotely close is asking for passwords (AKA phishing), which this was not.


I would have to think any complaints if there really were any would have to come from players that actually play this world :icon_rolleyes:


I would have to think any complaints if there really were any would have to come from players that actually play this world :icon_rolleyes:

This is also true, unless we were talking about the forum rules. Oh, and the ticket would have to come from the guy himself (if it were an in-game complaint), not just anyone who plays the world, if I understand correctly.


I have nothing to do with IG stuff although I don't condone the rule breaking there offcourse. :p

RL information counts name, town, contact details and all that sorta stuff, country is too vague and most of us will happily tell someone anyway.

I assume Sherry 9 = The Great One?


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I know the rules say we must only write in English, but when someone mails me in another language as below, I can't help but mail back in kind:
To be fair i was like 9 years old it wasnt that bad :D.
God long time ago what it was to be young.
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