Funny in game mail


funny ingame messages

I didn't see one so i made one. i didn't look properly though there might be one

Chayhon today at 14:15
hello may we have a alliance

Chayhon today at 14:32

D4N13L16 today at 14:34
well, no. why do you want one. did you read our profile??

Chayhon today at 14:35
i am a verry experienced tribe leader if u read are profile and this is a no protection world so we need as many allies as possible

D4N13L16 today at 14:37
This is a no protection world. true. but we want hardly any alliances at all m8. So we can farm you later instead of waste our time protecting you when you inevitably die.

Chayhon today at 14:39
but u are the one in a small tribe and we shall rise quik because i am a great leader

D4N13L16 today at 14:41
I hope you do rise. bigger tribes are easier to kill. we are deliberately small. you are only lucky to have to be as large as you are

Chayhon today at 14:42
so are u asking to be are enemy

D4N13L16 today at 14:45

D4N13L16 today at 14:45
now i am :)


Purgatori today at 14:38
I see you have invited me to your tribe.

Let me first introduce myself to you and also tell you who I am.

I'm an experienced veteran from W6 and I have been successful on that world as I currently stand with 7.4M points and nearly 800 villages.

I have been playing TW for about 2 and a half years, so I have much knowledge in the game.

Considering your invite, I will only join if I am appointed a leadership position such as Duke.

This being said, I would be a great asset to have as a Co-Duke to lead your tribe and make as successful for a long period of time.

Thanks for reading,

I await your response.


Shaurya today at 14:39
I too have played before word 34.That is solely to uour perfomance.It will be decided in 1 week

Purgatori today at 14:40
What's the difference between now and 1 week? :/

Shaurya today at 14:41
We will be seeing growth.The 2 people with most growth will become duke apart from me



Just a quick one

harrybroadbent today at XX:XX

Hey Come join our tribe...S.E. We'd love you welcome you.


welsh celts today at 14:53
It seems you are threatening my people with war.
We are a warrior people.

Send him resources of face the consequences.


Oh. Niiiiice baby.



welsh celts today at 14:53
It seems you are threatening my people with war.
We are a warrior people.

Send him resources of face the consequences.


One Hit KO today at 14:53
Haha. Shut up kid. Now tell your member to restart.

welsh celts today at 14:54
lollypops calm down sunshine. can't wait till your his farm.

One Hit KO today at 14:55
You know nothing of who you're talking to. Jeez. Ill look you up on the map and see who I can get to freakin` take your OFF the map.

welsh celts today at 14:56
does your name infer what im gonna do to you!

your going down sugar clown!

One Hit KO today at 14:57
Haha. I'll enjoy seeing my real life friend next to your crush you. ;)

welsh celts today at 15:00
why do you type in blue, makes you seem like a big sisy girl

One Hit KO today at 15:00
Haha. Just keep doing that sonny. You forget. There is no beginner protection on this world.

welsh celts today at 15:01
just leave my little brother alone xxxxx

One Hit KO today at 15:02
Tell him to restart then.

welsh celts today at 15:02
how do you do that mate?

One Hit KO today at 15:04
Settings. Then to restart.

welsh celts today at 15:05
cheers mate!


hanggaw29 today at 15:38
okie..lets only commit a NAP

so everyone will be peaceful

RobbieEls today at 15:37
True we would be stronger but we would also be stronger if you came over and joined with us, 3 people are stronger than 1 person.

As for an alliance, It's too early in the game to commit something like that although I'd be happy for a NAP and we can see how our tribes grow and in a few days we can make a formal alliance.

hanggaw29 today at 15:35
its okie..

but if we our will be strong..

lets make an ally

RobbieEls today at 15:35
I've already got my own little tribe over here but you're welcome to join ;)

Now I feel bad for lying :(
I is n00b...


I just love the start of worlds :)
The tribe was called The standing army when i got the invite..

Rustlers today at 15:44
I want to sit down tho..

unsmen today at 15:46

unsmen today at 15:46
what do you mean

Rustlers today at 15:47
Instead of standing...could we sit down?

unsmen today at 15:49
i ment it as we were strong and count be defated.

Rustlers today at 15:52
but when your sitting down is so much easier..

unsmen today at 15:54
will you join if i change the name

Rustlers today at 15:55
Yes....could you change it to the sitting army?

unsmen today at 16:02
the strong sitting army

Rustlers today at 16:02
Oh that sounds lovely!

unsmen today at 16:04
ok i changed it to the strong sitting army


Electric Rainbow today at 14:16
Im not a very good neighbor. good luck!

mitsos...the..killer today at 14:18
come to my tribe man...coz im good trust 4th in world u have any other accounts

Electric Rainbow today at 14:20
your not 4th on W24 because I know who is...

i have another account of course. :D

Electric Rainbow today at 14:21
my friend RenegadeRecon is fourth :p

mitsos...the..killer today at 14:23
na im jkn about that greekk..i play on the grk one most of the times n im 567th..pretty good...if u dont have any other tribe to go..come to mine..the guyz in my tribe are pretty good

Electric Rainbow today at 14:39
ok :/ I may consider it

mitsos...the..killer today at 14:53
r u gonna come in the tribe??...tell me coz im going to log off in 5 mins

Electric Rainbow today at 14:56
I don't know yet, depends if I get an invite into Active

mitsos...the..killer today at 15:12
ok...anywayz..if u come to the tribe jst send me a message...

Electric Rainbow today at 15:12
I will :p

where you going?

mitsos...the..killer today at 15:17
to 12:16 midnight..anywayz forget about my tribe im leavin im going to the number 1 tribe..ill invite u

Electric Rainbow today at 15:23
4:22pm Monday (EEST) - Time in Greece

hmm, are you lying about your location or the time? hehe

mitsos...the..killer today at 15:25
na i didnt greekk..but i live in australia..sorry i didnt mention that i dont live in greece even though im greek..where u from??

Electric Rainbow today at 15:28
Ah, what part are you from?

mitsos...the..killer today at 15:28
melbourne..wer u from>>??

Electric Rainbow today at 15:30

mitsos...the..killer today at 15:31
where's that?lol

hehe, now I can class him as my farm?


JackDani3ls today at 19:46
I think if your tribe merges into our, it'll make one of the higher in k44 and also in the WORLD.
What do you think of that?!

Oopsy Bear today at 19:53
I think that´s just amazingx! Hold on I must mail my members!

JackDani3ls today at 19:54
Sure, just let me know their/your final answer.

Looks like Elite! isn´t so elite after all


I'm not in W36, yet... but this is funny, Disco Bunny actually let him in Scum... wow... :lol:

And blitz actually believed that i'm co-player of Disco Bunny... :icon_eek:

blittzkreig today at 17:03
hey there man, would you like to play w36 and be in our tribe again?
i would really like to play a world where you can be baron in my tribe again, if you join go northeast and i will give you an invite and baron status.
hope to hear from you soon.

Kica34 today at 17:23
no... i'm already with pre-made with some members from ocaryx, Rulerz... so i cannot...

Kica34 today at 17:24
no... i'm already with pre-made with some members from [ally]ocaryx[/ally], [ally]Rulerz[/ally]... so i cannot...

blittzkreig today at 17:45
okay, can we make an alliance?
thats gay lol. maybe we can merge to you?

Kica34 today at 17:53
do not know... i'm no leader, and we already agreed that we have no diplomacy... we will see...

Kica34 today at 18:02
Talk with Disco Bunny, from W36... he is my leader, i cannot say to you my name there... but he is my leader.

He is tribe lover man, he loves merges... ;)
So ask him for that, and i will vouch for you to merge in... ;)

blittzkreig today at 18:15
okay thanks mate, a lot of help.

blittzkreig today at 18:26
can you not tell me what your name is. maybe you could just put it on your profile, then i would know without you telling me, or i could get you to sit me and then you could save it in a report or just somewhere random in the forums, i need to know as your duke has asked, i aint gonna bother playing this world no more. either that or can you just mail me and say hi, and i will know who it is??? =]

Kica34 today at 18:31
as i said, mail to Disco Bunny and you will have surprise... ;)

blittzkreig today at 18:53
lol. well, im in now, im so happy im in a tribe with you, the amazing you!!! lol, nah but your awsome.

Kica34 today at 19:37
no problem... ;)


oscarboi today at 20:05
we're a strong tribe
or will be
we will support u in your time of need
and hope u will do the same?

DaBearo today at 20:04
Yes, actually we love allies, tell us a bit about you ;)

oscarboi today at 20:04
no then?

DaBearo today at 20:02
What Yo Want?

oscarboi today at 20:01
to be allies?

DaBearo today at 20:00
What Yo Want?

oscarboi today at 20:00
we will support


Nothing much really to say. Ahhh allies. ;)


The ranked 1 leader:

today at 21:52
Me join ur tryb? I am good duck and wil be aktiv alot. Pleez invyt mee. I mayk u prout
king tiny today at 21:54
join our academy tribe
today at 21:55
I am a good duck so mayk me ur trybs duck and we rule the world or I mayk you enemie
king tiny today at 21:56
you want to make me an enemy u must be jokin ??
today at 21:57
me is beter then you. Look at me point. I am half way to the finish. I need anoder 49 poynts and den dun
king tiny today at 21:58
u dont finish on 100 points nd im on 70 points and my tribe will kick ur ***
king tiny today at 21:58
u dont finish on 100 points nd im on 70 points and my tribe will kick ur ***
today at 22:00
I have nobles and will send 1 and noble you bad. I am a veteran and the lvl stops on 99 not 100 so dont ly
king tiny today at 22:01
u cant get nobles untill ur on like 3000 points i have played in more or less every world i was in the IWL DDR war on world 1 mate :)
today at 22:03
Dont ly, der is no such thing as lvl 3000. dis isnt an unlimited lvl gaym so pleez dont ly or me noble yoo now
king tiny today at 22:04
go for it mate
today at 22:04
How you attack?
king tiny today at 22:06
noob nooob nooob noooooooooob
today at 22:06
why me noob? you are noob and lyar
king tiny today at 22:07
prove it
today at 22:09
you say 3000 lvl so you lyar
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Me is super sayian

today at 21:25
As I am the most powerful Super Sayian
So press delete or be nuked my the allmighty thunder-ha
Super Sayain today at 21:33
Man what is wrong with you?
today at 21:34
I am Super Sayian!! Im the ruler of the universe. I will Thu-nder-ha you.
Press delete or be ready to fight me
Super Sayain today at 21:35
Lol man you really got problems
today at 21:36
Ok. Get ready for my
Super Sayain today at 21:37
You know man, i'm a rock type pokemon, cause my sayain skin is made of pure rock, so your electric techniques will cause no effect on me...
today at 21:38
It does on rock. Not on earth so DiELETE
Super Sayain today at 21:40
you know what dude, you have so much problems, and first of all, lear how speak english. It seems like yo are from south america, what a looser!
today at 21:41
why so cruel? I will send a Flash attack on you and then Spirit Thunder Bomb
Super Sayain today at 22:13
lol man you really know about pokemon and dragon ball, but hey, why are we fighting if we could be mates?
today at 22:15
me mate with Super Sayian? Never. And i like barney too
I love you. you lve me. We are a happy family eith a great big hug and a kiss from me to you. wont you say you love me too?
Super Sayain today at 22:16
lol man i offer you peace and you reject it away, ok, have it your way...
today at 22:18
So we will collide our powers but do not forget hat me is supersayian 3
Super Sayain today at 22:20
if you were a fab of dragon ball you've have to know that vegeta beeing super sayain 1 defeated goku (at that point goku could transfor himself into ss3)
So be aware of that pokedumb
today at 22:21
I sent a report abuse and now they ban you forever. And Goku is not Pikachu
Super Sayain today at 22:22
report abuse, yes sure, why would they banned me, i havent say anything bad mate...
today at 22:24
he said me pokedummy
Super Sayain today at 22:26
thats not right, i said pokedumb, which in my country means, addicted to pokemon, so i'm sorry mate
today at 22:28
to late you are reported and lucky me no call cops on you
Super Sayain today at 22:30
i dont care if you reported me, i have already been throught these before, they wont bann me...
today at 22:30
I wil cal de cops
Super Sayain today at 22:31
call the cops then
Super Sayain today at 22:31
i'll be waiting in the front door of my house
today at 22:32
My stepmoder wont alow me. She is sending me to bed for being sily but me atakk you tomoro
Super Sayain today at 22:33
Ok, i'll be waiting for that
today at 22:34
You are suyz a neyb. Me atakk you now
Super Sayain today at 22:35
then common attack me, i seriously doubt you have more than 1 spear...
today at 22:36
wat is spear and how you atakk?
Super Sayain today at 22:40
well it seems you also joined to world 35, in my opinion this is your first time playing this game
today at 22:41
me play world 1 and had 99 lvl
today at 22:41
How you know me play 35?
Super Sayain today at 22:45
i'm a secret agent, there's nothing i dont know about you in the game
Super Sayain today at 22:45
hey, were are those attacks you told me you were going to send me?
today at 22:45
how much is my Head quaters?
today at 22:46
I dont know how to atakk
Super Sayain today at 22:46
your head quarters is at level 3
today at 22:47
yes. wow. What are you? you are very good. can you be my mentor and me no thunder ha you
Super Sayain today at 22:49
look mate, i've been playing this game for years.
About you playing on world 35...its easy, i checked your profile on
and the thing about your headquarters, i guessed, you told me you wanted to attack me, so i knew you had or were planning to have a barracks, and in order to have a barracks you need to have your head quarters in level 3.
today at 22:51
do you know about world forums?
Super Sayain today at 22:54
what do you mean with world forums?
today at 22:55


satron101 today at 22:17
why did you insult one of my members, did you not look on what our act of war is [ally]Rebelz[/ally] say sorry to him. He done nothing to you, so....

Obi-Wan Kenobi22 today at 22:18
Tell him to restart and I wont bother him anymore

satron101 today at 22:18
why tell him to restart, he just joined

Obi-Wan Kenobi22 today at 22:19
He is to close to me. I will be farming him very soon

satron101 today at 22:20
well farm someone else, like the person next to you maybe

Obi-Wan Kenobi22 today at 22:21
I am going to be farming my whole area and he is close to me. He will be farmed whether you like it or not

satron101 today at 22:26
dont farm him, farm everyone else not him

Obi-Wan Kenobi22 today at 22:27
Tell him to restart. Or he will not survive on this world!

satron101 today at 22:28
no you restart. you got put there so deal with it, you just tell ppl to start over

Obi-Wan Kenobi22 today at 22:28
Do not come crying to me when he gets farmed..

satron101 today at 22:31
listen, you farm him i farm you. but if you cry to your tribe you started it

Obi-Wan Kenobi22 today at 22:32
It would be stupid for you to farm me. You are way to far away from me. Good luck with that.

I sent a restart mail to one of his members lol